Moleskine’s new “Passion” series

A lot of these are superfluous (you need to spend $15 to jot down a list of movies you watched?) and caters to a certain demographic in mind (think: the wealthy literate who have time for wine tastings and film viewings and recipe divulges) but … stationery BONER.

They even have videos for each planner!

View the rest here.

  • Katie

    I love the idea behind this series but I agree, the prices for moleskins always make me so sad haha. I think I’d either get the film or book selection. Do you think they’d sell these at Border’s or just online?

    • Amy

      They just came out this month, so I don’t think they’re going to be stocked in stores that quickly, but Amazon has them! I’m sure they’re going for cheaper on Amazon than they do in-store too.

      • Katie

        Ah ok! Thanks, Amazon here I come haha.