You’re Beautiful, episode 15

“You’re Beautiful,” I was going to marry you. You were the best I’d ever met. Funny, well-articulated, realistic, sensible, dependable. Sure, there were some things about you that were inevitable given the family you came from — the love rectangle, the mommy problems, the second male cousin of yours who took forever to get a sentence out — but I loved you regardless. Why did you have to break my heart and my brain by doing what you did in episode 15? And so close to the end of what could’ve been a hilarious and hassle-free courtship!

Just an author’s note about this recap: I went a little crazy and did a lot of dialogue translation. There were several conversations that were pretty crucial to the characters’ relationships and I think they were really well-written, so instead of just paraphrasing, I translated a majority of them.

Summary/recap of episode 15

After her riff with Taekyung, Minam sits and laments. She realizes that it’s because of her family that Taekyung was abandoned by his mother. Minam can’t pretend that she’s okay with it or that everything will work itself out, because she can no longer see her star. At this moment, Shinwoo rounds the corner and looks at her from afar but uncharacteristically enough (or…right on target with his character?), he does nothing.

Meanwhile, Reporter Kim is bothering Heyi about Minam. He confronts Heyi, stating that Minam is in fact a girl, but Heyi insists that she knows nothing of the situation. If he wants answers that badly, he should go and talk to AN Jell directly. But Reporter Kim is no newbie to this — he insists that he won’t let this go. He’s already so close to the root of all this, so if per chance Heyi wanted to break away from the pack (ie, let a little info slip), she better do it soon, because he knows she knows something. At this, Heyi does what she does best, and faints. “Faints,” if you will. Reporter Kim freaks out until someone goes to get help, but before help arrives, he and Heyi come to an agreement. Before he can come to a solid conclusion about what’s going on, she’ll sit tight and wait. But once he gets his evidence, he’ll help her get out of the situation (since it will probably get out that she also knew about this all along but didn’t say anything). Heyi nods in her fainted state. LOL I LOVE IT.

So AN Jell has a Japanese fanmeeting coming up, which is perfect because it coincides with when the real Minam comes back from America. After that, all will be right in the AN Jell household because Minyeo gets to go on her right merry way. Taekyung is still being a baby angry with Minam, so he’s decided to go to Japan by himself while everyone else goes together. Little do they know, Reporter Kim has also decided to join the crew in Japan.

In an incredibly tactless SYMBOLISM-LOOK-AT-ME-NOW! moment, Minam gets to her hotel room in Japan and finds two star-shaped cushions on the sofa, along with some star glass figures and what was probably the same star-shaped lamp from episode 14, all lying on a table.

As Manager Ma and Co-d Wang relax by the hotel’s pool, they wonder who would be a good marriage match for Minam. They figure that Jeremy would be the cutie pie (who sings insanely well),

Shinwoo would be the vomit-inducing “romantic” guy who will harass you with tea/coffee until you liquefy,

and Taekyung will be…exactly how he is now. He will grant Minam permission to marry him, Minam will thank him profusely for giving her the opportunity. She’ll want to know if it’s okay to call him “honey” now that they’re married, or if she’s allowed to get close with him, but Taekyung will put his foot down and say that he’ll come up with the nicknames and he’ll decide what they do. When Minam finally gets fed up, Taekyung will end it swiftly and then … kick away her bouquet of flowers and then leave. Minam will then proceed to run after him while apologizing profusely.

Because ANJ don’t have anything on their schedule at the moment, they take the chance to go to a beach, and Minam reveals that she’s never seen a body of water as pretty and as big as this in person. She might’ve seen it in pictures or on television, but never in person. She makes allusions to leaving and being very far away from everything, but Jeremy says,

Go Minam, the world is round. No matter how far away you go, in the end, you’ll just be heading back to your original destination like the magic bus.

And then Shinwoo grabs her arm and tells her not to go. He tells her not to leave by herself and that he’ll be there for her, but Minam tells him that she doesn’t want him to hold onto her anymore.

Mo Hwa Ran meets up with President Ahn to talk about the Taekyung’s remake of her song, which she is very pleased about. She feels that he captured the original emotion behind the song. But then President Ahn lets slip in form of a question that maybe the original song wasn’t meant for her? Mo Hwa Ran is stunned and puts on her best “How dare you, bitch?” face and asks what he means. According to another higher up in the industry, the song was at the time meant for a newbie singer. Mo Hwa Ran is pissed and tells them not to go around saying things that were untrue and leaves to look for Taekyung.

Taekyung is in the studio playing around on his computer — which is not a Mac, btw, hint hint wink wink — when his mother comes in. Mo Hwa Ran asks Taekyung how that girl is doing, but he kindly tells her to go ask for herself. She says casually that she drank a little too much the other night, and only said the things she said because of Minam’s mother. This raises Taekyung’s eyebrow and he asks her tentatively if she knew Minam’s mother. He asks for Minam’s mother’s name, which turns out to be Lee Soo Jin.

Minam is busy planning out what she would do once the Japanese fanmeet is over and thus she has to quietly remove herself from AN Jell. She pours over books and takes a look at the money she has, when she gets a call from Shinwoo.

Shinwoo called Minam out and what we’ve waited 23490823409284 episodes for is here,

Shinwoo: The walls here are made of glass, you can see everything from the outside. What my expression is, you should be able to see.
Minam: Yes, I see it. And Shinwoo hyung should also be able to see what expression I’ve come in with.
Shinwoo: Yes, I see your “I’m sorry” and “It can’t be” expressions. That’s why I want to ask you a question that’s hard to come by. Minam, do you know when I knew you were a girl?
Minam: At the press conference, right?
Shinwoo: And the make-believe love story between Kang Shinwoo and Go Minam — do you remember it?
Minam: Yes.
Shinwoo: Where did we first meet?
Minam: The first night that I was a part of AN Jell, on the rooftop…
Shinwoo: Yes. That was the first time I met you as a girl. (pause) The story about the made-up girl, do you remember it? The one about helping out the clumsy made-up girl? Once I knew you were a girl, I kept observing you. At first I wanted to help you, but then at a certain moment in time, I started to like you. The girl who I liked, the one I wanted you to meet, is you.

Meanwhile, we have Taekyung, who is miraculously in the lobby of the hotel room in Japan. Manager Ma comes across him and asks him why he’s here, but all Taekyung does is ask where Minam is. Manager Ma ganders that maybe she’s off taking a walk and Taekyung goes to look for her. He has something to give to her and apparently it can’t wait.

Shinwoo is still not done with his conversation with Minam,

Today I will let you see it all. Even if you don’t want to see, I won’t let you not look.

Minam looks around in obvious discomfort but Shinwoo continues anyway. He takes a hold of both her shoulders and tells her not to run away to a place where he can’t see her. “Look at me.”

Taekyung is right outside the glass building and sees everything. Shinwoo turns his head juuust a bit and sees Taekyung looking at them. Just as Minam pulls away, Shinwoo commits asshole-ish act numeros dos and grabs Minam into a hug. Taekyung looks for a second before he turns away and goes.

(This scene is SO overdramatic it kills.)

In a final act of rejection, Minam tells Shinwoo to let go of her.

Thank you for looking after me during this time period. Even though I feel apologetic and hurt, my answer is not going to change. Please don’t try to hold on to me anymore. I don’t want to make things hard for you.

With this, Minam turns to go. As he watches her leave, Shinwoo says, “Even at last, she leaves. This time I can’t even hold onto a trace of her.”

Taekyung makes a call to Manager Ma from the lobby, telling him he’ll just leave his file for Minam at the front desk. Manager Ma suggests that he’ll come down to pick it up himself because he has something to discuss with him. On her way back to the hotel, Minam bumps into co-d Wang, who tells Minam that Taekyung was looking for her and has something to give to her.

Taekyung waits inside a dark aquarium and after a little while, Minam comes in. Taekyung mistakes her for Manager Ma at first, but nope, it’s Minam (the number of m’s I just had to type and retype…). Minam wants to lessen the awkwardness as much as possible because she’s still keeping Taekyung’s words in mind (“I don’t want to see you”), but Taekyung is his usual snarky, clueless self. He supposes that she’s in such a rush to get out of here because she has to get back to someone who’s waiting for her.

After a big failboat of time-consuming round-about, Taekyung hands Minam the envelope with her mother’s picture in it. He tells her that her mother’s name was Lee Soo Jin and Minam is in shock. She repeats her mother’s name once more before she starts to cry. (Damn Park Shin Hye for being such a good crier.)

Mo Hwa Ran meets with the industry higher-up who’s been going around saying that she stole the song from Minam’s mother. The higher-up says that he’s only repeating it because he remembers Go Jae Hyun saying that he made the song for his woman at the time, which is of course Lee Soo Jin. Mo Hwa Ran tells him that he’s probably getting forgetful due to age, but please refrain from spreading lies. At this, mister higher-up gets pissed and says that he’s positive that he’s remembering correctly, “Go Jae Hyun said that he was afraid that his partner would misunderstand because of Mo Hwa Ran, so in order to hold onto her, he made that song. I heard that you used money to take that song away from her?!” Mo Hwa Ran tells him to shut his mouth and after the higher-up leaves in a huff, she is devastated. She thought his only love was her.

Minam asks Taekyung if his mother said anything about her mother, but Taekyung tells her to ask her herself. Then he pulls out his MP3 player and says that it’s because of Go Jae Hyun’s song that all this happened. Because of this song, Mo Hwa Ran almost became Minam’s new mother, so “get along with your almost-new mother,” he tells her. But Minam reacts to this,

Please don’t talk about this so lightly. Yes, it’s because of this song that my mother was abandoned. You were abandoned by your mother. I know your scar must run deep, but my mother was greatly hurt as well. Because she was alone, she had to give birth alone, and then she left this world. You want us to get along nicely? How could I ever get along nicely with your mother? Stop always thinking about yourself. You can’t even think about someone else for once? I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I knew about your relationship with your mother. You were so hurt, so I couldn’t act like I knew. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I knew you were remaking my father’s song, because I really did not know. You said you didn’t want to see me and because it’s also very hard for me to face you, I’m going to leave. I’m going to go to a place where I can’t see you. We won’t be hurt because of the other person.

Minam leaves, and Taekyung takes a couple of steps to go after her but then stops.

AN Jell hold a signing session for their fans but after it’s over, Taekyung leaves by himself. Back at ANJ headquarters, he chats it up with Heyi, who wants him to go to Bali with her. Heyi repeats her fabulous threat that if he wants her to keep Minam’s secret to herself, then he has to act like a real boyfriend. But to her dismay, Taekyung tells her that the real Minam is coming back today, so they don’t have to keep up with this facade anymore. Since they agreed to do so from the start, she can choose to end this relationship however she wants.

Minam and Jeremy go wandering the shops together, and Minam has with her a camera. When she has a chance, she snaps a photo of him doing what he does best — looking cute even without posing. With Shinwoo, Minam meets up with him at a cafe (*headdesk, headdesk, headdesk*) and orders him some coffee and cake. She likens him to coffee because they’re both very warm, and have warmly comforted her in the past. She apologizes for not being able to comfort him in the same way he did her, but Shinwoo reacts brightly, saying that she’s already rejected him 100000 100 times already, he can take this since he’s gotten good practice. As he takes a sip of his coffee, Minam snaps a picture.

Taekyung emos for a bit while holding Minam’s necklace, thinking back to when she said that the brightest star she knew was always by her side. He then heads off somewhere, but bumps into President Ahn and his mother along the way. They’re on their way to the recording studio, but Taekyung doesn’t want to join them. And then as he heads out the door, he bumps into yet another person, a staff member on their team who helps with recording. He asks Taekyung why he’s not going to the recording studio, and then grieves about how Mo Hwa Ran has caused him much irritation. He tells Taekyung about the argument that Mo Hwa Ran and the higher-up had at the restaurant, and then tells him that Mo Hwa Ran took the song from someone else and then recorded it. Mo Hwa Ran was worried that Go Jae Hyun was getting back together with another woman, so to prevent her from getting that song, Mo Hwa Ran bought the song for herself.

At the recording studio, just as Mo Hwa Ran gets ready to record, Taekyung storms into the room.

This song isn’t yours. It’s not a song pleading for your return. You stole it. You couldn’t let that woman come back, so you took it. It’s all lies. He didn’t love you, did he?

Mo Hwa Ran cries at his words.

At the airport, Minam says goodbye to everyone because she’s staying in Japan. As everyone heads back to Korea, the real Go Minam is waiting. Reporter Kim is still hot on their trail, and Taekyung is hot on Minam’s trail. Heyi gets ready to leave for Bali, but when she overhears someone at the airport calling Taekyung’s name, she wonders for a second if he’s here for her, before immediately dispelling that notion. She realizes that the big reveal is almost here and decides to get out of trouble’s way. But upon reconsideration she has a change of heart and decides that she’ll help Taekyung out in this situation.

Everyone is heading towards Minam at this moment, and then Reporter Kim just couldn’t help himself and calls Minam’s name out before saying that she’s a girl. He yanks Minam’s coat off, only to get…. no boobs.


Minam asks Reporter Kim who the hell he is before pulling his coat back on. At this, Manager Ma laughs it off and tells Minam to say hi to the reporter who’s going to do an interview with him and his sister. Heyi also steps in and plays her way out of her agreement with him, “Didn’t you ask me last time if Go Minam was a girl? How could there be a misunderstanding like that? Oh you’re so funny!”

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief that she didn’t blow their covers.

In the meantime, Minyeo is figuring out where to go and goes off to hail a taxi…only to have Taekyung step out. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES.

In a very pretty plot of green grass, Taekyung explains to Minyeo that the song her father made was meant for her mother. Minam is relieved to learn that he didn’t abandon her mother, and Taekyung apologizes for his mother’s mistake. Minyeo tells him not to apologize because he has also been hurt. Taekyung also says that because he’s never thought about anyone else, because he’s only ever gotten angry at her, he hasn’t thought for a moment that the person who’s more hurt in this situation is her. Minam reveals that she really hates Taekyung’s mother, and asks him to never let her sing the song again. Minam says that it’s a relief that she gets to see his face one last time before saying her goodbye.

As she goes, Taekyung grabs onto her hand and doesn’t let go. Taekyung starts to cry, and Minam says that in the future for her sake and for the sake of him not blaming himself, she’ll tell him that everything’s okay. Finally, Minam lets go of his hand and goes.

In Minyeo’s absence, Minam’s popularity skyrockets. Everyone in the group is constantly off doing stuff and nobody’s ever home. On their van, Jeremy’s going through the fancafe’s message board when he notices a weird ID, “Pig-Rabbit,” which immediately draws Taekyung’s attention. The message title was “I’m okay,” and the content of the message is a video of someone turned to their side, singing. Taekyung recognizes that it’s Go Jae Hyun’s song that Minyeo is singing and everyone flips out. They start guessing which noraebang she’s singing in and everyone goes off to look for her. Taekyung is by himself on the van trying to convince himself that it’s okay to not look at her…

It’s okay…

It’s okay…

Nope, it’s not okay.

He along with the other two ANJ members are now frantically looking for Minam in the city with a bajillion fangirls on their tail. Minam is like five feet away from Taekyung…

Annnnnd scene.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

GAHHHHH this episode.


That scene where Taekyung grabs onto Minam while crying — what an unnecessarily long scene. The amount of time lingering over Jang Geun Seok’s face made me uncomfortable and WOW did we really need 50 revolving shots of Taekyung’s face cut with a lingering shot of them facing different directions and then cut to Minam’s face and then cut to their linked hands and then cut to a wide shot again?!

At this point I’m still wondering about Shinwoo. This is the second time he’s been knowingly aware of Taekyung’s presence and done something with Minam just to get a reaction out of Taekyung. I’ve never really thought of Shinwoo as a mean person until both those moments. At the press conference, he’s got technicality on his side because he could still pretend that he’s only just found out that Minam is a girl. But this time around, he knows everyone’s feelings at play, and he’s been rejected enough times that him doing what he did in front of Taekyung was just low. I think it’s weird that he alternates between being extremely clingy and extremely blase about being repeatedly rejected.

One more episode. Couldn’t have predicted this but man I hope it doesn’t blow.

  • boshky

    I didn’t actually watch the whole episode…since the subtitles aren’t out yet, and I still have an assignment to finish for tomorrow (teehee…procrastinating is not good eeks), but is it just me…or does everyone look kind of tired? Especially Shinwoo? His scene with Minam seemed more drained than pained.

    And I agree about Shinwoo being a pendulum alternating between two semi-extremes. Uhm….heart break, then is fine, but not because you’re still confessing, but no, you’re fine. Can we strike a compromise?? Ahhh, they could have done so much more with his character! Tis unfortunate.

    Thanks for the recaps :D Much appreciated!

    • Amy

      but is it just me…or does everyone look kind of tired

      YES, they all look like walking zombies to some extent. Park Shin Hye looks soooo pale and … limpy for a lack of a better word. It’s troubling that this is always how K-drama actors look at any series’ end.

  • Anon

    I swear I just had the best time reading your entry. Can’t emphasize enough the amout of thumbs up I’m giving you for the effort of doing this. Damn you’re good!

    P.S. LOFL-ed @ “…but nope, it’s Minam (the number of m’s I just had to type and retype…)”

    Totally dig the humours and micro details you are giving. xDDDDD

  • mintyboy

    You are right on so many level..I wanted to love the episode but all the numerous face shots (not just that parting scene…agree, way too long) just irks me. Oh SW, finally he gets his peace, BUT the boy couldn’t even do the pull-n-hug routine off. It was so soft imo. Where was the passion, the anger/jealousy? HOw is TK suppose to get jealous at such a gentle gesture….pull her in and wrap her for dear life!

    I’m extremely upset with the real MN. Maybe I expect too much from PSH but that kid in the airport…just smirks a lot. I wish her version of a guy was done just a little bit better. Ep 15 was “meh” for being the penultimate episode. I’m a little miff being underwhelmed by the whole thing now and can’t muster the original fangirling passion I had for the series for ep 16. In your words Amy “I hope it doesn’t blow.”

  • smiles

    Lol – your recaps always make me giggle – you are one funny lady! I enjoyed this episode and had the opposite reaction to it.

    As we are racing towards the finish line these stories need to be resolved…the Shinwoo moment was purely for the fans – apart from telling her he knew she was a girl, he didn’t really add anything to that situation….he knew he was going to get rejected and Minam knew she would reject him. – To me that whole situation was dealt with at the airport.

    The mum and the song shenanigans, well I guess that about three episodes ago – (I not quick so I’m sure others did too) so again that was just wrapping that up.

    The Scene in the garden with Taekyung and Minam I found extremely moving you mentioned that episode was charging ahead at warp speed and this gave it a breather….I personally felt that could not have been rushed, they were effectively breaking up and knowing the depths of feeling between the two it needed a little time (but your description made me howl as always).

    It probably needed another episode to wrap things up at the correct pace but curse those people at SBS for their poor decision making skills!

  • crimsonlily

    whoa~, finished this series in one fell-swoop (didn’t sleep for like a whole night and half a day)..anyway, love this drama, though i agree that there were great scenes spiced up by great dialogues, there were also scenes that came out as awkward and drawn out.But the thing that I wanted to comment on about is the assumption that people took about Shin Woo’s ‘mean streak’, if that could even be called that, when he intentionally hugs Minyeo while Taekyung was watching. I believe that his action was not actually in the spirit of being mean, but more on the flavor of testing Taekyung’s ‘love’ and resolve concerning Minyeo. He (Shin Woo), wasn’t getting the girl, so perhaps he was saying as a message to Taekyung, ‘do you have what it takes to take the girl in my arms?’ all the while pretending as though it was he himself who was getting the girl. All in all, it’s simply that he wanted to know if Taekyung has what it takes to fight for Minyeo ^^.

    Ooohh….I agree that Taekyung and Minyeo aren’t a perfect couple. But then again, that’s all where the fun lies ^^. What’s fun in it if they’re simply perfect and have nothing to work their relationship to be better on?

  • Leilani

    Minyeo and Taekyung Forever…….!!!!:) Don’t Be Jealous!!!:)

  • helia from iran

    Hi honey.i cant write english very well.
    you’re beautiful was very intresting serial.
    thanks for wraiting.

  • mimi

    can tell me what song play time shin woo crying when he see go mi nam leave him??..please….i realy want to know…please… :’) anyone please tell me..