You’re Beautiful, episode 12

Curse my traitorous fingers and verbally diarrhetic mind, these recaps are getting longer and longer by the week…

Summary/recap of episode 12

Picking up right where we left off, Taekyung and Minam suck face while standing absolutely still for a second before Taekyung pulls away, somewhat in alarm. Minam pulls back her nose, and Taekyung thinks that she’s mocking him, so he laughs it off and walks away. They’re both confused at what just happened — but while Minam is a drifty, feet-on-the-clouds kind of confused, Taekyung is absolutely bewildered at the thought that he just did something like that. It’s…just…so unlike him! He must’ve been too angry.

Minam likens the feelings inside her to be like fireworks, and they don’t seem to be dying down any time soon. Of course, as usual, the casualty of this war is Shinwoo. He is sitting idly at his grand ol’ restaurant, looking at spankin’ bright china, and wondering where the hell Minam is. Minam doesn’t even realize she had an appointment to keep until Shinwoo calls her, and at that time, she’s too far gone to realize she actually has to go to the restaurant, so she just tells Shinwoo that she’s off playing with fireworks. Shinwoo is confused and asks her where she is so he can go find her.

Heyi drops by the AN offices and sees Taekyung, but Taekyung passes by her without even stopping for a second. Hey was worried at first that maybe he was mad at her, but then she gets angry that he just ignores her, because we all know Bitch Queens can’t stand to be ignored. Right when she was having a conversation with Taekyung, Minam comes out and Heyi spots her. Game on. Heyi fakes a conversation loudly, manipulatively eliciting Taekyung to say that he doesn’t think of Minam as a girl, only a boy, and that he meant nothing of the pin he gave her, and the protectiveness he’s always held around her. Minam hears these things and heads back into the building in disappointment. Heyy: 2398014, Minam: -2398014.

Shinwoo hurries back to the AN building, looking for Minam in a hurry. She doesn’t pick up her phone because she’s in their practice room, crying in the dark. When Shinwoo discovers her in her state, she doesn’t want him to turn on the lights — she wants to mope in the big bad darkness. He gets frustrated and demands,

After you’re done crying, were you planning to look for me? Looks like you’ve forgotten about me from the very start. But I was still waiting for you, frantically coming back, waiting all by myself, looking for you like a fool!

To his outburst, Minam has no adequate response but to apologize. Shinwoo fires back that he’s too tired, he doesn’t want to wait for her anymore, “My feelings right now — it’s better you see them right now under the light.” He goes to turn on all the lights and just as he faces Minam, she tears, and apologizes more. (OH MY GOD I WANT TO STAB HER IN THE EYE.) Such is the case, Shinwoo grows weak against her tears and holds back what he has to say. He in turns apologizes for losing his cool.

Meanwhile, Taekyung is spiffy and sitting in the studio, trying to dissect his little situation:

  1. Why am I like this? –> Because I was too angry.

  2. Why was I angry? –> Minam was going to go to Shinwoo like a fool.

  3. Why do I care? –> Because I don’t want her to get hurt.

  4. Why don’t I want that? What is Go Minam to me anyway?

Back in the practice room, Shinwoo tells a story. About that girl he wanted to confess to. (OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO STAB HIM IN THE EYE.) He rented out a big restaurant, he got her gifts, and even had a song prepared. He can’t do any of that anymore, but maybe he can sing Minam the song; she’ll be the first to hear it.

Maybe it’s because I’m a fool
It’s okay if I get hurt
Even if you say my love is useless
Nobody told me to be an incurable fool
I like treating you well
To me it’s happiness
As long as you give me one smile
This smile is enough for me
Til the day her love appears
I can only stand by her side
The love I sacrifice for her is happiness [to me]
I don’t wish for anything else
Forever in a place I can reach
Forever in within earshot
I won’t change, I will stand there
Because I love her
Because I’m a fool

(Yonghwa has a great voice *_*)

At dinner with his mother and President Ahn, Taekyung comes to learn that the lyricist who wrote his mother’s song is now deceased, something that Taekyung wasn’t aware of til now. Go Jae Hyun is the lyricist’s name and he has a pair of children, who would’ve been Taekyung’s dongsaengs had Go Jae Hyun been still alive. Taekyung’s mother also says that she acted like the children’s mother by baking them cookies and such when they were little kids because she loved Go Jae Hyun so much. Oh good god, thou art cruel to Taekyung.

After this, Taekyung is understandably upset and when he arrives home, he realizes that if Minam were here, she would’ve been a good distraction. At home, Minam wonders if Taekyung is okay and if he’s in a bad mood because of his mother. She’s in conflict with herself about whether or not to go find him, but ultimately decides that it’d be better if she didn’t show her face for the night. That’s why…she’ll text him! She means well and wants to tell Taekyung not to worry about her because she doesn’t want him to stay mad, so she texts, “Hyungnim, I’m okay.”

Except we’re talking about ex-fail!nun here, and instead of texting “Hyungnim, it’s really okay,” she mistypes a character and changes the tone of the text to mean, “Hyungnim, it wasn’t bad!”


Damage control time. Minam goes to Taekyung’s room with the hope that he hasn’t read the text yet, and finds that his room is empty. She searches high and low for his phone before finding it, only…she must’ve been a terrible person in a past life or something, but his phone has a password lock. Dammit! So she starts punching in all possible password combos until a voice tells her that it’s “4820.” YES! Bingo! Wait! Who the hell???


Minam explains profusely that it was a mistake, a big big mistake. She meant to say that she’s totally fine, not that it wasn’t bad, but Taekyung takes it in jest and plays around with her for a little bit before deleting the text. Taekyung being the hypersensitive person he is, notices a cut on Minam’s forehead, so they head to the kitchen to get her medicated up. Just as he tells her to be careful around her eyes with the lotion, she starts reacting badly to the sting that’s taking over her eyes. In a moment of panic Taekyung drags her to the sink and helps her wash it off, following after by helping her put on eyedrops. She should be fine if she gets some rest, so Minam heads to her room, only there are about a thousand steps in the house and she almost trips before Taekyung helps her. He takes her hand and guides her up the stairs. Even though Minam apologizes for once again being a nuisance, Taekyung admits that she was like that in the beginning, but not anymore. Now, she’s just…Minam interrupts him before he finishes, saying that everything is okay now. Whatever the case, he’s not mad at her.

AN Jell and Heyi are doing a photoshoot, something to make up for their last press conference being terribly disastrous. President Ahn thanks Heyi for her kindness in participating, but all Heyi is doing is fuming in jealousy over all the attention Minam gets from the boys. She gets wind from co-d Wang that Minam likes Shinwoo, which is the misconception that Manager Ma is under. Heyi figures out that this is the perfect opportunity for another strike: Minam dresses up like a girl to “confess” to Shinwoo, and Taekyung walks in on the both of them and he’ll stay away from Minam once and for all.

So Minam gets made up and put into Heyi’s clothes and the transformation really is quite stunning, if only not for the fact that the dress looks like it’s a moth-eaten antique Victorian entity of the yester-years. At this, co-d Wang goes to look for Shinwoo, looking for a way for him to see Minam as a girl. And sees her as a girl he does. You should wipe yourself there Shinwoo, I see a bit of drool. Minam panics, and says she’ll change right away, but Shinwoo stops her, telling her that it’s a pity that no one else can see her the way she is now. And then we pan shot to from the white angel Shinwoo to Victorian princess Minam and all we’re missing is a European accent and some tea and biscuits.

Heyi knows what’s going on, so she wastes no time finding a way to get Taekyung to the spot where Minam and Shinwoo are chillin’. When Taekyung sees Minam dressed up as a girl, he’s stunned. His face hardens and he draws his eyes into a glare. Heyi adds oil to the fire by saying that Minam and Shinwoo look great together, and that the girly look really fits Minam but Taekyung digresses, “It’s not fitting. It’s laughable,” before leaving.

(I’m not really sure about the purpose of this scene. Taekyung is mad that she’ll appear as a girl in front of Shinwoo? He still thinks she’ll confess in front of him? It’s not that I genuinely don’t know, but hasn’t he already made it clear to himself that he’s above being upset about this shit? At this point I think they’re adding little things in just to create conflict.)

Minam is upset that Taekyung seems to mad at her again and starts to cry. She is embarrassed and and calls herself a fool for revealing herself. But Shinwoo has a better grip of the situation,

Shinwoo: Don’t cry. Don’t cry again for Taekyung. The reason you’re crying…I’ve discovered it. Taekyung don’t you? I don’t want to interfere, making things even harder for you. But I don’t want to see you cry like this anymore.
Minam: Shinwoo hyung has noticed this?
Shinwoo: Yes. Because I’ve been looking at you all along…Taekyung still doesn’t know. Do you want him to?

Minam says that she doesn’t, so she must change back into men’s clothes and go back to being a boy. (Park Shin Hye was killer in this scene.)

Taekyung is sulking back in the lobby of the building where him and the film crew are resting. Manager Ma finds him and wonders what’s wrong with him, but Taekyung refuses to say anything, only that he’s very irritated and feeling extremely uncomfortable. Well, okay. Manager Ma sifts through the photos that they had just taken and notices one shot where Minam is holding back her nose, and wonder why she’s doing it — ah, it must be because Shinwoo was nearby. Taekyung sees this and asks Manager Ma what the HELL that gesture means because it’s driving him nuts. Manager Ma explains that he taught it to Minam so that she can do it whenever she’s around the person she likes as to hold back her feelings.


Manager Ma also mentions a pin, a stupid broken pin that Minam can’t seem to rid herself of. Taekyung is ALL up on this the moment he hears about the pin and goes to look for Minam’s bag. When he finds her bag, he pours out its contents, and lo and behold, there’s the pin. Pieces of the puzzle are finally fitting together.

Afterward, Minam laments by herself and wonders in the dark,

If I don’t see, then I won’t have to wait, and I won’t be disappointed. It’ll be better if I don’t see.

At this, a car drives up to the spot where Minam is, and the headlights flood the area, not letting her see anything. Taekyung steps out.

Taekyung: Go Minam, right now I can see very clearly, and you can’t see that I’m here. When you can’t see me, you cry like this?
Minam: It won’t happen anymore, pretend you didn’t see.
Taekyung: I can see it so clearly, how can I sit idly by? Go Minam, have you looked at me like that all along? I couldn’t see you so I didn’t know.
Minam: Just pretend like you didn’t see, don’t ever look again.
Taekyung: Not looking is not okay. You can’t end this whenever you want, you must keep looking like you are now. You have to keep looking at me like just like you are now. Go Minam, from now, I grant you permission to like me.

Annnnnnnnd scene.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I was having a lot of little spasms all through this episode, some out of happiness and some out of sheer irritation.

Relationships in K-dramas frustrate me to no end. I’m glad that I’ve been able to tolerate Taekyung and Minam for as long as I have because it’s really a feat, but ultimately, ugly things rear its head out and I’m just like “Oh. But I thought you were different :(”

Crying. Jesus christ there was so much crying. I’ve really enjoyed Minam’s character for the most part because I think her sincerity and honesty have a realistic basis — she’s a nun — so I never found her to be unbelievable. But at the moment, her character is going down the path that all K-dramas seem to have girls going down, regardless of how they are as people before love entered the scene. This drama paints to me this image that boys are either really rational about love or they’re really observant, whereas girls don’t have the slightest clue about anything in their surrounding and not only that, but once they are in love they lose all sensibility.

Also, everything I expected to happen happened in this episode so I felt like there wasn’t a lot of excitement. There were a ton of brilliant moments but I felt some things happened only so that they can push the story along further — for example, the kitchen scene where Minam gets medicine into her eyes. Heyi once again finding out information from co-d Wang in a horribly, horribly contrived manner.

This episode was no episode 10, but I wonder how they’re going to wrap things up with only two more weeks to go. I’m completely praying for this to go out with a bang since it’s been so good for so long.

  • cheena.

    hopefully with an etude-house-esque bang ;)

    • Amy

      I agree! But that kiss was way too hot to be reconcilable with religion and compatible with K-dramas, haha.

      • cheena.

        or a nun and an obsessive compulsive musician :(

        Damn CF’s =_=

  • jay

    Oh my god! This drama is just SOOOO good, but like you have mention, it is really annoying to see ALL the average kdrama similarities…such as the girl always clueless and always convincing herself that she doesn’t deserve the main guy’s love. And how the one side love lead (shin woo) is always the one noticing everything and that he’s the one that has to point it out to her..!
    but other than that, im still a major fan! and i don’t know how im gunna survive with the next episode! just when its getting good, they cut us off! COME ON EP 13!!! :D

  • smiles

    GREAT EPISODE!!!!!! There are only 6 more days until the next one then. Sigh

    I am really looking forward to the dynamics between Taekyung and Minam now that her feelings for him are out in the open.

    I can see you are on Team Shinwoo – but I just can’t get on board cos he won’t man up and tell her he likes her – we are episode 12, there’s only four more left for goodness sake, cos of all your waiting your too late. Guess that’s the curse of the second lead ho hum.

    • Amy

      At this point I’m not really Team Shinwoo. I liked him in the beginning even though I knew he was doomed to not get the girl, but at this point I think he’s totally pushing it by not saying anything that Minam really needs to know, ie, his feelings for her.

      I LOVE Taekyung’s character in an alarming way, but since we only have 4 more episodes left I want the rest of this relationship to be developed nicely. There are still so many issues to resolve.

      • mintyboy

        I think he’s done chasing her. It seems that the pivotal scene in the greenhouse pretty much summed it up that he can’t compete with TK in her heart anymore. I don’t think he’s gonna confess anymore. And his song…omg, a concise summary of what his whole role is thus far. He’s too supportive. You can’t love if you don’t confess, and now it’s too late. That whole scene is the best in the entire ep for me. He realizes that he is a fool all these time. Poor Shinwoo, now onto TK + MN love!! weee. (although I’m still a lil dissatisfied with how fast, in 2 mins!, he learned of her love, like a lil too easy).

        • Amy

          My big fear of this drama not having an adequate number of episodes left to properly wrap up the story manifested itself in the last 5 mins of the ep. His finding out was so accidental, just like all the other accidental things that happened in this episode. Information was dropped into his lap, whereas for most of those series thus far, he has somehow made sense of things because he sought after it. idk, idk!

          • mintyboy

            yes, with 6 eps left, they really do need to go out with a big bang indeed otherwise there isn’t enough time nor room to play around anymore. But I just hope they don’t speed things up too fast that it becomes too instant.

            • smiles

              Actually, there are only four episodes left (sob). I’m also worried that there are not enough episodes left to finish off all the loose ends and the stories that have yet to be resolved.

              – Minam’s brother returning and her leaving/staying the band.
              – The scandal and fallout that must arise for the discovery the she is a girl (the photographer drama)
              – Shenanigans with Aunt
              – Taekyung and his mummy issues
              – Taekyung and minam love blossoming
              – Shinwoo and Minam issues
              – Taekyung finding out that his mum left him for Minam’s dad (that’s gonna mess with his head)
              – Uee drama, when she gets dumped and the mischief she will cause.

              That’s a lot to cover in four episodes – but hopefully the Hong sisters can pull it of – cos they’ve rocked it so far. Here’s to not being disappointed (hopefully).

  • Sushma

    Hey thr..!! I just wanted to attempt an explanation for ur confusion abt Tk’s anger in greenhouse…rembr that conversation which TK had wid manager Ma? TK tries to explain it to himself that he was surprised 2 c MN as a lady (shud I put it as “lady Mi Nam” in Queen Victoria’s dress ?!)and this shocked him. At the same time, he was angry to c SH beside her when she was all feminine..!! In this situation what else can we expect from Tk expect to gv his typical “insulting-MN-is-my-birthright” reaction..!! lol…hope I didn’t confuse u further…anyways, thanks for ur blog…helped me to sustain an hour from killing eagerness and anticipation for ep 13.. :D

  • Sushma

    actually, scratch my previous comment..!! I guess u already knew that TK was mad at MN ‘coz SH happens to see her when she was all transformed….If I’m not wrong, the question is actually abt TK’s reaction to the situation. I guess he acted out of jealousy..!! lol…im all messed up nw…im so not good at dissecting emotions…anywyz, this is the best way I can wail my time till I can hv first glimpse at the raw Ep’s which will make it bearable till subs are released..!! lol…im so hit by this craze wave..!! anywyz, thanks again :)

  • ya_sa

    sgt menyentuh……

    semuanya ada di sini?
    dari kisah sedih, bahagia, dan aaaah pokoknya semua da disini?

    tapi kapan disiarkan di TV?

  • Ethelyn Bertelle

    wouldn’t go that far.

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