Wish Upon a Star, episodes 1-12

Remember when I was super gung-ho about “Will it Snow for Christmas”? Yeah, that fizzled out and died a very cold, snowy death. I won’t go into depth about its sad demise, but it went into psycho, melo territory and that’s when I knew I had to cut myself loose.

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“Wish Upon a Star” is so much fun! And thus starts my 2010 of K-dramas. I can’t say that this is the most well-written drama, but the storyline and the acting make for a very painless watch, with lots of laughs thrown into the mix.


I’m just going to write a response post to the episodes I’ve just watched (11, 12), which include spoilers and plotlines from all the episodes thus far.

This drama definitely took an uphill swing for me in the last two episodes, because we got a twist that I was completely not expecting, which I’ll get to in a second.

Let me give a brief, brief overview of the plot thus far:

Pal Gang (Choi Jung Won) is the eldest sister in a family of six siblings. Her parents die in a car crash one day, leaving her the sole guardian to her five other siblings.

Won Kang Ha (Kim Ji Hoon) is the lawyer at JK Insurance, and he’s the older brother to Won Jun Ha (Shin Dong Wook). Pal Gang used to have a massive crush on Kang Ha, but that dissipated once she was hired as a housekeeper in the Won household, where she and her five siblings currently reside. Pal Gang and Kang Ha strike a deal, which states that she’ll have a month to get herself together before she and her siblings have move out of the house.

Jeong Jae Young (Chae Young In) is granddaughter to the president of JK Insurance, and she’s been madly in love with Kang Ha for god knows how long. Jun Ha used to have a thing for her (and still maybe does) but Jae Young doesn’t reciprocate.

So now that you have the basics, the next part is where it gets complicated. Because Jae Young is just SO desperate for Kang Ha to reciprocate her feelings, she gets upset repeatedly when Kang Ha rejects her time and time again. Jun Ha apparently can’t just stand idly by and see her get hurt, for a number of reasons. One, he used to have feelings for Jae Young. Two, he’s annoyed that his hyung treats Jae Young this way, and we see that there have been many women in the past who’ve passed over Jun Ha for Kang Ha. In addition, both Jae Young and Jun Ha sense that maybe Kang Ha is treating Pal Gang differently than he usually does with other women, so this inspires Jun Ha to do something that I perceive as pretty out of character.

In order to “divert” his hyung’s attention away from Pal Gang — with the hopes that he’ll turn to Jae Young instead — Jun Ha starts to go after Pal Gang.

This is the interesting thing to me, because I was completely not expecting it. From the very start of the series, I expected Jun Ha to be standard second male lead fluff, which makes me feel bad, because I — like with every single second male lead ever — liked him more than I did with the lead. But because we were shown that Jun Ha might still have feelings for Jae Young, I got really confused as to where the story was going.

And so now, Jun Ha seems to be slipping in and out of liking Jae Young, and Pal Gang as well. There seems to be a hint that he’ll “for real” start to like Pal Gang the more Pal Gang rebuffs him, but I also feel that the way his character has been set up, he can’t just drop his past feelings for Jae Young that easily. I’m sure the writers won’t be able to handle this sticky situation with finesse — seeing as the rest of the drama is not superbly written anyway — but we’ll see how much further along they’ll make Jun Ha take control of things by doing so in an underhanded way, and how Kang Ha and Pal Gang react to it all.

But the most annoying and superfluous character right now is Jae Young, hands-down. I sympathize with her as a viewer when she has to hear things like, “I don’t see you as a woman, not now, not ever” or “Even if there were only two people left in the world — you and I — I would not see you as a woman.” But Jae Young has gone from being supremely pathetic to downright stupid and fascinating in that I-can’t-believe-I’m-watching-this-trainwreck sort of way. Not only do Kang Ha’s ruthless words have no effect on her, she is going to CONTINUE with her useless ploy to get with him, no matter what. I don’t understand why she doesn’t understand that if he doesn’t love her now, he will not love her anymore when she starts getting at him in a low, dirty way. (From what I can see in previews, she blackmails him to marry her. Yeah, great plan you got there, idiot.)

I also really like that Pal Gang is not falling for anyone’s advances, and that she was the one to cut off any feelings she might have had for Kang Ha when she decided that the most important thing for her was to help her siblings survive. We’re about 8 episodes away from the end, but hopefully the writers continue to make her change in feelings be as realistic as possible.

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    That’s so funny! I was crazy about Will it Snow for Christmas for awhile too and then my love just kind of fizzled away for it too, and now I’ve also started watching Wish Upon a Star :)