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SS501’s “Love Ya”

I dig SS501. When DSP was pushing them really aggressively back in 06-07, I thought their music was pretty bad, but they’re the one group whose music and comebacks get progressively stronger with every release. I loved “Deja Vu,” loved “Song Calling for You,” really liked “Love Like This,” and now “Love Ya.”

This is going to be a good comeback. I had no expectations for “Love Ya,” but the song and the music video totally surpassed my expectations. The video and the choreography are just so attractive; it’s hard to tear your eyes away from it once you start watching.

My only hesitation with this group is that they’re not the best live. Jung-min and Young-saeng are dependable, but the rest of them vary from performance to performance. I think Hyung-joon will be pretty good this time around, and ditto for Kyu-jong. I have no expectations whatsoever for Hyun-joong, lol.

Drama styling tips #2: Cinderella’s Sister

This drama definitely doesn’t have the same variety as Personal Taste in terms of styling, but it also doesn’t rely on youth and city chicness to tell a story about the characters’ lives, which I feel Personal Taste did.

The best dressed character is easily Chun Jung-myung’s Ki-hoon. There’s also a difference in styling as reflected by the characters’ ages — the younger Ki-hoon was more colorful, and the older is more somber. The younger versions of the two female leads were students, so there was nothing special going on. As adults, Hyo-sun is made to be the more stylish one, whereas Eun-jo is the more practical one.

I know that styling and visuals are supposed to complement a show, but as a viewer of this drama, my mind was only on one thing: the story and its characters’ interactions with each other, so while the styling is never bad, the quality of the story definitely takes precedent here.

Let’s start!


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Personal Taste, 끝!

Personal Taste is over and I am completely apathetic, but let’s bid adieu to the best thing about this drama:

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Man, this song gave me so much hope that this drama was going to be great.

Now let’s bid adieu to the second best thing about this drama:

But let’s sail on, because it’s Bad Guy‘s turn to air now, and I’ve been looking forward to that.

Best casting news E.V.E.R.

This bad boy:

And THIS bad boy:


(Yoochun is seriously messing with the ambiance right now, but you know what, I’ll salvage whatever loyalty I have for DBSK and try to be enthusiastic about his presence on the cast.)

I’ve never been this excited about any cast ever. This is almost like a wet dream. All that it’s missing is some Kim Bum. Throw him in and we can CALL IT AN ORGY A DAY.

(Omg, seriously flailing right now. Hold me.)

It’s a slow Sunday, spam me

Tumblr is not sufficient for my posting good photos of Kpop stars. I’m too lazy to keep rebloggin’ shit, so here you go.

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