Drama styling tips #1: Personal Taste

Or, AKA, your one-way guide to dress like a metrosexual man.

There’s some great styling going on in “Personal Taste.” It’s not too flashy and I love that there are so many classic outfits. I’m a sucker for boys and girls in preppy gear. Lee Min-ho looked outrageous and ridiculous in “Boys Over Flowers” but in “Personal Taste” he actually looks age-appropriate. The dude has the body of a model and it was completely wasted in BOF. Plus, it’s not like I don’t already want to bone him every time he’s in a scene, but now he looks good too.

With Son Yeh-jin, I get that they’re trying to make Gae-in “quirky” by throwing random things together but those let’s-mix-patterns-with-colors-with-ugly-shoes-with-ridic-pants outfits are uninteresting to me. I know that the people behind the show made her look more “presentable” after the audience complained she looked too sloppy (giving her a straighter haircut, making her look less sloppy at home, etc), but Gae-in’s best outfits are usually the ones she wears to job interviews, lol.

Let’s start, shall we?

THE BLAZER with interesting detail




THE WHITE BUTTON-DOWN with interesting collar, paired with a colorful knit vest

THE CROPPED/CUFFED PANT LEG, worn with a pair of slip-on canvas shoes


Ever since getting multiple piercings in each ear, I’ve been obsessed with collecting stud earrings and I love how Gae-in wears multi-colored studs on each lobe.

BOWTIE, worn with oxford shirt



This was fun. I’ve been really observing the styling in “Cinderella’s Sister” too. There are some interesting bits in that, but it’s not as comprehensive as it is in “Personal Taste.” That post coming soon!

  • Charlene C

    Oooo, I love this post! It’s so hard finding any entries related to drama fashion and I was delighted when I saw this. I personally thought Lee Min Ho dressed too well for a straight guy, but what the heck he totally owns the look. Can’t wait for the CS one. (I’m not a new reader but I dont usually post comments. just thought I’d mention it, don’t wanna appear too random (: )

  • m

    I’m not sure about the whole Mandarin collar thing on Lee Minho. But I do love him in a trench coat. UNFF.

  • http://me.astromantic.org f

    Oh wow, great post! This reminds me that I need a really good blazer and more cardigans in my life.

    Also: “Plus, it’s not like I don’t already want to bone him every time he’s in a scene, but now he looks good too.” LMFAO IRL

  • http://cyworld.com/girl_island j

    I don’t watch Personal Taste but I love this post. I’m not too hot on the patterned bowtie with the stripey shirt though. Looking forward to the Cinderella’s Sister post (y)

  • http://cambridge.livejournal.com elena

    I REALLY WISH I HAD ENOUGH TIME TO WATCH THIS! the cardigans and blazers (TOGETHER! omg.) and cropped pants and button downs are KILLING ME. I LOVE IT SO MUCH I GOT SO GIDDY WHEN I SAW THIS POST.

  • Keri

    This is a great post. Sometimes I see Korean boys (and ajussies) trying to pull off a look/style popularized by a trendy drama and you know…it just doesn’t look too cute on regular folks. I think fashion in Korea has come a long way. Although, I sometimes look at how K-pop artist are styled and I want to (1) laugh, (2) hurt their stylists, and (3) wonder what they really think about what they are wearing. Working in the fashion industry I do find myself looking at what’s going on in the Asian market more now than I ever did. Asian fashion magazines are far more inspiring than any of the publications I find here. I think you may have also mentioned that. Thanks for the fun post. Just the other day, as I was watching PT, I was annoyed by Lee Min Ho’s long blazer and thought at least he’s not wearing fur and super tight pants that look like they were sewn on.

  • oreoreo

    i love Minho’s cropped pants.. emphasises his already lonnng legs even more

    personally i always thought Mr Choi(? the arts centre director) looked pretty fly- his suits, cravats and pocket squares always look slightly flamboyant yet elegant.. while Changryeul looks like a little schoolboy (literally in one episode his stripey navy and red tie + navy blazer looked like a uniform)

    ahh the multiple visual joys of watching dramas, especially this one – the house they live in (Sangojae) is also amazing

  • jaesu17

    dayum Minho looks good

  • gogogo

    I love the bowties, they look so adorable (wouldn’t actually wear it myself though). What I absolutely loved though are Kae in’s shoes at the wedding, you can see them on the second last picture here. Gosh they’re so high yet they look very classy. They’re simpel but they complete her outfit, I want them so bad.
    It’s weird, but the shoes made me drool more than Lee min ho :p
    Oh I dont like the cropped pants trend, Lee min ho is such a tall boy, the short legs on the pants make his body look disproportionate. And it just makes me think of a kid who hasnt had the money to buy new pants for a while :p But whatever, he could wear a trashbag and look amazing.

  • g

    hey great job!! Could you do one on kae-in’s boots. Her shoes are really interesting! Thanks!

  • Su

    LOVE the trench coach in that last two photos… any idea on where it’s from? Burberry maybe?!

  • myra

    who a fashion designer Lee Minho at personal taste ?

  • esteliv

    this is.. my virgin comment/reply for drama forums/blogs.

    i just wanna where to get me some pastel coloured blazers( 2nd pic on minho )

    damn minho just look damn sharp ! any recommendations ?

  • Kim

    Could you give images of every dress Park Kae In used??? I loved them!!….If you can do it for me…Would you send it to my e-mail: ow_mixed_me@live.com ?? THANKS SO MUCH!!

    PD: I love your Blog…IT’S SOO CUTE!

  • leslie

    can you please tell me where to get the stud earrings that Kae In had on..