Current state of drama affairs #6: Chun Jung-myung

Yeah, this was definitely in the making for a while now.

I usually judge how popular an actor is with the younger fangirls based on how big his/her photogallery is at AsianFanatic’s forums. My theory is that older fangirls tend to like older guys, and older fangirls don’t usually do things like update a star’s photogallery consistently, whereas the younger ones do. Now, I’m sure there are tons of people who do what I just said they don’t, but bear with me. And I’ve observed that Mr. Chun’s fanbase consists mainly of girls who are non-teens. Based on his pathetic 3 page gallery, my hunch stands correct. Babyface has a relatively low tween fanbase, which is totally fine by me because MORE FOR AMY!

Anyhoo. I am proud to say that my longstanding crush on Mr. Chun now spans three dramas and not just a springy fling because he’s in Cinderella’s Sister. I first watched him in What’s Up Fox, then Cinderella’s Sister, and now, Fashion 70s. I’m sure when I have time, I’ll start on Goodbye Solo too, but for some reason Goodbye looks like there’d be a cancer patient in there somewhere, so my drama radar is suspicious and tingly at the mo’.

Prior to What’s Up, I didn’t completely get the hype. After, I understood it. During Cinderella, I was totally stirred. After Fashion 70s, SQUEE. (I also think that three dramas is the most I’ve ever watched that starred the same actor.)

This guy has excellent range. Sometimes I think it’s odd that when he smiles he looks like he’s five years old, and then ten seconds later he glares at you and he looks like a post-military Korean dude with years of experience, but he works all of those so well and so realistically. He does happy-go-lucky in a really heartwarming way. Sometimes, actors/actresses just get supremely annoying when they act happy-go-lucky and you end up wanting to punch them in the face after two scenes, but not Chun. Not Chun, man, not Chun.

And then when he has to throw down the bitch face or slap you with some angst, SO GOOD! You may or may not agree with me, but I honestly wanted Ki-hoon in Cinderella’s Sister to stay angstier for some time because the swagger levels are huge when he’s loosening his tie and clenching his jaw. Mmmmm.

  • clowninpathos

    “Goodbye Solo” is how I 1st discovered Chun Jung-myung and completely fell for him becuz of it. He has just unique acting, love the way his face contorts into the most wounded of hurt faces. The puppy faces that he gave in “Goodbye Solo” made my heart hurt, he made me feel for him that much. He overacts the shouting and mad scenes, but when he does subtle hurt and happy, I forgive him. GO WATCH “Goodbye Solo!” Just so you can see more of his face / acting.

    The title doesn’t do the drama any justice. Been conditioned to expect a certain level of tropes in my kdramas, I was a bit wary of the show becuz of the title also, But it’s good that I saw it on KBS and so was more likely / willing to watch. There is A LOT of sadness and sad situations, but the writing sells the believability of the melodramatic circumstances that the show touches upon. It doesn’t go OTT with the angst. I came close to rolling my eyes a few times, but the drama always pulled them back, and surprised me with the turn of events. I was very impressed by the writer and more people should know about “Goodbye Solo” becuz of it. One of the above average dramas, that aren’t oh-so-very predictable and boring. I very much recommend watching it if you are having 2nd thoughts. I’m glad I did, it’s one of the few dramas that had all 3 elements, great writing, acting (lead girl is a bit weak, but still watchable), and direction.

    It was a while ago that I saw this, but I think there is a cancer-type story in there, There’s a sick kid, but no one dies. The show follows a bunch of friends and their lives and relationships. So more on that then about romance. Chun Jung-myung and the grandma scene were really sweet to watch. End SPOLIER.