Badass extraordinaire

Someone said that Jang Hyuk is like a Korean Johnny Depp. Yeah, I can see that.
Now, if only I liked Jang Hyuk more as an actor …

  • Sheepish

    Really? Why not?

  • xiahkixiri

    He’s burning it up in Chuno, and the facial hair+face structure is so Johnny Depp. Not to mention the music during the fight scenes always reminds me of PotC. Oh Ji Ho, or his character at least, is becoming the scene stealer though. IDK I haven’t seen Jang Hyuk in anything else, what’s he like?

  • Jen

    So it seems that I’m not the only one who thought of Johnny Depp in PotC while watching him in Chuno

  • Daniel Davis

    Johnny Depp is not only very handsome but a very talented actor’..

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  • Lakshemi Lakshemi

    Yes! both are my love and both are excellent and very professional ! <3