Bright lights and pretty colors

I liked this but to be honest, one “strong” girl image is not enough to erase all the cute ones from the past. I’m still waiting for that one SNSD song to really stick with me in order for me to become a real fan, like Sorry Sorry/It’s You did for Super Junior.

One thing I’m happy about is that this song sounds like it actually requires some sort of singing skill for the live performances. From “Gee” to “Oh,” SNSD’s songs progressively got easier to sing but the hooks of their dance routines progressively got more gimmicky and imitable. “Oh!”‘s choreography might’ve been difficult to some extent, but for all their other hits, at least Taeyeon/Jessica would always have some sort of bridge to sing, but nope.

Onto shallower things. They all upped their fierce quota in the video but Taeyeon totally through me off with all her sultry looks and I’mma-lop-yo-(expletive)-off-if-you-misbehave attitude. Yuri really knows how to work the camera. It’s kind of alarming how sweet and jokey she is on variety shows, and then how hard she pushes the sexy image when she’s performing.

This video made me like the song. I LOVE how fun it is and it makes me like Dara more and more. I find her to be kind of grating on 2NE1’s TV show and she can’t sing, blah blah, but I think she’s really charming when she has to act and play these characters for music videos.

I think this is a really brilliant video, though it doesn’t completely feel like it actually mirrors what the lyrics are saying. (I barely look for that when I watch a Kpop video, to be honest.) The only thing that really bugs me is this sequence with CL. It wouldn’t bug me as much if Lady Gaga didn’t just do something to a similar affect at a recent gala.

In my magical fantasy world of Kpop, YG’s creative forces join with SM’s talent and come together to make music video babies. There are three things to a Kpop idol video: the song, the choreography, the visuals. Songs I can’t pin down which company’s I like more because I like and dislike songs from both. Choreography-wise, I hate 95% of what YG comes up with. Story and set-wise, I hate SM videos. (There are exceptions to both — Taeyang & Se7en get stellar choreography, Zhang Li Yin gets epic videos, Big Bang’s Korean videos all involve some sort of dying cancer-infested love interest, f(x) gets some ridiculous choreography — but these are just exceptions.)

Phew, I got too rambly. Time to sleep.

  • xiahkixiri

    \o/ apparently there’s going to be a story version released. our prayers have been answered!


    i agree with you about both groups, especially 2ne1. i disliked the song on the first listen, but the mv really changed that. the star wars sequence is absolutely hilarious.

  • jaesu17

    I definitely agree

    and yuri has always been my fave SNSD member – it’s true, she really knows how to work the camera and the stage.

    she kinda reminds me in junsu of being equally convicning when acting cutesy and when acting sexy (although junsu’s cuteness > yuri’s cuteness and yuri’s secksiness > su’s smex) lol