Real talent, guys

My fave performance from the MBC Dance Battle:

I don’t know which aspect is more perfect — the fact that Bong Sun has a less annoying voice than Hyunah, Yoseob’s complete disinterest in the dance/simultaneous rigorous pelvis thrusting, Hyunseung’s sick body waves, Dongwoon’s amazing fascination with the whole thing, or Junhyung’s complete embarrassment.

I think I’m gonna run off to watch more of Beast’s documentary now…

(Other great performances at the dance battle [which is one of my favorite idol gatherings every year, heh]:

Beast – Ice Box, Flashy and Fly
After School – Lipgloss, Wall to Wall
Rainbow + Jung Juri – Single Ladies
SNSD – What it Is (I wish this song were more compelling. The choreo is great, but the song is so boring.))

  • tracee

    I’ve rewatched this so many times, throughout the entire day. Definitely my favorite performance from the dance battle too. And the expression Yoseob makes at 2:08 is so cute &hearts He looks completely bored during the entire dance.

  • jaesu17

    OMG I LOVE BEAST D: new fandom here we go
    and no comment on the hotness of ki kwang? :P

    • Amy

      kikwang makes my heart flutter when he smiles, but he was standard stuff in this perf, haha. i normally don’t comment on hyunseung, but he looked exhausted and the camera kept catching him looking exhausted hahaha.

  • Yarg

    Haha that was quite funny keke. I gotta say I like BEAST’s lyrical HipHop dancing really loving that style so dope haha.

  • inquinn

    ahha my favourite performance too! and a must-have in HQ. love the whole thing with BEAST’s disinterested look, and that part in the beginning when they didn’t put down Bong Sun properly, whether or not it was intentional/unintentional.

    for their own dance battle, i wonder why BEAST lost out to T-Ara but *as if* the result matters anyway. and after watching their documentary only i found out that this was actually performed during their debut showcase, maybe with slight modification here and there.

    SuJu was good too, while 2PM was a bit hard to watch.