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Song of the day

T-ara – 처음처럼 (Like the First Time)

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T-ara has a pretty good first album, but I feel like the quality of their music overwhelms their actual performing abilities — as in, they have really good material, but they either promote the songs that don’t showcase quality, or they promote songs that they don’t have the ability to perform. “Bo Beep Bo Beep” and “TTL” aside, “Crazy Because of You” and “Like the First Time” performances are a mess. I’ve watched all the “Crazy Because of You” performances they’ve done thus far, and I still can’t tell when it’s them actually singing or when it’s backtracking. Same goes for “Like the First Time.” While there’s not excessive autotune in the song, the synth and other loud bass-generating sounds in the song drown out all of their voices and thus they barely have to actually sing because the backtrack will take care of it.

I really like “Like the First Time,” though, because I like how it’s unrushed sounding but at the same time has the dance beat going on. It also sounds really Lily Allen-esque, which I haven’t decided if it’s a good or bad thing.


Being busy and lazy is probably the worst combination for a blogger. I have so many things to post about! But I don’t have time! But the longer I put it off the more epic the next post has to be! And then I just get cranky and run out of steam and put off posting even longer.

Pictures of the one effing day it was sunny in NYC. (We’re on flood watch for the next three days. What the flying fuck. JUST GIVE ME NICE BLAZER WEATHER.)

So cranky right now. Spring break is here but it’s just going to consist of job and internship hunting. And reading. So much reading.


Khalil is the biggest loser on the planet and OMG just…this makes me so sad I’m not on the west coast.

It’s a beautiful day today and I’m just going to go out (filming an EMT with Ellie and crew today!) and listen to some good Khalil.

FW 2010 shows, part 3: Balmain

So I kinda feel like Balmain puts out the same stuff every single season — the boxy shoulders, sharp silhouettes, military chic — but these gold pieces from the fall/winter show are fucking STUNNING.

(Via 1, 2)