I’m actually aching from exhaustion right now

Busy weeks = hazardously written post-it notes hazardously taped all over my computer. I’m trying to adjust to a new and excruciatingly jammed schedule, and so far I’m not adjusting well. That equals long nights and a severe lack of sleep. Woe :(

(So much dust!)

  • jaesu17

    ugh tell me about it. actually our spring semester just started last week (feb1 first day), and beginning semesters are supposed to be easy, but not this time lol

  • http://these.three-words.net tracee

    I always stick post-its all over my table whenever I have things to do. It’s always incredibly messy.

    good luck with everything.

  • lola

    I recently started University and I know that if I get at least 5 hours of sleep, something’s wrong lol

  • http://me.astromantic.org f

    I’m the absolute opposite. School starts, I start slackin. Baaaaad habits.

  • http://fangirltainment.wordpress.com zerohundred

    At least your notes look amazing. I love the tape. I’m doing the same thing except it’s post-its all over my wall and they don’t look good at all (and there is much less crossed out D:)