Current state of drama affairs #4: Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki has a cameo on Will it Snow on Christmas? and I’ve been marathoning Triple, so naturally he’s the object of my current affection.

Even though I’m starting to be really bored of Triple, I think Song Joong Ki’s scenes with Min Hyo Rin are the best. He’s just so refreshing to watch as an actor and he’s always so BRIGHT. I wonder how he’d fare with a darker role, but for some reason I think his baby face is one of those things about him that will have him playing happy-go-lucky roles for the rest of his career.

(He also looks *so* much like Onew from certain angles that it alarms me. And let me tell ya, I love me some Onew. His and Song Joong Ki’s forever baby faces are the reason why they would both have a hard time carrying the “mature” image. See: Onew in the Ring Ding Dong music video.)

Anyway, I’ve digressed. Song Joong Ki is an actor with tons of potential and I’m really anxious to see him get a bigger role for his next project, and hopefully he’ll go down the route a la Kim Bum, once he starts playing the darker, non-cutesy characters.

Moar, moar, MOAR!

  • Findus

    ohh Triple was soooooo boring that I couldn’t watch the last episodes.

  • karened

    I didn’t know he was in Triple! Had thought he was just another model-trying-out-as-actor dude. XD

    • Amy

      to be honest, he (and min hyo rin’s character) is the only reason why i even finished the series. i don’t know if he got started in the industry as a model but he is a really good actor, much to my pleasant surprise :D

  • Binda

    He is absolutely adooooorable! I first noticed him in Will it Snow for Christmas – he definitely looks like a cross between Onew and a younger Lee Junki.

  • janet

    he also had a cameo on my fair lady (which wasn’t that great) but yah just for the first episode

    but i saw a picture of him and onew faces morphed.. and they looked exactly the same~~ it was strange.

    and i agree, triple was refreshing because of the scenes with poongho – his love for haru was just so freaking adorable!

  • shelly

    he’s so…… HANDSOME.
    so. painfully. handsome.