You’re Beautiful, episode 14

I have reached a boiling point with Minam. I can’t tolerate her any longer. Why does this ALWAYS happen with K-dramas?! When will I find the best, sickest, bravest, most-badass, invincible female lead ever and will they be able to stay consistent even in the face of love?! Minam ain’t it, that’s for sure.

As for Jeremy, all I have for him is a big question mark.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

Summary/recap of episode 14

After Taekyung gives Minam a hug in front of the airport, he announces that he has something very important to say. Just as he begins his sentence, bus loads of loud, screaming fangirls interrupt the moment. Minam suggests that she’ll just leave and Taekyung can say that he was seeing her off, but before she goes, Taekyung leans in any way and says “I like you.”

Minam is frozen after hearing this but after some prodding, she leaves first so that the two can avoid suspicion. The fangirls, as expected, swarm Taekyung, taking pictures and asking for autographs.

So after Minam sits alone by herself, she tries to will herself to think back to what Taekyung said to her. Her heart is beating like crazy and she considers for a moment asking Taekyung to repeat what he said to her, but what if she tells him to forget about what he said? What if he told her that he didn’t mean it? Best not ask at all and just treasure it and be grateful.

Meanwhile, Shinwoo glances at the empty seat next to him on the plane and reassures himself that he’s already told Minam his feelings, so that should be enough. Heyi, on the other hand, comes across some pictures online of the scene at the airport, with Taekyung placing both his hands on Minam, Taekyung being surrounded by fans, and then Minam walking away. Heyi grows irate. When is she ever not irate?

Jeremy stops by a noona’s radio show, where he’s asked when he’ll be guest appearing. Jeremy thinks for a second and decides that he’ll do it on today’s broadcast. One thing though, the show broadcasts to Busan, right?

Taekyung picks Minam up after the fans dissipate, still pretty giddy with excitement over what happened earlier, only he has much better control over his emotions lol. He makes fun of Minam, asking where she’d like to eat, placing emphasis on the word “like.” Does she like spaghetti? Does she like naengmyun? Does she like sushi? Unfortunately for her, Minam hiccups every time Taekyung says the word “like” until finally mustering control, yes, yes she really does like those foods. Sushi it is.

Once at the sushi bar, Minam asks if it’s okay that there are now pictures of them floating around the internet. Taekyung reassures her that it’s okay, because now fans will just use this as material for the fanfiction they’ll write (LOL). Minam doesn’t understand, but Taekyung goes on to clarify that in fanfics, he, Shinwoo and Jeremy are often involved in love triangles. One such triangle is as follows: Taekyung is in love with Shinwoo but Jeremy finds out. Jeremy asks Taekyung to feel up his heart and all that good stuff, but Shinwoo catches the amidst their criminal act and bursts out, “I will break you two up!”

Jeremy in the meantime surfs the internet when he comes across the pictures of Taekyung and Minam together and wonders why Minam is not in Busan like he thought she was supposed to be. He leaves to find out despite warnings that he has to make his guest appearance on the radio show soon.

Manager Ma comes across Minam and Taekyung at the office and is utterly confused as to why the two are together. He accuses Taekyung of interfering with his Busan plan, but Taekyung just tells him to watch. Taekuyng grabs Minam into a hug and before long, Minam pulls back her pig nose and Taekyung lets go. He smirks to Manager Ma and tells him to figure this shizz out, it should be pretty obvious. Of course now Manager Ma understands what’s going on, but that doesn’t stop him from being confused.

When Jeremy goes back to the office, he confronts Minam. He asks her if she really does like Taekyung, but Minam doesn’t have anything except “yes” to respond back. Jeremy rushes off in anger and Manager Ma and Minam chase after him but before long, they lose him. The radio program is about to feature him so they have to find him fast. Manager Ma suggests they head back to their house, but when Minam sees a bus, she remembers his magic bus and heads on different buses to look for him. When she finds him after much much chasing, Jeremy lets her know what he’s really feeling. It was fine when Minam was a guy. It was fine when Minam was a girl. But it’s not fine now that Minam likes Taekyung. Jeremy is upset that Minam won’t like him, when he was even prepared to sing a song for her on public broadcast.

Jeremy decides to ring in to the radio station and sing the song over the phone. The song is about the one word, that one word that he wanted to give someone, “love.” Jeremy breaks down and starts to cry in the middle of the song but persists to the end. He (kind of) accepts that she can’t return his feelings, and tells her that when the bus finishes its rounds, once he gets off, he’ll be back to his merry old self again. After he and Minam get off the bus, he cheerfully asks if she wants to go get ice cream.

(This scene was probably the worst scene since the start of the drama. The dialogue was fine, the actors were fine, but why is this so randomly in there? I mean, did anyone think for even a second that Jeremy and Minam were a plausible pairing? Did Jeremy really think for a second that there was any feeling from Minam’s side to reciprocate? Was the dramatic must-confront-Minam-and-then-run-out-and-fly-away-on-motorbike get-up in tune with the mood of the entire series thus far? Or does it feel way exaggerated?)

Taekyung finds out through some of his associates in the industry that Go Jae Hyun and his mother used to have a relationship as lovers. What he learns is that his mother left Go Jae Hyun for someone else, which is contrary to what we’ve been hearing so far. When the comments about his mother start to veer towards the sleazy end, Taekyung excuses himself to leave.

Minam and Mo Hwa Ran meet up again, this time because she wants to give Minam a gift: girl’s clothing. She lets Minam know that she’s aware that Minam’s a girl, but she doesn’t really care about that. What she does care about is whether or not the rest of ANJ know about it. Minam apologizes for it, but assures her once her brother comes back, this will all be resolved. Mo Hwa Ran also learns that Minam knows of her relationship to Taekyung, and tells her not to let this hurt Taekyung in any way. Minam promises that it won’t.

After Taekyung finishes with his recording of his mother’s song, he wonders why Minam hasn’t called. He’s absolutely adorable in his childishness and calls her, only to find that she was in the middle of sleeping. How dare she sleep! So he yanks her out of bed to go to a movie with him. But yeah right, he doesn’t want to watch a movie with her, he only needs her un-nightblinded eyes to usher him into the theater. Minam grabs hold of his hand and ushers him in, something which delights him. Once they sit down for the movie though, Minam falls asleep in no time. And despite his “intentions,” Taekyung conks the eff out as well.

After the movie is over, Minam asks Taekyung how the movie was. It…wasn’t bad! Then the two resort to talking about stars, once again. Taekyung tells her not to feel so good about herself just because she can see stars (and he can’t). Of course by now Minam has learned to soften any insults she indirectly hurls his way, so she sets herself to task by finding him some stars that he can see:

One last star. Taekyung asks Minam if she wants to “see stars” and motions her to go over to where he is. He tells her that the easiest way to see stars is to get hit, so he preps himself to punch her…

But then…

If this isn’t the best prelude to a kiss ever, I don’t know what is. I’m a little sad they didn’t get their MACK ON like they did in their Etude commercials, but hey, you can’t have everything in life.

Shinwoo comes back from Busan A BETTER MAN. He jokingly tells Minam that despite not accepting his feelings, she should at least help him out when he needs her to. Which she does. But to her dismay, Shinwoo has something to give her. It’s a gift that his mother gave him to give to his first girlfriend, buuuuut because Shinwoo has no luck in life and in courtship, Minam tells him straight up that she can’t accept his feelings.

Oh and big announcement from Manager Ma: the real Minam is ready to come back and kick all yo asses. He’s got Taekyung’s charisma, Shinwoo’s tenderness, AND Jeremy’s playfulness. Wuh-oh.

In the meantime, Taekyung asks Minam to join him for a fanmeeting with stars. What this means, we don’t know, but what we do come to learn is that Taekyung has gotten Minam a necklace. A star necklace. (Who hideously cackled out, “OMGGGGGG now BOF & YB shares necklaces on top of astrology metaphors too?!”)

Minam gets wrangled into the studio by President An because they have to discuss her upcoming showcase for her single. But once she’s in the office, she overhears a conversation saying that Mo Hwa Ran and Go Jae Hyun were not just friends but two people with a very special love relationship. Minam can’t believe what she hears and leaves in shock, determined to find out the truth. She looks for her aunt, but her aunt pretty much confirms what she least wants to hear. Minam goes to Mo Hwa Ran.

When Mo Hwa Ran learns that Minam is coming, she decides to save her own skin by telling Taekyung first. She lets him know that she’s meeting with Go Jae Hyun’s child. Taekyung is disinterested…until he finds out that Go Mi Nyeo is the daughter his mother is meeting with. He is in disbelief, but goes to Minam’s room in search for evidence. He finds a photo of her and her brother with their dad and that’s all the proof he needs.

Minam is in her own state of disbelief and confronts Mo Hwa Ran. She refuses to believe that her father left her mother for Mo Hwa Ran, but Mo Hwa Ran begs to differ. She insists that the song her father made was a tribute and a plead for her to come back to him, but Minam doesn’t buy it.

Taekyung barges into the room to find Minam standing there. His mother tells him that this is the daughter of the man she loved, and on top of that, she tells Taekyung that Minam never meant to hide the truth from him.

Subsequently, in his conversation with Minam, Taekyung finds out that Minam has known about his relationship to Mo Hwa Ran since his birthday. Not only that, but she knows that his mother left him for her father. And not only that, but does she remember when Mo Hwa Ran used to bake cookies for her and her brother? Taekyung is upset and Minam tries to explain, but he shakes her off.

Don’t go where I can see you. I don’t want to see you.

Meanwhile, Shinwoo is watching this scene from afar. Minam can’t stop Taekyung and get him to listen to her so after he leaves, she breaks down and starts crying. Taekyung is not far from her either, but hiding behind a pillar trying to control his own emotions.

Annnnnnnd scene.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I did not think highly of this episode, for a number of reasons. I don’t think it diverged from the goodness that it has been thus far, but it does feel like the typical point in a Kdrama where everyone’s rushing for a climax and then a closeout, so the writers stick in everything that could possibly create an obstacle. The story has moved at a very good pace for the whole series, but the doom of having only 16 episodes to work with is rearing its ugly head; it could do well with 20. If it followed the pace of which the rest of the series has been abiding by, this situation with Taekyung and his mother could probably go on for another two more episodes with much explanation and compromise. There wouldn’t be a snap rejection of Minam for something that could easily have been explained. Then the issue of the real Minam coming back can start playing itself out. From there, we get Minyeo’s departure and then subsequent resolution. But because we only have 2 more episodes left, all of this has to happen, come into conflict with each other, and then resolve. It’s too much for so little time.

And then on another note: girls. I’ve been pretty patient with all the girls in this drama.

Coordi Wang was hilarious and quirky and looked the part of a stylist. Now she’s a terrible plot device being thrown around left and right whenever the writers need Heyi to learn about something that she shouldn’t know about.

Heyi I’ve already talked about briefly before. I don’t think her character ever served to be anything other than a plot device. She has no redeemable qualities as she’s presented to be selfish and vain from the very start, but I guess she serves to illustrate what (Korean) society values (or doesn’t value). Now that she’s served her purpose she brings nothing else to the story and now is treated as drama refuse.

Mo Hwa Ran didn’t start out to be as pathetic as she is now, but unfortunately now she is a motherload of pathetic. She is manipulating the situation with Minam to her benefit and is all of a sudden very cunning and two-faced, characteristics that she did not exhibit for the past 13 episodes. It bothers me that all these characteristics are being thrown onto all of these female characters at a moment in the story when we need to have that “climatic” moment in the drama.

And last but not least, Minam. I don’t usually have patience for girls in Kdramas who act cutesy all the time, are extremely naive, and extremely innocent. However, I found for the most part that those traits are pretty realistic for Minam’s character and couldn’t really fault the writers for it. And my annoyance with Minam ultimately doesn’t lie with the writers because this is just a reflection of their societal norm. Girls just blame themselves whenever they have quarrels with boys. Girls just cry whenever the boys reject them. Girls just become huge bitches whenever they have love competition. Girls just become two-faced and manipulative when they can’t get what they want. Girls just don’t have a say.

These things drive me insane but all I can really do is learn to not to let these things prevent me from having fun watching a drama that has been really good and above my expectations.

  • mintyboy

    i’m sorry but kdramas do give girls a bad name. OMG, I’m gonna kill Minam soon if she keeps up that cute, aigoo naive act. She started to grow a backbone when she confronted MHR but ultimately lost it when TK came. Ugh, only 2 more eps left and we’re still playing this love game between them. And MHR’s obsessive love is incredulous to me now. Like really, wtf is her problem, all we know is that she’s still in love with a dead guy after 20+ years? I don’t buy her whole motive or reasoning at all.
    On the other side, I kinda understand why Jeremy thing happened here. They did give SW a bajillion scenes so I guess tying up loose end would require ending Jeremy’s crush as well. Oh thank god it went faster than SW. Speaking of him….boy got sassy on his way back. AND I LOVED IT (except the end when he reverts back to emo SW).
    I agree with you that the whole ep is somewhat blah overall BUT the epicness of that fanfic scene totally saved the whole episode for me. I could care less about TK+MN or SW+MN anymore. Can’t wait until the brother comes back. He seems to be the real badass who’s going to blow everything out of the water based on that little smirk alone.

  • smiles

    Can I just say I love how you end your recaps with Annnnd scene, it makes me chuckle every time.

    As you mentioned its becoming more obvious by the second that this drama could do with a few more episodes, in fact I think it was written that way and the S.O.Bs at SBS or whatever pulled the rug from under the writer’s feet.

    The pacing kinda went funky in the episode and I’m miffed off that a rare excellent drama is being given the heave-hoe whilst poo like IRIS is cluttering up the airwaves Grrr….its also annoying that at any other time this show would have been an massive hit (I think) anyway.

    How cute is Taekyung in love? Loved loved loved the cinema scene and just anything where he and minam interact as lovers….just TOOOOOO CUTE!

    Depressed as hell next week is the last two episodes and I don’t get to see what happens until Friday cos I’m away with work…..STRESS

  • karened

    Yes, I second you that too much (conflicts) were brought in (and some resolved hastily) during ep 13 and 14. It seems too rushed and I don’t see how they can fully resolve everything and develop the real Mi Nam beyond a 1 dimensional character stuck in to provide some closure. From Manager’s Ma description of him as well as that short 10 sec scene of him, he seems to be an interesting character. One that may even threaten Tae Kyung’s position as THE member in A.N.JELL. But with just 2 episodes to go, I don’t see much space to work out that potential. 18 eps would be good. But well, the real Mi Nam was never meant to be a major part of the drama anyways (and we can’t expect Park Shin Hye to act that part too much for it will be a real test of her acting).

    Let’s see what the writers can do with 2 eps on hand. It had better not disappoint!

  • jaesu17

    so I’m still on Ep5 but skimmed this….are TK and Minam half-sibs? am I understanding correctly? lol

    • Amy

      niuuuuuuu, don’t spoil yourself! :P

  • Peach

    If you really want to get angry at a female lead watch any k-drama that has marriage as the central focus (single girl can’t get married, girl is about to get married, girl wants divorce, etc.). That shit will piss you off!

    I tried watching a new(ish) drama called Creating Destiny and I wanted to rip my hair out five minutes into episode one.

    Ahem anyway, thank for the review/recaps. :)

    • Amy

      i actually kinda wanted to watch creating destiny because i like eugene but i saw some reviews of it and most say “nay” D: boo.

  • Ray Ray

    I’m loving the recaps btw.
    I’m only on episode 9 but already Minam is starting to get on my nerves… how is she so stupid? Or to put it politely how is she so naive there is no way, NO WAY a woman her age would be that slow… right?!

  • crimsonlily

    [i](This scene was probably the worst scene since the start of the drama. The dialogue was fine, the actors were fine, but why is this so randomly in there? I mean, did anyone think for even a second that Jeremy and Minam were a plausible pairing? Did Jeremy really think for a second that there was any feeling from Minam’s side to reciprocate? Was the dramatic must-confront-Minam-and-then-run-out-and-fly-away-on-motorbike get-up in tune with the mood of the entire series thus far? Or does it feel way exaggerated?)

    Nah…I just think that they put this in in order to also put a closure in Jeremy’s end of the story. I mean, everybody who watched this could also have deduced that there was a great possibility that Jeremy looks at Minyeo in THAT way, so if the series ended without even a closure on his part, other people watching will question why is wasn’t taken care of.

    Remember, these kinds of dramas must not have loose ends. Everything must be tidied up nice and tight (though Taiwanese dramas get the bag for this trait; everybody comes full circle in the plot, ex.: the rejected of leading pair comes about becoming a pair themselves…@A@)