I’ve run out of room on my closet walls to make wall collages, so I’m marking my territory elsewhere. I also didn’t want to tape anything down, so I hung some string and voila. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to remember to do this instead if taping is not an option. Can we get a “doy” here?

Anyhoo, I just wanted to plug some sites I’ve been frequenting, that I’ve put up links to on the side:

I tumble,


and tweet!

And some blogs that I’ve been frequenting a lot lately, which I will eventually update the “site” page with:

FoodRasa Malaysia, Simply Breakfast, Smitten Kitchen, and my favorite, it will stop raining*

Fashionle Blog de Betty, Maisons de Reverie, Stylites in Beijing

Pop cultureSasha & the Silverfish, Sociological Images, the Grand Narrative

On a random note, I went ice skating today! It’s like learning how to walk all over again.

  • lola

    I’ve been wanting to set up a collage too but I hate taping my walls. So is your room filled with strings and pictures because you had a lot of scans.

    • Amy

      Nope, this is my only wall with anything on it. The rest of the stuff is on my closet walls, and I take the collages down every once in a while to rotate in new images.

  • elena

    Oh yeah, I saw someone do that once with their photographs and I thought it was such a neat idea! I love those Chloé ads. Have you changed the college on your door (I think it was your door?), I just remembered it was really pretty too!

    I AM GOING TO FOLLOW YOU ON TUMBLR AND TWITTER OKAY. My tumblr is dreamworld (I don’t really ~tumble though) and canyglow for Twitter! I also friended you on, I’m fastdreams on that. lol omg SORRY FOR STALKING YOU EVERYWHERE.

    I’ve never heard of any of those blogs before so thanks and omg food blogs!!

  • rainey

    I love, love, love smitten kitchen. I get hungry just seeing the name.

  • melissa

    such a clever idea! now i want to string up every bare wall in my house…

    & homg ice skating love. i can’t wait for the olympics this year ;~; /random

  • tailorstitch

    simple but effective idea…i think i’m going to steal it