Best casting news E.V.E.R.

This bad boy:

And THIS bad boy:


(Yoochun is seriously messing with the ambiance right now, but you know what, I’ll salvage whatever loyalty I have for DBSK and try to be enthusiastic about his presence on the cast.)

I’ve never been this excited about any cast ever. This is almost like a wet dream. All that it’s missing is some Kim Bum. Throw him in and we can CALL IT AN ORGY A DAY.

(Omg, seriously flailing right now. Hold me.)

  • oreoreo

    kekekeke i feel like i should congratulate you!!
    i also like both of them, but i have to admit i’ve not watched them on many shows – song joongki a few times MCing and on strong heart, yoo ahin in ‘man who can’t marry’.. shame on me :D
    btw, what’s the name of drama/basic storyline?

  • tracee

    The storyline seems pretty interesting (Hana Kimi + You’re Beautiful). And if Song Joong Ki’s going to be in it… I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it. Except yeah.. Yoochun. Hm. :/

  • yonheet

    duuuuude~ i cannot wait!!

    i’ll hold you back…. if you hold me!!!


  • cattey

    this is very exciting news to me!!
    song joongki! <3

  • jenni

    whats the drama? cause i sooo want to watch