Abs, thighs, objectify

Select members of SNSD + 2PM are in a new commercial together for Everland Caribbean Bay.

To be honest, after I watched the commercial, I wasn’t sure if I was watching a promo for gym clothes, a water park, or some kind of lotion that slims you up and makes you look like you’re skinny in all the right places.

I’ve never seen Seohyun in a risque commercial for anything, ever, so I assumed that somehow this would be a commercial that promotes healthy living. Oh, I’m so silly. Because half-way into the commercial, we get this:

This pisses me off like no other. The girls were born in 89, 90, 91. Whoever’s doing a strip tease is wearing a halter, and it looks like that’s Seohyun, and if that’s so, that’s an even a bigger offense. She was born in 91, for fuck’s sake.

And right now, there are no guys who are more objectified than 2PM, especially Taec. Male objectification, while it does have its implications, don’t have the same historical context as female objectification, so I take more of an issue with how SNSD are portrayed here. It annoys me so much that Korea constantly relies on exploiting sexuality in their youth in order to sell a product. Using sex to sell is inevitable in any entertainment industry, but can we at least try to be ethical about it and use models who are age appropriate and can own their sexuality?

  • cattey

    i honestly felt dirty after watching the commercial. don’t get me wrong; i do like to see ChanSung’s chiseled body (<<objectification, sorry), but it was as if i was back in a comp class in hs, had accidentally clicked the wrong link and got directed to a dirty website with nonstop popups showing photos of the WRONG things. i don't remember that situation being a pleasant one, more like embarrassing. and isn't the commercial for some kind of a water park – a place that caters to mostly families (= children)? i don't think that sex is really necessary in promoting that type of product/service. smh.

  • hapacalgirl

    I agree with your post completely. I am an adult and I felt awkward watching this commercial so I can only imagine how inappropriate this will appear to families in Korea. When I first saw this CF while I was at home I felt as though it was inappropriate for me to be watching it If this was for a swimsuit endorsement it would make a little more sense (although still awkward) but the fact that this is for an amusement park I just don’t see the whole point for the locker room scene. The fact that all of the girls in SNSD are quite young just makes that much more wrong in my eyes.

  • mintyboy

    What I’m more interested in is how SNSD will perform now that everyone is “mature” as evident in all of stripping. Can they go back in shortshots singing “oppa, oppa”-type of songs now? I’ve never liked any of them, but hey, at least they’re no longer the “innocent” girls anymore. But I have to give credit where it’s due. These girls can sell any form of sexiness, can’t they? from the innocent, shy-oh-blush-when-you-look-at-me to this.

  • lamy

    I totally agree with u!
    I watched the cf and the mv and didn’t even know what it was all about, i only saw yougsters trying to do a baywatch!
    I don’t like baywatch, and i certainly don’t like kpop artists to try to do the same, using the sex appeal is fine but using the sexuality is not, what i like about korea and te korean industry is that they are different so please don’t try to copy america!

  • http://ziarpiatraneamt.ro Ziar Neamt

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  • http://abstoningsystems.com/ palina

    I didn’t feel dirty…it actually really turned me on!!! Don’t over think it…just admire it for what it is.

  • http://www.getflatabsblog.com Janet Dawson

    Nice post, I think that sexuality is not needed to promote products specially on commercials, where sometimes kids can see them. Not a good example for them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Janet.