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Lula Spring 2010 covers

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Count ’em up

This is just fucking depressing.

We counted the number of spots in each of the 122 fall, 2010, shows held in New York that were covered by […] The numbers, as you can see, were not encouraging. Of 4,095 turns on the runway, only 662 went to models who weren’t white. That’s barely 16%.

Black models, at 323 bookings, were used the most of any single ethnic group, aside from whites. Asians were second, with 264. Latinas were a distant third, with 61 trips down the catwalk. Fourteen times during this fashion week, models of other races were used in a runway show.


Not so humble pie

Oh my god I just died a little on the inside. (All credit for pieces of food perfection go to not so humble pie.)

Snow is overplayed

Prior in my twelve years of public schooling, we had maybe a total of one or two snow days as declared by the mayor of NYC. In the last two weeks alone we had two. So over the snow. Soooo over it.

Shoe envy

Photos from Jazzi McG

Oh my god, this is the most envious I’ve ever been of someone who took advantage of a sample sale that I did not. And the worst part is that I knew well in advance that it was going to happen too but I convinced myself, “NAHHH why would you need to go to a Phi sample sale? You don’t even wear Phi!”