Inkigayo 5/2/10

Hyori’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”

This song is pretty catchy and creatively a ton better than the promo song off her last album. I can’t even remember the name of that song anymore, but yes, no sandals with socks and outfits that consist of nothing more than a bra, a collar, a tie, and some short shorts.

But Hyori is pretty much an enigma for me. She’s well-loved, but she sucks at what she does, moreso than all the other girls who get ratted on these days for not doing anything useful, like Uee, Yoona, Sandara, etc etc. I’m gonna take a guess that it’s because Hyori is so well-endowed in the looks department and has been around for so many years that she need not adhere to any standards as an artist and she’ll still be loved.

This irks me because 1) she’s been in the game for more than 10 years now, and she STILL can’t sing or dance. 90% of her performance above is backtrack. That is obnoxious. 2) She’s got 6 counts of plagiarism off her latest album. SIX, people. That’s about half the album. Hyori has a pretty bad record with plagiarism too, so you’d think as a seasoned veteran in the business she can afford to spend the money (or Mnet can) to hire some legitimate producers and writers.

The good thing about Hyori is that she’s good at following trends and building on those trends to make it slightly different. Her new concept is a basic rehash of stuff that other girlgroups have done already — 2NE1, 4Minute, f(x) — but she has the type of persona that allows her to rock it like it’s a completely new trend of her own making. The alien thing? Pretty genius. Does it make sense in the context of the song?……Eh. But it doesn’t matter, she’s Hyori.

Also, she looks like a Jeremy Scott-wearing Big Bird in this performance.

SNSD’s “Run Devil Run”

A month’s worth of non-broadcast of music shows really killed the momentum of this song. And now SNSD is ending promotions and this song has become severely underrated on their roster of singles. It also seems like the Korean audience doesn’t really like SNSD being more mature and fierce, because the sales of their more mature songs (RDR & Genie) were pretty lackluster compared to their cutesy songs (Oh & Gee).

The goodbye stages for this song were not great. The song is cut short, presumably because Taeyeon is still not well enough to do her line, and everyone is weirdly out of sync after not performing for a month. Girls like Sunny and Hyoyeon are severely overdoing the sexy. I think part of this is also because you kinda have to overdo everything in order to be memorable in a group of nine, but still, it’s unnatural-looking :\

After School’s “Bang!”

Okay, I lied. If there’s any song whose momentum was killed because of the non-broadcasts, it’s this one. And it was a comeback too! Poor girls.

I don’t really like this song too much but I keep watching the performances because I really like how AS executes their choreography. And now even that’s slightly tainted because of all the plagiarism claims from the choreographer stateside who says a lot of the moves are copied from his own. Sigh. Is nothing sacred in Kpop?

And it’s interesting to see how AS fans are going from bragging about how Gahee choreographed and wrote the song and blah blah blah, to shuffling around and saying that no, she actually only choreographed the drum moves and wrote the lyrics to another song. Kpop is funny like that. If there is one girl who gets put down a lot, there eventually comes a time when people will be all over her for her “fierceness” and “awesomeness” and “underratedness” and then it becomes sacrilege to critique that girl in any way.

  • xiahkixiri

    imo hyori can get away with the world because she’s ridiculously likeable and his great stage presence and experience. it allows her to cover up her flaws and, like you said, make her stuff seem her own. she’s hot but nice and fun at the same time, and what i really admire is that she knows her own flaws and doesn’t think she’s amazing in looks or acting, really. kinda like yoona, although of course yoona seems to piss off the general intl kpop fandom instead.

    imo sunny is way sexy, although i do agree it’s not fully natural. most of them are kinda rough at sexy but they have plenty of room to grow, they have potential to do a lot later on in their career. also i’m sad that jessica is still sounding pretty awful, although she still has a musical performance or two left, so here’s hoping she gets over it soon.

    lol, i agree about gahee’s fans although it’d be the same way no matter which idol it was. that combined with hyori’s six plagiarism claims together are mighty depressing, though. stuff like this is killing my love of kpop music-wise. the people themselves are much, much harder a habit to break.

    • Amy

      Hyori does have great stage presence, but I’m not sure her experience really shows, because her singing and dancing are still pretty bad for someone who debuted in friggin’ 1998. And I don’t buy the argument that she’s just likable and that’s why she can get away with stuff, because what’s not to like about all those other girls that fans love to hate? (Not picking on you specifically, I think fans are just particular with which talentless idols they like and which ones they don’t.)

      Is Jessica still doing her musical? She’s been sounding really strained lately.

      • xiahkixiri

        okay i guess different strokes applies here but imo it’s pretty obvious. since i already mentioned yoona before, let’s go with her. fans hate her because she’s everywhere and loved by korea and intl fans don’t get it and find it annoying, because they don’t like her to the same level – they find her plain in appearance, and then she’s part of soshi and most of intl fandom finds itself above girls acting cute. as opposed to hyori who is a lot more hot in body and attitude. she can work the stage and being sexy with more ease than the younger girls. and she does it without (usually) veering into cheap. not tooting my own horn here (or, trying not to) but i usually find i can understand why people like and don’t like the ones they do. don’t always agree, but i can see it.

        as far as i know she stopped regularly but still had some shows added on at the end, i think her last one is planned for the fifth. it’s ridic, i’ve forgotten how she sounds when she’s singing well.

        • Amy

          That’s what I’m saying — all those reasons that people dislike Yoona for can apply to Hyori to some extent. Haha, I’m not trying to pick on Hyori because I haven’t given her a lot of thought prior to CCBB.

          “She’s everywhere and loved by Korea”

          Ditto for Hyori. She bombards the CF world and advertising is almost as omnipresent as appearing on shows, not that Hyori isn’t on shows herself.

          “They find her plain in appearance” & “she can work the stage and being sexy with more ease than the younger girls”

          Yoona’s appearance is so subjective. There are a ton of people who find her beautiful. And that’s the thing, isn’t it? That Hyori is 30 and should be able to own her sexuality in ways that girls who’ve never even dated can’t?

          • xiahkixiri

            i knowww, the difference is that the majority of the intl fandom worships the ground hyori walks on because of her stage presence and attitude and because she exudes hot, whereas yoona generally doesn’t, and because the intl fandom much prefer hot to cute. appearance is subjective but if you ask intl fans who aren’t soshi fans, the majority of them will say she’s plain. if you frequent omona soshi/yoona posts at all you’ll see that. it doesn’t apply to everyone, because there are more soshi fans now and more people willing to give them a chance, now that they have more mature concepts and the errors of their early career have died down. but in general it’s all ‘idgi why is she so popular she’s so plain’.

            lmao, i don’t really see what hyori’s age has to do with it. it’s true enough, but there are a lot of people in the fandom whose opinions are seriously skewed about those kinds of things.