Picked up something today and thought it’d be nice to give away to a reader.

To enter, just leave a comment with your name and what makes you geek out. For me, as if it isn’t already obvious, it’s Japanese stationery. They-make-that-for-that??, sometimes impractical, but always pretty and ingenious. I’ll take entries up til a week from today on April 29, midnight New York time. I will ship anywhere :)

You can check out MT tape’s site here.

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  • mintyboy

    I geek out for baked goods. I love baking a cake…..wait, that’s a lie. I love decorating sooo much that I often bake cakes and cookies just to do so. I even promised myself to buy a kitchenaid standmixer (oh so pricey) the day I get my first paycheck (and a bike as well to work all the baking off, lol). Hope I win, pretty things are always welcomed in my book.

  • Keri

    I geek out for Korean dramas. That is what led me to your blog and your passion for things such as your giveaway is what has me coming back. Almost everyone I know thinks my love for Korean dramas are silly. One night after marathoning “Coffee Prince” and having no one to unload my thoughts I found myself on Dramabeans. After reading pages and pages of other people’s comments…I can’t remember what topic nor what comment but I read one of your posts and then clicked on your link. When I tell my friends that a good Korean drama can make my heart ache and keep me thinking about it for days, I’m pretty sure they think I’m a little “special” and not in a good way. I grew up watching them with my parents and there’s something about Korean dramas that allows you to take a mental vacation and take an emotional ride with characters and story lines that may not always make sense but have the ability to satiate the hopeful romantic in you. Yah, that’s pretty geeky but I don’t care.

    I’ve never posted on someone’s blog before so here’s to trying something new.

    P.S. I love Cinderella’s Sister and I’m relieved that Taecyeon is decent. He almost made me well up a little on today’s episode.

    • Amy

      Yeah, ditto on the making your heart ache for days thing. I thought I was the only one.

      Today’s episode really killed me :( Taecyeon is doing FAR better than I thought he was going to; I also teared at one of his scenes with MGY.

      • Keri

        This week’s episodes killed me too. MGY’s scene with the step dad always has me crying like a baby. I really wanted to kick Ji Hoon in the head. Next week hits the half way mark so I’m sure lots of interesting things will transpire. I hope you continue your re-caps. Look forward to reading them.

        • Keri

          I meant to write Ki Hoon not Ji Hoon.

  • tracee

    I do love cute stationary, but… I geek out for cameras, and camera lenses. I love snapping pictures with my Nikon F2.. I love looking at cameras.. and I have so many lenses. Currently searching for a 1.4 for a DSLR and fisheye lens.

  • Amy

    I geek out for instant cameras (e.g. Polaroid and Fuji Instax Mini). Digital cameras are awesome and a must for travel, but I just love the fact that I can get unique and irreplaceable pics with instant cameras. And the cool vintage effect is a bonus!

  • Cisssy H

    I geek out for Apple products! And by geek out I mean Steve Jobs and iTunes control my life, bank account and I would give a limb to work for them.

  • Geralyn

    I geek out for scrapbooking. No one my age that I know of really does it, but I guess my love for it has extended from my love for stationary, photography, and memory-keeping. Pretty papers and embellishments, combined with my favorite photos + memories, what’s not to love? Haha, I probably spend too much $$ on buying products, but it’s a fun hobby and the layouts I make will be fun to look back at in the future :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Charlene C

    Plastic cameras for me. They function on basic technology (none for some) and take crappy photos, so crappy that i cant help but LOVE. I love the feeling of getting back freshly developed prints, not knowing the outcome and getting unintended surprises by light leaks and stuff. Oh and the best part: people look at me strangely when I use one. With a scrunched up face they go “that thing takes photos?”. HAH

  • cici

    I geek out for YARNS. Yes, you heard right. I have so much in my stash that I will probably never finish knitting in my lifetime. Although I don’t knit as much now, I still buy some every once in a while thinking that I will start & finish a new project. In reality, I have so many uncompleted projects lying around the house haha

  • elena

    hey amy! i’m not going to enter because i would feel kind of weird doing so but i was actually thinking about your tapes the other day! what store do you get them from again? i am going to have to bookmark it just in case i ever go to new york.

    i’ll answer the question though. i am ridiculously geeky for pretty much everything. i geek out over music, asian dramas, asian pop culture, pop culture in general, certain tv shows, typography, words, product packaging (especially in other countries), stationary, book covers, good graphic design, the way some people wear clothes, etc.

    • Amy

      They’re from a Japanese bookstore called Kinokuniya. I’m not sure of your location but I think there may be a Kino in your area too…

  • Cheska

    I am a geek for most types of organizers- calendars, planners, to-do lists. I take my time in making my to-do lists, writing them with different coloured pens and adding little symbols (for urgent, can procrastinate on, if it’s for school or not, etc.). I also have been making my own monthly calendars for 2010, put copies up on my bulletin board and locker, and take pains in making sure they’re held up by colorful magnets. And I pretty much can’t live without my planner- it overflows with my to-do lists and little reminders, in all its glory of multiple highlighters and Pucca post-its. There’s something about writing these lists and reminders that give me joy- perhaps it’s the part of me that still thinks she’s super neat. ^^

    Thanks for this- I’ve been a reader of both this blog and the LJ one. :)

  • Niagmiv

    There’s probably many things that I ‘geek’ out for, but I shamelessly geek out for hotel pens and post-its as well as pens and post-its from job fairs, conferences, etc. Who cares if they’ve got all sorts of different company names or they’re of cheap quality…as long as they work, I take them and MAKE USE of them.

    To my surprise, I get a lot of pretty neat and unique pens now a days instead of the good old BICs.

  • Rachna

    i’m a geek for anime and manga. not that many people besides my close friends know this though. i guess i don’t really come off as a full-fledged otaku >.<. i just love love love re-watching my favorite anime, buying the boxsets, re-reading my favorite mangas, watching the anime version when it comes out, buying the actual volumes (and yes, i am well aware that i've spent a ridiculous amount on these bound objects over the years). it just feels really great to own these things, and i can go back and read/watch them without having to logon to the computer. there was even a time when i used to clean my manga covers (yes, with water and a washcloth) cause i was obsessed with keeping them clean -__-;;. i stopped doing that though cause that's a little too crazy. and i'm also one of those people that hold a book a certain way so as not to ruin the binding or else i'd freak the eff out. i just like to take good care of my books… that's all :/.

    thanks for doing this giveaway and your entries are always entertaining!

  • katie

    i geek out for anything led zeppelin related. seriously haha. i have watched so many documentaries and concerts. listen to the music almost everyday and flip out for new facts or pictures i find…..major geek outage for that band!

  • Christine

    I geek out over ads. Especially if they use the font Helvetica. I’m on my school’s yearbook staff and that’s the font that was used in our book last year. Punny or clever ads are a plus, cause then I get so much inspiration to develop into a theme for our book.

  • Maureen

    This might be the only time that I’m gonna admit this.
    I geek out for fine-writing pens; actually, the addiction starts with 0.5 and finer.
    To be more specific, i am IN LOVE (ok, maybe not in love, but close) with Pilot G-Tec pens!!
    I had to ask my brother from the Philippines to bring me some from over there when he came to visit the US in the beginning of the month.

    I first used them back when I was in my first year of HS in the Philippines and just couldn’t replace them anymore. I thought they were expensive then, but I bought them anyways to satisfy my geeky need for ultra-fine writing pens. When I came to the US 6 years ago, I brought 3 black Pilot G-Tec 0.4 pens with me. I ended up losing one of them although I still think that my classmate from Psychology class took it. Anyway, I now have 5 of them, including the last one that’s left of my original three from back in ’04 and the four new ones that my brother brought during his visit. In total, I have 2 blue ones (both are 0.3’s) and 3 black pens: two of them are 0.4 and the other one is 0.3.
    I found out that the Pilot G2 pens came in not just 0.5 but also 0.38! So, I’m also very fond of them now.

    I just recently learned that Pilot actually has an online store, since I’ve been living under a rock and all. I’m still contemplating if I should order some from there because of the shipping cost and the total merchandise cost if and when I end up crazy-uber-cool-pen-online-shopping. This is serious stuff.

    There’s my confession.

    • Amy

      Oh dude, I TOTALLY know what you mean. Pilot G-Tec 0.4mm are my favorite pens, even though I haven’t used them in a while. I think they’re slowly being replaced with Muji’s fine writing pens. I can’t use a point higher than 0.4mm/0.38mm now, and I have a huge collection of pens in that range.

      • Maureen

        You have no idea of the comfort that I feel now that I know that I’m not the only one. Thank you!
        I also want to thank you for introducing me to Muji pens. I searched them right away online and even stumbled upon a blog that has a review of the Muji Gel Ink Pen 0.38mm in black.

  • Kaye

    I geek out over colored pens! I bring a humongous pencil case to school and work and it’s mostly all Stabilo and Staedtler fineliners. I’ve got maybe two or three regular black and blue pens and they don’t even work properly half the time. I don’t care about those but when my colored pens don’t work, I get all panicky. XD

  • inquinn

    mine would be greeting cards! although they could at times burn a hole in my pocket but i geek out for the designs, and also messages that hit close to the heart, it’s as good as reading a page out of a self-enrichment book.

    i have cards collected over the years since high school (which makes some over 10 years old), again, some kept for their mere designs. the others, i absolutely treasure for the awesomeness of my friends who had brilliantly added their own creative touch to them. i find them as effective as photos in keeping the memories alive.

    so yea, i geek out over pretty pretty greeting cards, although the choices are getting more and more limited since the birth of e-mails and Facebook wishes.

  • Findus

    ooh this is a little embarrassing ^^
    I geek out for stuffed animals, ex: teddy bears I kind of buy one everytime I want to remember a place or a moment in my life.
    Now I got a collection of them in my room lol

  • Haner

    I’m a totally have the hots for boxes, i know what you mean? BOXES? well you know them pretty gift boxes i have well millions of them and i dont use them and they’re stack all over my room. Everytime I hit HongKong I go crazy i spent like god knows on un-used gift boxes. LOL! :] xx

  • Heather

    I’m a total sucker for Japanese stationery, too. But lately, I’ve been collecting various canvas bags. I’ve decided to buy ’em from countries I’ve traveled to as souvenirs, and my current favorite is one I picked up at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market, which is screenprinted with a cigarette-smoking fishmonger behind the wheel of a flatbed tractor that’s stacked with styrofoam boxes filled with fresh seafood. Brought it to work today and it made me happy.

  • Debbie

    90’s kids television makes me geek out. I grew up in the 90’s and I was/am obsessed with the television from that decade. From the Rugrats to Doug to the old school X-Men cartoons, to the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers; I watched them all and am currently working on buying some of the series on dvd lol. I usually wake up super early (6am Montreal time) in the morning to watch them on ABC and sometimes I’m so excited, I weird myself out.

  • jackie

    I geek out for immortal jellyfish: Because really, how awesome is that? Jellyfish are awesome enough by themselves, but then they have go to and be IMMORTAL. Which is fucking awesome. And also? They look like some pseudo-vampire type thing, only 2983249x better than any deranged woman (cough Meyer) could ever dream of. And I dig that, yo.

  • Mary

    Love the Japanese tape! My roommate showed me some that she got a while back and they are just adorable!

    I geek out on TUPPERWARE. Yeah, it’s pretty weird, but I love containers I can put food in. OCD + Foodie/Cook = Tupperware Love. I’m really into the glassware with the clickie covers, but I don’t discriminate. My friends make fun of me for keeping random containers (jars, yogurt tubs, plastic takeout boxes), but they don’t laugh when I put food I make for them in those containers. It’s gotten to a point that they will save containers and ask me if I want to use them.

    Love reading your posts! Can’t wait for your analysis on the style in “Cinderella’s Sister”. It’s definitely not as fun as “Personal Taste” (Thank you Lee Min Ho), but all the characters look snazzy, especially Young Sook (Eun Jo’s mama) with her hats :)

  • Daniel

    I geek out over keychains. I buy all types of keychains, they are all over my bags, pencases, cellphones and, well, keys LOL. The weirder the better. I really like those small things that make you stand out when you use them. I also LOVE illustrated books. It’s kinda awesome, because I can spend hours reading and looking at the pictures in the books.

  • titi

    There’s a million things that I geek out for, but recently I’ve been geeking out for learning to be a beatboxer in my acapella group.
    I’ve always been a geek for music, and in my campus there is this annual vocal group competition.
    I’m a member of my batch’s acapella group, and my voice is the lowest of the five members. We sing songs without music, and just the sounds and voices we produce by our mouth :)
    My group had been the 2nd place for 2 years in a row, and this year we’re aiming to be the champion.
    This year we tried to do a different song than what we had for the last 2 years. Some of our past songs are: Stupid Cupid, Once Upon a December and I Wanna Hold Your Hand.
    This year, we finally decided to perform… Knock You Down by Keri Hilson, Kanye West and Ne-Yo. I know, it’s an extremely weird song to sing in acapella, but we decided to do it.
    And since I have the lowest range of vocal, so my group’s leader appointed me to do the beatboxing part (Knock You Down is very nice to hear mostly due to its beat).
    What’s the problem then? Well, the fact that it’s my first time doing it, and that I’m a girl ^^
    It’s very hard to produce many kinds of beatboxing sounds when you have a voice of a girl (girl and guy’s range of vocal is vastly different), but I did try.
    Try, learn from my guy friends, try, watching Beatboxing tutorial in Youtube (honestly, what can’t we find in YT?? lol), try, learn, try to beatboxing all beat in practically every song I heard, learn, learn and learn.
    I’m such a geek for this beatboxing thing for the last 2 months, and finally I made it and successfully beatboxing the song.
    The funny thing is now I actually fell in love with beatboxing and now I’m officially appointed as the beatboxer in our group ^^

  • Amy

    That’s all folks! Thanks for all the entries :)

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