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Stuff I listened to this year; aka, music of 2009

Time for an end-of-year post. In addition to the music post, which I also did last year, I’ll also be doing a drama post because…I watched a lot of dramas :Db

Favorite albums of the year:

Eternal Morning’s “Soundtrack to a Lost Film” – This album was released in 2007, but I’ve only gotten around to loving it this year. The pieces make me feel like I’m wandering around, submerged under water. Everything looks illuminated, but hazy too, so I don’t know what I’m looking at, yet I want to keep looking. This album makes me feel a jumble of things, but most importantly, it makes me wish I could set every single song to moving image so as to truly make it a soundtrack.

Kanye West’s “808 and Heartbreak” – I like this album better than anything he’s ever done. Yeah, it’s a mystery to me too. But the short of it is that I’ve always been wary of Kanye West because he samples SO much and this album is 80% refreshing and new. “Love Lockdown” is one of my favorite songs ever.

Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry” – I basically talk about this album ad nauseum in the rest of my favorite song review, so read the ramble after the jump!

The Bird and the Bee’s “Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future” – Delightful new find of the year. Their sounds are really whimsical and I love the lead singer’s voice because it sounds so clear. If The Bird and the Bee’s music were a person, it’d be a person who’s good at pushing away pangs of disappointment and loneliness when he/she has to deal with the rest of society. But hey, being sad is still being sad, and I feel the album does dip into more melancholy territory in the second half.

Epik High’s “Map the Soul” – Tablo’s writing never strikes me as pretentious even though I can see how it can come across like that to other people. He’s very sharp with his words and his music (as well as Epik High’s music) reflects that aspect of him, along with the qualities he admires in other musicians.

This is “Cipher” from the album.

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I will NEVER forget the atmosphere in Irving Plaza when Tablo jumped on stage to sing this first line. I can see is so clearly in my head: Beatbox DG does about 5 minutes of beat boxing and then he signals the start of the “Cipher” performance and the crowd goes crazy. Tablo speaks into the mic from backstage and the cheers get even louder. We were all anticipating, but even that is not enough to describe the mood of the audience. Even watching fancams now, my heart still pounds in anticipation of Tablo jumping on stage and whipping the audience with water as he raps his first line.

Favorite songs of the year:

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Song of the day

So I’ve finished Triple and, surprise, I liked Lee Jung Jae so much that I wanted to watch more stuff he’s in.

Meh. His last project was “Air City” and I like K-dramas, but I don’t like em that much. (So I’ll just read the recaps that Dramabeans did :D)

Anyhoo, I remembered as I was browsing recaps that DBSK did two songs for the Air City OST, one of which is one of my fave DBSK songs. Really brings back the memories:

And now, whenever I think about DBSK …. *goes to cry*

And SM in general … *goes to cry more*

Current state of drama affairs #4: Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki has a cameo on Will it Snow on Christmas? and I’ve been marathoning Triple, so naturally he’s the object of my current affection.

Even though I’m starting to be really bored of Triple, I think Song Joong Ki’s scenes with Min Hyo Rin are the best. He’s just so refreshing to watch as an actor and he’s always so BRIGHT. I wonder how he’d fare with a darker role, but for some reason I think his baby face is one of those things about him that will have him playing happy-go-lucky roles for the rest of his career.

(He also looks *so* much like Onew from certain angles that it alarms me. And let me tell ya, I love me some Onew. His and Song Joong Ki’s forever baby faces are the reason why they would both have a hard time carrying the “mature” image. See: Onew in the Ring Ding Dong music video.)

Anyway, I’ve digressed. Song Joong Ki is an actor with tons of potential and I’m really anxious to see him get a bigger role for his next project, and hopefully he’ll go down the route a la Kim Bum, once he starts playing the darker, non-cutesy characters.

Moar, moar, MOAR!

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I’m not much of a Christmas lover (or celebrator), but I’m dwelling it more this year because it means that winter break is here. Here’s my present to you:

Look at that profile. D’aw, so cute, Donghae.

Anyway, my winter break so far has been:

– drinking a lot of tea and Calpico
– cleaning up my room like whoa
– realizing my collection of magazines piles sky high :\
– …scanning said pile of sky-high mags. Omg I hate it.
– watching dramas like CRAZY
– writing up end-of-year posts for dramas, music, movies
– attempting to catch up on a lot of reading

How’s everyone else’s break going?

Will it Snow on Christmas?, episodes 5 and 6

It’s only ever when I recap that I realize I always have SO MUCH TO SAY about everything. Grrrr.

Cha Kang Jin, you’re so cool, I lub you.

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