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New things

The tape thing is now a problem.


Music Bank 3/26/10

Usually, when I watch the weekend performances, by the time I’ve watched Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo, I have too many things to say about everything so I just never post anything. This week, the only broadcast was KBS’ Music Bank because MBC preempted Music Core with a baseball game and SBS is observing a mourning day in light of the victims lost to a naval ship sinking from a few days ago.

I was looking forward to a couple of performances, and I think the episode was pretty good.

After School

I can’t believe After School is now officially one member short of being the older version of SNSD. From what I see, none of their four new members except for Raina have actually brought anything new to the table. It’s just that with each increase in size, Jungah gets less and less to do, which is so not cool. Gahee has gotten her fair share of popularity now, and well-deserved of course, but Jungah has been in the idol training game for almost as long and she’s a much needed vocalist in a sea of bad ones in this group, so it’s not fair that she gets kicked aside with every single.

So Nyeo Shi Dae

I think SNSD gets to play the sexy thing so little that a lot of them don’t know how to do it/do it really weirdly/are going overboard. A lot of them are throwing their voices at a lower pitch, cuz I guess you have to sing huskier in order to seem sexy. I dunno. The speak/rap parts of the song are really bugging me and Sunny’s cutesy voice has in general bugged me, but Sooyoung has been really breathless with her last speak/rap line in all the perfs. The most consistent ones are Taeyeon and Seohyun to me, and holy moly Seohyun! Underrated in all those crappy cute songs or what?! The girl is so bomb, but she needs to work on her breathing, it is so so so loud.

Amerie ft. 4Minute

Can we just talk about this for a second? I’ve never been a fan of Amerie even though a couple of her songs are pretty catchy, but she’s so obnoxious in this performance. This is her song and 4Minute does much more work than she does. She goes like 2 minutes full without singing anything, and punctuates the air with “GIRRRRRRLS” and “HA! HA! HA!” There is already barely anything left for her to sing after 4Minute rap/sing all their lines, the least she could do was sing her lines without backtrack.

Second, 4Minute were mad fierce in this. I’ve never watched a full 4Minute performance because I don’t like their songs, but this was good. Hyunah’s outfit is boss and Gayoon is snazzy. Someone needs to clue me in on 4Minute repertoire–it’s hard for me to tell Ji Hyun and So Hyun apart :( And Ji Hyun is supposed to be the leader? What in the what? She didn’t even do anything in this track!

Bright lights and pretty colors

I liked this but to be honest, one “strong” girl image is not enough to erase all the cute ones from the past. I’m still waiting for that one SNSD song to really stick with me in order for me to become a real fan, like Sorry Sorry/It’s You did for Super Junior.

One thing I’m happy about is that this song sounds like it actually requires some sort of singing skill for the live performances. From “Gee” to “Oh,” SNSD’s songs progressively got easier to sing but the hooks of their dance routines progressively got more gimmicky and imitable. “Oh!”‘s choreography might’ve been difficult to some extent, but for all their other hits, at least Taeyeon/Jessica would always have some sort of bridge to sing, but nope.

Onto shallower things. They all upped their fierce quota in the video but Taeyeon totally through me off with all her sultry looks and I’mma-lop-yo-(expletive)-off-if-you-misbehave attitude. Yuri really knows how to work the camera. It’s kind of alarming how sweet and jokey she is on variety shows, and then how hard she pushes the sexy image when she’s performing.

This video made me like the song. I LOVE how fun it is and it makes me like Dara more and more. I find her to be kind of grating on 2NE1’s TV show and she can’t sing, blah blah, but I think she’s really charming when she has to act and play these characters for music videos.

I think this is a really brilliant video, though it doesn’t completely feel like it actually mirrors what the lyrics are saying. (I barely look for that when I watch a Kpop video, to be honest.) The only thing that really bugs me is this sequence with CL. It wouldn’t bug me as much if Lady Gaga didn’t just do something to a similar affect at a recent gala.

In my magical fantasy world of Kpop, YG’s creative forces join with SM’s talent and come together to make music video babies. There are three things to a Kpop idol video: the song, the choreography, the visuals. Songs I can’t pin down which company’s I like more because I like and dislike songs from both. Choreography-wise, I hate 95% of what YG comes up with. Story and set-wise, I hate SM videos. (There are exceptions to both — Taeyang & Se7en get stellar choreography, Zhang Li Yin gets epic videos, Big Bang’s Korean videos all involve some sort of dying cancer-infested love interest, f(x) gets some ridiculous choreography — but these are just exceptions.)

Phew, I got too rambly. Time to sleep.

Shoe intervention

I love, but so much pain. (View of the side.)

I currently have a shoe problem. I have many pairs, but I don’t have that one pair that I can wear with everything come spring/summer. This just means I’m going to have to hunt for them, but in the process of hunting I’ll get really distracted and come across another pair of pretty ones and buy those instead. So instead of buying the ones I need, I’ve bought something else. This has happened way too often in the past month.

Currently anticipating

I’m such a drama whore it’s ridiculous.

So I haven’t once sat through a pure sageuk (Hong Gil Dong, Strongest Chil Woo and Iljimae don’t count) but Dong Yi looks like it has the potential to be boring because of whatever historical plot lines there may be. On the other hand, I could be totally off-base and this may just be a historical romantic drama, but regardless, I’m not too into the storyline yet. (Also, fifty episodes, people. Fifty.) I do, however, nurse a huge soft spot for Han Hyo Joo (read: huge) and the thought of Bae Soo Bin playing second fiddle again makes me automatically feel bad and thus compelled, lol.

This is probably the drama I’m most anticipating, but because of the sexuality plot line inherent to the story, I’m already super wary. Like, is this coy hand thing supposed to signify that Lee Minho’s character is gay? I don’t have too much faith that the writers/producers will even try to subvert whatever pre-existing gay stereotypes there are in Korea, so I’m going to watch with half my brain. But I’m just so excited to see Lee Minho not be Gu Jun Pyo and play someone with a love interest who is NOT Geum Jandi and whose buddies are NOT Kim Hyunjoong and Kim Bum and Kim Joon.

Son Ye Jin was a totally unexpected casting decision and I’ve never seen her in anything, but nobody’s ever said she’s a bad actress, so I’m not really worried about her acting. This is going be so typically K-drama–circumstances that force the main characters to live together, a huge misunderstanding regarding sexuality, proving one’s masculinity, blah blah blah–but it’s going to be oh-so-good.

SIWON. Apple of my eye. He’s the only idol of his younger generation who I have faith in as an actor. (See: Legend of Hyang Dan. So good! Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Seulong, Taec, please stop.) In this drama, he plays a good-looking actor who has no actual skill as an actor. I love it already. Siwon has a great comedic timing that he rarely gets to show off in Super Junior’s work, so hopefully he’ll be able to in this series.

Chae Rim, I’m a little eh about. For some reason, she’s never resonated with me in any of the roles I’ve watched her in. She’s no doubt good at what she does, but I just don’t really connect with her performances. And why is Park Han Byul still acting? Has nobody ever seen her act before?

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