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Stamp your heart out

Tell me this is not the funniest thing ever:

It’s a stamp that’s got 7 belts of 20 symbols, which when combined give you the chance to create up to 2000 different emoticons.

If this crazy piece of work didn’t cost upwards of a HUNDRED US dollars, I’d be buying it before you can even say “WTF?”

(Reminder: I’m still taking entries for the giveaway. I’m closing comments tomorrow night at midnight EST. Good luck!)

New colors

Headphones in Ocean and nail color in Tart Deco

Drama styling tips #1: Personal Taste

Or, AKA, your one-way guide to dress like a metrosexual man.

There’s some great styling going on in “Personal Taste.” It’s not too flashy and I love that there are so many classic outfits. I’m a sucker for boys and girls in preppy gear. Lee Min-ho looked outrageous and ridiculous in “Boys Over Flowers” but in “Personal Taste” he actually looks age-appropriate. The dude has the body of a model and it was completely wasted in BOF. Plus, it’s not like I don’t already want to bone him every time he’s in a scene, but now he looks good too.

With Son Yeh-jin, I get that they’re trying to make Gae-in “quirky” by throwing random things together but those let’s-mix-patterns-with-colors-with-ugly-shoes-with-ridic-pants outfits are uninteresting to me. I know that the people behind the show made her look more “presentable” after the audience complained she looked too sloppy (giving her a straighter haircut, making her look less sloppy at home, etc), but Gae-in’s best outfits are usually the ones she wears to job interviews, lol.

Let’s start, shall we?

THE BLAZER with interesting detail



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iPhone snaps #1

Yes, it’s finals time.

Cinderella’s Sister, episode 5

Now we’ll start the recaps in earnest.

I had really wanted a continuation of everybody in their younger years. Like I’ve said for “Will It Snow for Christmas,” I would not mind watching a melodrama involving teens, because god knows adults can be such idiots. Another reason I guess they had to move on is that they cast Taec, and apparently he’s the only person who can’t play a younger version of himself, while everyone else can. Not that I don’t love kid!Jung Woo. He’s the best; I laugh at every scene he’s in.

(On another note, I am feverishly trying to churn out all of CS’ recaps so I can be up-to-date and recap as the episodes air. I find that it’s really difficult to write recaps for eps that have aired for one-two weeks in the past because you already know what happens afterward and it skews your point of view. So yes, if there are like a bajillion consecutive recaps for this drama in the next week or so, bear with me.)

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