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Picked up something today and thought it’d be nice to give away to a reader.

To enter, just leave a comment with your name and what makes you geek out. For me, as if it isn’t already obvious, it’s Japanese stationery. They-make-that-for-that??, sometimes impractical, but always pretty and ingenious. I’ll take entries up til a week from today on April 29, midnight New York time. I will ship anywhere :)

You can check out MT tape’s site here.

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Personal Taste, episodes 3 and 4

During the first week of broadcast, I wasn’t particularly convinced of this show’s merits, despite the fact that I had anticipated it. Then episodes three and four came the second week, and I was pretty swayed, mostly due to the fact that Son Yeh-jin’s veteran acting skills were really kicking in and convincing me of the Gae-in character, who I didn’t particularly like in the beginning.

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This is what I’m talkin’ bout

From thefashionisto,

Highlighting New York-based Asian models, Pieter Henket photographs Danny B., Daisuke Ueda, Tet Wada, Shih-han Hsiao, Anthony Thornburg and Daniel Liu for an editorial that requires its cast to put their best foot forward. Dressed to the nines in suits from the likes of Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana, Henket’s six shine thanks to the luxe styling of Carlton Jones.

I love this entire spread. Yep.


Angry Asian Man posted about Boyz II Men performing in Seoul, singing “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday” with 4Men.

Immediately reminded me of this :(

Moon Geun Young in InStyle

I really hate this hair trend of plastering on really, really heinously long extensions (see: all of SNSD), but obviously the long hair thing is somewhat important for Moon Geun Young’s character in “Cinderella’s Sister,” and she looks lovely. The first two shots are lovely enough to frame.

(And what’s with leaking 10 minute cuts from the upcoming episodes? Is nothing sacred?! Must stay away at all costs.)