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Shameless plugging

Gahee dancing to Beyonce’s “Telephone” and “Diva”

I like to post this clip on whatever platform I can just because it’s the Queen, y’all.

I’m always really in awe of the dancers in Kpop who have a wealth of stage experience and just have it in their bodies to be that good. And ironically–or not–they’re usually not the best singers. I’m talking about the idols in Kpop who are naturally gifted with movement, those who are dancers not because it’s been forced into them through training. (Hyoyeon and Hangeng come to mind.) But in the Kpop biz, things are so confined. Why does someone like Gahee who’s so good at dancing have to sing in order to “make it” into an idol group, aka have a shot of being nationally recognized? And then conversely, why do singers like Brian or Hwanhee have to add a dance number into their songs just so that they’re not a “traditional” ballad singer, who are pretty much economically irrelevant in the business?

It’s almost like there is no place for people who are just “dancers.” They don’t get to be “famous” in the way famous rolls in Korea, with the variety shows and the shiny CF offers. And while there is a bigger market for people who are just skilled singers, compared to the wealth that idol groups get to cash in for their companies, how much do people like Park Hyo Shin or post-G.O.D. Kim Tae Woo earn?? Take Baek Ji Young. I think she’s had a fairly decent ballad-singing career, but she got a huuuuge spike in popularity (and sales) over the summer because of her collaboration with Taecyeon — not only because he’s a bankable idol, but because the dance element made the song relevant to the mainstream.

My point is that it sucks to want to be a star in Kpop. You train to sing and dance and then you debut, and inevitably there are people who slam you for not having enough skill. But why do you have to possess that skill anyway? Why isn’t there a market to sell the thing that you are good at?

Questions, questions.

FW 2010 shows, part two

I’ve been pretty “meh” about the New York shows. I barely liked anything. The things I do like are — surprise, surprise — clean classics that are styled amazingly together with other pieces, and outfits that have a pop of color.

Tommy Hilfiger

3.1 Phillip Lim

I expected some stunning shit from Phillip Lim because his show last season was easily my favorite, but this was … not so great. There was way more bad than good and that just doesn’t make for a very good collection.

Also, another label I can’t ever seem to get into: Proenza Schouler. I just don’t get it, man. Yet another season that doesn’t help me understand their hype. I love their accessories, but their clothes are just so underwhelmingly normal and doesn’t justify the hype. A ton of celebrities carrying your one really popular bag really shouldn’t equate to a freakish cult following …

This is a plead

Dear two dudes who have the lofty and great profession of being YG’s only stylists,

Can we stop styling while tripping on acid? Is it just too hard to stop throwing all the shit you found at the bottom of your draw onto a piece of clothing? I get that it was really cool and refreshing when you first put dolls together into a circle formation and deemed it a “bracelet” and then let CL wear it on stage, but maybe we should stop at one toy-strung-bracelet.

I know that you guys (or one of you guys) went to Central Saint Martins for ~fashun~ and ~design~ but can we stop with this shit? Can we stop trying so hard?

A Kiss is Still a Kiss

This is one of my favorite editorials of all time. V Magazine, issue 46, “A Kiss is Still a Kiss”:

Moleskine’s new “Passion” series

A lot of these are superfluous (you need to spend $15 to jot down a list of movies you watched?) and caters to a certain demographic in mind (think: the wealthy literate who have time for wine tastings and film viewings and recipe divulges) but … stationery BONER.

They even have videos for each planner!

View the rest here.