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I’m such a drama whore it’s ridiculous.

So I haven’t once sat through a pure sageuk (Hong Gil Dong, Strongest Chil Woo and Iljimae don’t count) but Dong Yi looks like it has the potential to be boring because of whatever historical plot lines there may be. On the other hand, I could be totally off-base and this may just be a historical romantic drama, but regardless, I’m not too into the storyline yet. (Also, fifty episodes, people. Fifty.) I do, however, nurse a huge soft spot for Han Hyo Joo (read: huge) and the thought of Bae Soo Bin playing second fiddle again makes me automatically feel bad and thus compelled, lol.

This is probably the drama I’m most anticipating, but because of the sexuality plot line inherent to the story, I’m already super wary. Like, is this coy hand thing supposed to signify that Lee Minho’s character is gay? I don’t have too much faith that the writers/producers will even try to subvert whatever pre-existing gay stereotypes there are in Korea, so I’m going to watch with half my brain. But I’m just so excited to see Lee Minho not be Gu Jun Pyo and play someone with a love interest who is NOT Geum Jandi and whose buddies are NOT Kim Hyunjoong and Kim Bum and Kim Joon.

Son Ye Jin was a totally unexpected casting decision and I’ve never seen her in anything, but nobody’s ever said she’s a bad actress, so I’m not really worried about her acting. This is going be so typically K-drama–circumstances that force the main characters to live together, a huge misunderstanding regarding sexuality, proving one’s masculinity, blah blah blah–but it’s going to be oh-so-good.

SIWON. Apple of my eye. He’s the only idol of his younger generation who I have faith in as an actor. (See: Legend of Hyang Dan. So good! Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Seulong, Taec, please stop.) In this drama, he plays a good-looking actor who has no actual skill as an actor. I love it already. Siwon has a great comedic timing that he rarely gets to show off in Super Junior’s work, so hopefully he’ll be able to in this series.

Chae Rim, I’m a little eh about. For some reason, she’s never resonated with me in any of the roles I’ve watched her in. She’s no doubt good at what she does, but I just don’t really connect with her performances. And why is Park Han Byul still acting? Has nobody ever seen her act before?

Another law series. PDs say that they’re not going to drown viewers in lawyer talk, so I hope they stick to that. All career-oriented dramas I’ve watched have eventually turned me off (Partners, Cain and Abel) so let’s hope this one doesn’t start with a bang and then lose steam along the way. The main thing that piqued my interest is Kim So Yeon, and maybe I’m sticking around for the Park Shi Hoo eye candy, but you can only go so far with a great actress and a hot guy if the story doesn’t carry itself well.

Kinda, maybe, sort of. I’ve seen Kim Nam Gil in “Portrait of a Beauty” and I loved him, so at the moment, this interest is more like faint curiosity and morbid attraction to a good-lookin’ dude, and not really any interest in the story itself (or the other actors for that matter). There’s a short trailer out and it looks gorgeous though.

Well, if all of these dramas stick, I’ve got a full plate for the spring and beyond. Let’s hope the grades don’t suffer.

  • http://qwertz qwertz

    you should watch the woman who still wants to marry. so good. seriously.

  • xiahkixiri

    I’d say I’m most excited for OML, apart from the obvious UNFSIWON and UNFTHEGOODACTORSIWON, the trailer’s vibe is awesomely fun and funny, I think I’ll adore it. I agree to finding it hard to connect with Chae Rim’s characters, even though I like her a lot. I loved Dalja’s Spring but because of her as an actress least of all. :/ I feel like I should be more excited for Personal Taste than I am but idk the trailer didn’t do much for me, and I get such a strong Kimi wa Petto vibe from it.

    Han Hyo Joo is wonderful but I won’t brave Dong Yi even for her. Have you seen Spring Waltz? :3 How she manages to make such thoroughly epic OTPs I just do not know. There’s a bit in the last third which gets kindof over but it’s so compulsive and has the most perfectly happy, utopian drama ending I’ve ever seen.