A new day, a new SNSD song

SNSD’s concept makes it so hard to like SNSD as a Kpop project, regardless of how the girls are personally. Their concept has never really changed (with the exception of maybe “Genie”); it just adapts itself with each promotional period by tweaking hair, makeup, and accessories.

I think SNSD’s concept planners are a decade behind with the idea of girl groups, because I think that SNSD is the worst in Kpop when it comes to redefining what being a girl group means. People already make fun of SNSD as it is for being the 9 [insert your own derogatory adjective here] beauties, and their management isn’t keen at all about embracing individuality and promoting all of the girl’s potentials. Wearing identical outfits for every performance, with maybe a difference in jean color and shoe color (Gee), wearing the same outfits and same everything (Genie), wearing identical extensions and being fucking cheerleaders (Oh). Music concept-wise, SNSD is the ultimate example of embracing conformity. On the international music scene, girl groups don’t seem to have much cache left, but that doesn’t mean that Korea can’t keep putting them out and doing well with the girl group idea.

My ultimate grudge against SNSD is not against the girls themselves, but the kind of male management that’s behind them, because I am pretty much 100% sure that their images are decided by males, for males, to appeal to men’s wishes. It’s so tired, uncreative, sexist, and the worst is that they all have to act like they’re lapping this shit up by playing up the winking, head tilting, heart-making, nervous shaking. And I’m sure all that wasn’t for my benefit. It disgusts me and makes me disappointed because I want to see stronger girls in play.

I’d rather stick to watching them do dance covers forever if that’s the only thing I’ll get:

  • kiku8

    Hi I found your site through Seoulbeats ^^

    I totally agree with your blurb about SNSD. They might have great personalities and are talented, but they are ultimately stuck with SM marketing them to be trophy girlfriends. It left a sour feeling with me when I first saw the teaser, it’s so demeaning :( I too would love to see SNSD do something empowering and not their typical flower-vase girl image.

    I find it really interesting though, you would think Lee Soo Man would have the power to pull strings and not subject his own niece to such concepts…but could be ignoring that just to make an extra buck off of fanboy/ahjusshi marketing.

  • mintyboy

    I think you just said the reasons why they have so many antis. Personally, I see that they ARE defining girl-hood (can i make up my own word?)as sexual toys and that is a no-no in my book. Besides gee, I have never seen them in anything longer than knee-length, but the ironic thing is that their image is supposedly pure and virginal. Last gripe with them is that I can’t tell if it is all an image or has it been so long that it’s ingrained in their personalities now. From the few variety shows I have seen them on, I turn a bit sick (make that a lot)with the coy, saccharine, oh-no-i-blush-when-the-camera-is-on-me bit. You’re right, they are the worst examples of sexism. It may be that you and I are American girls and that we are taught better than to conform to men’s taste that we have this adverse effect on submission to the male genders.
    p.s. I see T-ara is on the SNSD’s route to stardom. Grreeaatt…

  • Yarg

    Oh my I agree with you 100% its sad how they always make SNSD the fixation of mens desire and how SM makes them act all cute I mean how much would it suck for Tiffay to act all cute when in fact shes such a strong headed person lol. Theres so much to say but i’ll just leave as is.

  • Kat

    I have to agree with you. To be honest I’m not really much a SNSD fan, mostly because I’ve seen it all be. As you stated they don’t bring anything new to the girl-group game. Now the group having so many girls wouldn’t bother me if I could tell them apart. I know that sounds mean but it’s true, they are all molded to look and act exactly alike and it’s so boring.

  • jaesu17

    yeah, all the guys I know love the fembot thing. I like SNSD, but…their concept is really degrading and infuriating lol. I actually watched their Genie perforamnces before the mv and thought they might have finally gone towards more of a mature, embracing-sexy route, then I saw the mv, and nep. I was so hopeful that Oh! might be further progress, but it’s clearly regression :(

  • Manime

    This is a breath of fresh air. Intellectual discussion. A bit late but I do agree that they are molded to sell their femininity , but I’m hoping that when they get out of their contract with SM that they will show us some kind of improvements and not get stuck with being a barbie molded doll. Now I am a fan of the girls and the music that they sell. I guess you can say that I am an informed fan. I know what they sell and I know how they are being marketed as. I accept this, I am in my thirties and still think like i am in my 20’s. In fact, I think that is why there is a lot of fans and intifans, because we as individuals never really pass beyond that stage in life unless something traumatic happens that makes us grow up, but I digress. Theiy are not the only girl group that I listen to, although they are my fav. So much to say but I know this is getting too long. So “Annyonghi ka shipshyeo”

  • jo

    I searched “sexism” and “snsd” on google and stumbled on this site. I love what you wrote and am sincerely happy that the comments are actually rational.

  • Nambangui horangi

    Basically, I agree with all that is said above, and all suggestions from the Korean commercial context suggest that SM entertainment is deliberately marketing them in coy Barbie doll mode with an eye towards appealing to a male audience. But I’m curious what people on this board make of their debut in Japan and the fact that their market base in Japan is apparently overwhelmingly in the female 10-20 range (and also curious what people make of the fact that the Korean media seems to be making a lot of that fact….)

  • Lisa Trinh

    I’m quite new to he k-pop scene having been introduced to snsd as of late (the only other k-pop in my music library would be big bang) so upon watching their mvs of ‘oh’, ‘gee’, ‘genie’ I just thougt the way they were marketted was a Korean thing. I found your blog entry quite insightful and I do think there is a big problem with presenting women in this kind of light. It was a nice change to see the girls of snsd as stron and empowered women in ‘run devil run’. Maybe they’re starting to get the message that their depiction of the docile barbies that men live so much are not a good influence on young teenage girls such as myself.

  • blah

    haters… they are showing the world whats missing…. the loving innocence that reside in all humans…..the emotional side