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Question marks abound

Mac’s default dictionary application sources from the Oxford American English Dictionary. I looked up “diaspora,” and it gave me this definition along with a sample sentence in italics, the bold emphasis being mine:

the dispersion of any people from their original homeland : the diaspora of boat people from Asia.

Say whaaaaaat?

Yes, now that I think about it, I would like to find those boat people ancestors of mine.

Head, meet desk. Face, meet palm.

hip hip hooray for kino

I made THREE trips in one week to Kinokuniya. Two trips were out of the way, and one was on-the-way. Still. Not normal.

I’ve discovered MT Tape, which is some sort of amazing stationery miracle. It’s tape that’s made with a special kind of paper, but the best thing about it for someone like me is that it rips easily from the roll, and it’s easily removeable from any surface, without ripping from the said surface. I’m in the collect-all-colors-and-patterns mode, but I love the practicality too.

A new day, a new SNSD song

SNSD’s concept makes it so hard to like SNSD as a Kpop project, regardless of how the girls are personally. Their concept has never really changed (with the exception of maybe “Genie”); it just adapts itself with each promotional period by tweaking hair, makeup, and accessories.

I think SNSD’s concept planners are a decade behind with the idea of girl groups, because I think that SNSD is the worst in Kpop when it comes to redefining what being a girl group means. People already make fun of SNSD as it is for being the 9 [insert your own derogatory adjective here] beauties, and their management isn’t keen at all about embracing individuality and promoting all of the girl’s potentials. Wearing identical outfits for every performance, with maybe a difference in jean color and shoe color (Gee), wearing the same outfits and same everything (Genie), wearing identical extensions and being fucking cheerleaders (Oh). Music concept-wise, SNSD is the ultimate example of embracing conformity. On the international music scene, girl groups don’t seem to have much cache left, but that doesn’t mean that Korea can’t keep putting them out and doing well with the girl group idea.

My ultimate grudge against SNSD is not against the girls themselves, but the kind of male management that’s behind them, because I am pretty much 100% sure that their images are decided by males, for males, to appeal to men’s wishes. It’s so tired, uncreative, sexist, and the worst is that they all have to act like they’re lapping this shit up by playing up the winking, head tilting, heart-making, nervous shaking. And I’m sure all that wasn’t for my benefit. It disgusts me and makes me disappointed because I want to see stronger girls in play.

I’d rather stick to watching them do dance covers forever if that’s the only thing I’ll get:

The Amsterdam Chainsaw Massacre

Best editorial name ever. Not a fan of Josh Olin, but I’ve been waiting to see how these Viktor & Rolf pieces are going to look in a shoot. The lighting in this is amazing and they totally make an otherwise pretty boring shoot.

(more images here)


I’ve run out of room on my closet walls to make wall collages, so I’m marking my territory elsewhere. I also didn’t want to tape anything down, so I hung some string and voila. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to remember to do this instead if taping is not an option. Can we get a “doy” here?

Anyhoo, I just wanted to plug some sites I’ve been frequenting, that I’ve put up links to on the side:

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On a random note, I went ice skating today! It’s like learning how to walk all over again.