You’re Beautiful, episode 16 (final)

God said “Let there be light!” And there were stars a-plenty. God said, “Let Taekyung be told!” And Taekyung got told.

God said, “It shall be good.”

And it was good.

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Summary/recap of episode 16 (final)

Taekyung is still hot on Minyeo’s trail, and my it must suck being a hot idol who has places to go and people to see. He is kept back by the swarming bunch of fangirls and when he finally does spot Minam, they look at each other but don’t get any closer. Minam greets him briefly by bowing her head, and in the split second that Taekyung turns his head, she disappears from sight. He is irritated that Minyeo didn’t even utter a single word of acknowledgment before leaving.

After Minyeo turns the corner, she bumps into Manager Ma. They sit down at a cafe, where Minyeo asks him how her brother was doing. Manager Ma tells her that he currently has activities and was very busy, but he’ll be back. He also asks Minam if it was true that she was going to Africa, and she is. She wanted to see her brother before going, but doesn’t she also want to see the rest of AN Jell? Minam is hesitant but says that she’s been keeping up with their news discreetly.

Then Manager Ma gets a call from Co-d Wang, telling him that President Ahn wants to see Minam immediately. Manager Ma freaks out because we get the impression that he may or may not have held a concert under Minam’s name and charged people for entry without AN Ent’s knowledge, so Minam can’t come back at the mo’. He comes up with the innovative and genius idea that Minyeo take his place. Oh what are the chances!

Minyeo refuses to at first, but gives in finally when Manager Ma tells her that Minam is off earning money because of him — Manager Ma says that he’s about to be a dad, so he could use the extra money. Good-hearted Minyeo can’t refuse that, can she?

In the meantime, Taekyung broods, wondering why Minam ignored him. One may be because she’s decided to continue down her righteous path of being a nun,

the other is that she’s decided to be the pharmacist’s wife,

or the other bad alternative is that she’s decided to be just a fan.

Back at the offices, everything is swell now that President Ahn sees Minam. So Manager Ma wasn’t off doing something suspicious. But before long, Jeremy comes screaming down the hall for Minam, asking him where Minyeo was. Manager Ma holds him off while Co-d Wang guides Minyeo away. But around another corner, Shinwoo is also looking for Minam to have a talk, so Co-d Wang pushes Minyeo away and grabs Shinwoo to discuss his “style.”

As Minyeo wanders off by herself, she sees Taekyung brooding by himself on the balcony. (When is he ever not brooding?) She turns to go before he can see her, but he sees her back anyway and addresses her as Minam. He tells Minam to pass along a message to her sister, telling her that Taekyung is doing absolutely fine. They saw each other briefly on the street, but because of the fans crowding around him, he couldn’t greet her, but he’s doing fine, JUST FINE. FINE. BEAUTIFULLY.

Minyeo gets ready to say goodbye to Manager Ma…but then President Ahn comes and tells her (but really thinking that she’s her brother) that the favor he wanted him to help out with, well, it’s been done. He whisks her away before she can say no.

Turns out that Minam has a thing for Heyi and President Ahn is acting as a matchmaker. Well, that’s quite unfortunate because now Manager Ma and Minyeo have to put their fairly dense brains together for a sec and come up with a plausible way to deal with this. Manager Ma tells her to just not say anything at all to Heyi and to keep her eyes off Heyi at all costs. As expected though, Heyi sort of semi-bullies Minam around with his feelings, making light of them and ultimately letting us know that if she were to show any interest in him, it’ll most likely be because she’s trying to make Taekyung jealous.

President Ahn, unfortunately, doesn’t want anyone to leave yet, and even called Jeremy and Shinwoo to come out to the restaurant. Manager Ma, in another moment of brilliance, gives Minyeo a large drink and tells her that once she gets drunk, she won’t have to deal with any of this. God forbid President Ahn calls her out to go to the sauna or something! Once she gets drunk, he’ll need to be hauled away and then the real Minam can replace her. Minyeo drinks and after she finishes her cup, she falls over drunk. (Seriously, Minyeo would be the worst person to go drinking with. WHAT A LIGHTWEIGHT.)

Jeremy comes to the restaurant frantically looking for Minam and it is hilarious. (He runs over to grab him and ends up hurting his hands on Minam’s spikey leather jacket. I LOVE this running joke because for me, it’s such a lolzy moment making fun of those DIY-stud-obsessed fashionistas who insist on putting spikes on every piece of clothing/accessory they own.) Shinwoo also arrives to see a very passed out Minam. When Taekyung comes, Heyi rushes over to Minam immediately, feigning care to make Taekyung feel bad.

Minam sits away in a corner asleep under Manager Ma’s coat and Shinwoo takes a couple of long looks at Minam, but doesn’t say anything. Taekyung asks Manager Ma if perchance Minam has called his sister recently, but Manager Ma says no. When Manager Ma goes to take a call, Minyeo unconsciously falls over into Taekyung’s lap. At first Taekyung is irritated, but when his eyes linger over Minyeo’s hand, he begins to think. He remembers back during the numerous times he’s held her hand and eventually, he comes to a conclusion. He excuses himself and Minyeo under the guise that he has to take the drunk Minam home. Shinwoo knows what’s going on, but keeps to himself.

Once Minyeo wakes up in Taekyung’s car, she’s alarmed and thinks of the various ways she has to maintain her cover. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter how many clever devices she uses, because she catches on that Taekyung recognizes it’s her. He tells her that her hand doesn’t have the scar that Minam’s hand is supposed to have and that her shoe size is much smaller than Minam’s.

Minam goes into a fit of apologies, and repeats the things that she thinks are still applicable, but in reality are not. She mentions that Taekyung doesn’t want to see her, still finds her annoying, is doing very well himself, and thus she concludes that her being here is agitating all those things. But Taekyung’s expression tells us that he didn’t really mean those things, but Minam goes on.

If I see you, my heart aches and it’s hard for me…If I leave star country, it feels like I can go back on my life’s path again. It seems like star nation can only be observed from afar. Looking at the star from close-by is too bright for the eyes, they hurt. That’s why I have to go far away.

Minam’s drunken state takes over again and she falls asleep on the table. She teared up while talking, and Taekyung reaches over to wipe her tear away.

So you’re not okay, you’re hurting and you’re tired. I can’t hold onto you this way. Because I wanted to see you clearly, I’ve worked hard to be able to see clearly in the dark. Every day I eat carrots that I don’t like, and even spinach, because I’m afraid that I’ll miss seeing you in the dark. I don’t want to not see you. But now that I see you so clearly, I can’t hold onto you.

With this, Taekyung gets Manager Ma to pick Minyeo up. Manager Ma is aghast that Taekyung is going to let Minyeo go just like this because she’s going back to Africa soon. Taekyung doesn’t say anything to hold her back and the two leave.

Once Minyeo wakes up in the car, Manager Ma gives her a ticket to AN Jell’s first concert, but Minyeo tells him that this coincides with when her flight leaves for Africa. She thanks Manager Ma once again.

Back at home, Taekyung takes a look at the Pig Rabbit that’s still sitting in his room, and he deems it time for the doll to leave. He reminisces as he walks through the house, thinking back to all the moments he’s shared with Minyeo. As he puts the Pig Rabbit back into the room from which he first found the pig and the rabbit, he says, “The one and only pig rabbit that has appeared before my eyes is now extinct.”

Back at the nursery that Minyeo is helping out at, a little girl goes up to Minyeo and talks to her about looking for stars, and shows her a children’s book. Minyeo looks at it and then tells the little girl that even after she goes, she has to keep looking for stars. The girl wonders how you can see stars during the day, but Minyeo tells her that one can see the star that is brightest to them and call it the “star of the sun.”

Before leaving, Minyeo goes to see her aunt. Her aunt brings up that other than the rest of AN Jell who want to see her, there’s also Mo Hwa Ran who wants to see her. When Minyeo meets up with Taekyung’s mother, she hands Minyeo a copy of the song that Minyeo’s mother sang. It took her a while to find it, but she found it. Mo Hwa Ran clarifies that her father didn’t leave her mother and that the person he loved was not Mo Hwa Ran. Minyeo says that it’s a good thing she was able to hear these words because she leaves. Mo Hwa Ran asks if she’s really still insisting on leaving, because she knows how much she likes Taekyung, “If you leave like this, Taekyung is not going to forgive me. He won’t come see me, this is a first. Can you go tell him that you’ve already forgiven me?”

Minyeo asks why Mo Hwa Ran doesn’t go tell him herself, and that the person who needs to forgive the most is Taekyung, “Please don’t cause him any more hurt. The truth is that he misses his mother.” Mo Hwa Ran asks why she’s telling her these things, because if Taekyung goes back to Mo Hwa Ran’s side, he can’t be by Minyeo’s side. But Minyeo tells her that it’s not love if she has to make him give up the person who’s most important to him.

Backstage at the concert hall where AN Jell’s first concert is to take place, Jeremy asks Taekyung if Minyeo is going to come today. What if she comes but doesn’t get to see any of them?! Then he asks Taekyung to give him that pig rabbit thingy, but Taekyung tells him that it’s not here anymore, he threw it away.

Jeremy: What? Didn’t hyung say you were going to wait for her?
Taekyung: Why should I wait for a person who’s definitely not going to come? It ended already.
Jeremy: Well, did you tell her you were going to wait?
Taekyung: Why should I have to say that?
Jeremy: Not telling her you’re going to wait is the same as telling her you’re not going to wait, you BIG DUMMY WHO ONLY KNOWS HOW TO BE COOL!

Taekyung gets told: round one!

Taekyung pouts like a little baby before continuing on, and then bumps into Heyi on the way. She’s holding a gift and a bouquet of flowers, and she makes it a point to say that they’re not for Taekyung but for Minam.

Heyi: I heard you and Minyeo were over. Are you truthfully over her?
Taekyung: Yes, I really am, so don’t interfere and go.
Heyi: You’re lying about it being over. Omo, what to do! You’re not even embarrassed about lying, and now you’re exposed…isn’t that incredibly humiliating? Hwang Taekyung, keep playing it cool, it’s going to be so embarrassing when you’re found out.

Taekyung gets told: round two!

Taekyung huffs in exasperation and goes to the dressing room where Shinwoo is already there.

Shinwoo: She’s going to come today, right?
Taekyung: Not you too.
Shinwoo: That night when you took away Minam, it was really her, wasn’t it?
Taekyung: Yes, it was her. Because of the circumstances, she had to pretend to be Minam for a little bit.
Shinwoo: So you just let her go?
Taekyung: Yes. She said it was hard on her, so I just let her go.
Shinwoo: You didn’t let her go, you pushed her away. The phrase “letting her go” can only be used by someone who’s been holding on all this time. You’re holding on to her? You saw me in Japan, holding onto her even til the very end. Even if it’s extremely laughable in your eyes, I held on to the very end before I let go. You didn’t do this, did you? You’re just standing in your position, looking at her run away because she’s tired, and you’re not even thinking about chasing after her, are you? Fine. You stand there and protect your ego while she runs far, far away. You’re doing well, Hwang Taekyung.

Taekyung: KO!!!

Taekyung is thinking back on the words he just heard when President Ahn brings his mother to see him. His mother knows that even if she apologizes and asks for his forgiveness, he won’t listen to her, but she’s going to say it anyway.

Mo Hwa Ran: I’m sorry, Taekyung. I didn’t take care of you because I knew you couldn’t abandon me. The feelings I had because I was abandoned caused you much hurt. It’s understandable if you don’t want to call me your mother.
Taekyung: Why are you telling me these things all of a sudden?
Mo Hwa Ran: Because I’m scared, because you look like you’re really going to give me up. Because I want to hold onto my son I’m doing all I can.
Taekyung: I’m surprised. I thought you weren’t the kind of person who holds onto things.
Mo Hwa Ran: She told me to come apologize to you myself.
Taekyung: You met with her?
Mo Hwa Ran: Yes. I thought if I apologized to her, you would forgive me. She said she had to go faraway, you know right? Even though I know I’m in no position to tell you these things, I don’t want you to be like me and regret losing a love.
Taekyung: Why are you telling me these things?
Mo Hwa Ran: Because giving up the person who’s most important to you is not love. These are the only words of love I can give you as a mother.
(Taekyung turns to go.)
Taekyung: I can’t tell you I forgive you right now. Your apologies today, I’ll listen to them another time. Please go well…mother.

Taekyung goes to the nursery where Minyeo works, only to find a bunch of kids who tell him that she’s already gone. He looks around the nursery and it is PLASTERED with stars and he gets a teeeensy bit emotional, grumbling about how she wanted to look at stars all day and night. Then, a little girl tells him that there’s still one really awesome star that she’s going to see one more time before leaving and Taekyung gets the message.

At the concert hall, we see Minyeo shuffling in with the other AN Jell fans. Taekyung knows that Minyeo is in the audience, so he tells Manager Ma to change the set list because he’ll be performing first.

Once Taekyung gets on stage, he looks around for Minyeo but can’t find her, both because he can’t see well in the dark and because there are just so many fans. Music starts to play and Taekyung starts to sing his mother’s song, all the while still scanning the crowd. As the song finishes, Minyeo turns to go. But after it does, Taekyung shouts into the crowd,

You can hear right now, can’t you? It’s really bright in here, but you’re standing in a dark place. I can’t see you. Please don’t be in a place where I can’t see you. Come out to a place where I can see you. Please allow me to see you.

With this, Minyeo turns back around towards Taekyung. Backstage, Shinwoo goes to one of the staff and tells him to turn on all the lights in the concert hall.

Once the lights are turned on, Taekyung spots Minyeo very quickly and makes his way down the stage and straight towards her. Once he stands in front of her, he grabs Minyeo into a fierce hug. The fans go crazy, and Taekyung says into her ear,

I’m going to keep telling you this every day, so listen carefully. I love you.

Back at home, Minyeo and Taekyung chat on the balcony. It seems like Minyeo is still set on going to Africa, which Taekyung protests. He says that she’s becoming increasingly arrogant because she’s asking a star to stay after her! How dare she! Minyeo says that she can’t bring him to Africa with her anyway, and he pouts. He then looks at the sky and fakes surprise before reaching out to catch something, and lets the star necklace fall out of his palms. Taekyung tells her to wear the star and keep it with her that way. Minyeo is beyond joyous, and snarkily remarks that he’s just changing so much, what with catching stars and stuff — he must like her a lot.

Taekyung gets huffy and demands for the necklace back, but Minyeo refuses. They argue back and forth for a bit before Taekyung fakes another one and tells Minyeo to look in the opposite direction before pulling her tightly into his arms.

Minam: It wasn’t easy to hold onto my star, so I’m not going to let it go!
Taekyung: That’s right, never let it go because it only shines for you.

Annnnnnnd scene.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m very satisfied with this episode. I was afraid that there was going to be an unnecessarily amount of angst like there was in the last episode, but this one balanced the angst perfectly with humor along with the right amount of oomph.

The best part of the episode was definitely when Taekyung got mouthfuls of bitching from not one, not two, but THREE different people. It felt a little heavy-handed having them all preach to Taekyung one after the other, but the conversations were spot on, spot on. (You can usually tell how much I like dialogue by how much I translate instead of paraphrasing :P)

Jeremy is painfully honest in an almost childish way, but it doesn’t in any way lessen the legitimacy of his words. Taekyung is too proud to say it, and we know that deep down inside he had hoped that he wouldn’t need to say it to Minyeo and she’d be able to just get it, but obviously that’s not how it works. Heyi totally gave it to Taekyung when she used his words for her back on him. Taekyung can keep putting on a front and acting like it’s nothing, and while his “lying” is not as directly manipulative as Heyi’s, he’s almost doing just as much damage by not saying. And Shinwoo. Dear lord, Shinwoo. WORK IT! He’s the kind of character that has come full circle and it’s so refreshing to witness as a viewer. To some extent I think he’s aware of the mistakes he’s made in his courtship of Minyeo, but he’s also not apologetic about the way he handled things, which I give him major props for. In this respect, he’s not wishy-washy at all. He’s steadfast about the fact that he was doing the right thing in regards to his feelings for her, and now knows that what Taekyung is doing to Minyeo is just not trying and it bothers him to idly watch this. Again, WORK IT! If only he had been this assertive from the very start, we would never have this problem :'(

And also, this has never happened to me before, but in the span of one episode, episode 15, I lost all appreciation for Taekyung/Minyeo. The more I recapped and analyzed, the more I realized how terrible the two would be as a couple. I think they’re both really good characters but together they’d be a disaster. Taekyung would be over-assertive and Minyeo would be completely under-assertive. It’s cute and refreshing to see Taekyung be so rational and aware at times, but if I knew these people in real life I’d probably be egging them on to break up because Taekyung can be so controlling. In this regard, it totally lessened the Taekyung/Minyeo reuniting scene that took place at the concert, which is unfortunate.

But nonetheless! I’m very happy with this drama and this will be the yardstick to which every other rom-com drama will be measured. ‘Twas a very good ride indeed and I hope everyone who’s been reading enjoyed the drama as much as I did. Til next time, don’t throw up too much in Taekyung’s absence ;)

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    What episode is that scene in the gif from?? I don’t remember seeing it.

    • Amy

      That scene is from the very first episode when Minam is puking her guts out into the flower pot that Taekyung gave her, while he faces off to the side and makes faces himself. Only one of my favorite scenes ever! :P

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