Drama styling tips #2: Cinderella’s Sister

This drama definitely doesn’t have the same variety as Personal Taste in terms of styling, but it also doesn’t rely on youth and city chicness to tell a story about the characters’ lives, which I feel Personal Taste did.

The best dressed character is easily Chun Jung-myung’s Ki-hoon. There’s also a difference in styling as reflected by the characters’ ages — the younger Ki-hoon was more colorful, and the older is more somber. The younger versions of the two female leads were students, so there was nothing special going on. As adults, Hyo-sun is made to be the more stylish one, whereas Eun-jo is the more practical one.

I know that styling and visuals are supposed to complement a show, but as a viewer of this drama, my mind was only on one thing: the story and its characters’ interactions with each other, so while the styling is never bad, the quality of the story definitely takes precedent here.

Let’s start!



(I’m almost ashamed to say I have the biggest bundle of hots for Ki-jung.)

KI-HOON as a (precious) YOUNG’N

KI-HOON as a(n emo) ADULT

THE GIRLS were really nothing to write home about in this. Lee Mi-sook’s character was dressed supremely well, but again, her dress was a reflection of her wealth, and where her wealth is concerned, her story was more important than her clothes. Ditto for Moon Geun-young’s Eun-jo, and substitute “wealth” for “emotional state of mind.”

I would also like to thank the stylists working on CS for exploiting my one and only weakness:


  • http://strandsofocean.wordpress.com jackie

    whaaat. i LOVE eun-jo’s style. she totally rocks the blazer-skinnies-laceup shoes look. and i think hyo-sun is way way way too frivolous/extravagant haha. and impractical. honestly, short dresses and five-inch heels all the time?

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/ Amy

      Meh, I feel like none of the outfits fit right on Moon Geun-young. She is skinny beyond belief and the clothes just don’t look like they hang well on her. That’s my biggest gripe with her skinny jean + blazer combo.

      And Hyo-sun’s outfits make sense — she is impractical. Once she gets more responsibility within Daesung Cham Doga, though, she starts toning down with the clothes.

      • inquinn

        Eun Jo’s dressing more practical – agreed. but not to blame the stylists cos’ although i used to think so, but apparently in Korea there’s no such thing as 5-inch heels=impractical. i think 80% of the girls wear heels, even climbing up the hill going to Namsan Tower, or walking around in Everland. unbelievable.

  • swtijam

    i have but one comment:
    suits w/ chucks = <3

  • xiahkixiri

    i have only one thing to say: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, young ki-hoon!!!!! gdi i hate how much they messed this drama up. these characters and these actors deserved so much better than this.

  • jheyp

    lol, about ki-jung, you’re not the only one. he makes being bad, smexy. and have you seen his scenes with eun-jo, it’s almost too hot to watch, those two have the most chemistry in that whole drama. dies.
    sorry if my comment is not about the styling.

  • mary

    i love the fashion style in this drama, and I think moon geun young looks great with her outfits in this drama, i like hers more than seo woo..hehe especially those skinnies, blazer and laceup shoes mixture!!! And Ki Hoon oppa (Chun Jung Myung) whoa suit and converse!?! totally laid back, i love it, stylish business wear..hehe..all in all i love this drama..i think it’s the best and absolutely my favorite now :)