There’s a formula

So basically, if you don’t harbor any hate for Kpop idols or any burning rage towards any specific group, getting into a new boyband is pretty much as follows:

  1. One member catches your eye.

  2. You look through a lot of pictures of this one member.
  3. You look for performances just so you could watch that one member in action …
  4. … Well hey, the other members are not that bad.
  5. You look up video of all members on X, Y, Z show.
  6. You’re done.

Welcome, new fandom.

… FML.

  • litchi bubble tea

    haha, this is so true. some of my friends from korea that i’ve made since starting college a few months ago vehemently dislike certain entertainment companies and love others; they’re into inter-company rivalries, etc. but i like pretty much any idols as long as they have catchy songs and funny personalities.

    out of curiosity, which group are you referring to? f.t. island maybe, as a result of you’re beautiful? ^^;

    • Amy

      Haha I looked into FT Island while YB was airing and am now listening to more of their music, but no, not FTI. Beast is the answer!

      • litchi bubble tea

        ahaha, omg! i love beast~ i was totally obsessed with their teaser song “beast is b2st” and i’m really disappointed they didn’t make that into a full song. =[ boo.

        so who was that first member, eheheh? i looovvvvvveeee gi kwang <3 kinda hated how they styled him during his dancing shoes stint as a solo because it was kind of ridiculous, plus i wasn't too fond of the song, but whoohooo major upgrade! and yoseob is adorable~

        also, i'm really digging u-kiss and mblaq now. kpop takes over waaaay too much of my life :/ oh well! ;D

  • hapacalgirl

    so true. except in the case of DBSK where the first step was my friend told me about them because I stopped listening to kpop when I started college in which it went something like this.

    1. friend in physics tells me about dbsk
    2. Jaejoong catches my eye because he is so weird and awesome acapella vocals .
    3. Watch performances and find out the others are also good
    4. Watch xman and find out all of them are absolutely crazy and hilarious
    5. look at pictures of that one member
    6. Welcome new fandom.

  • melissa

    i seriously cannot add any more husbands to my plate. a woman can only take so much kkotminam.

  • Kristen

    I know exactly what you mean. I go could through every boy group I like and point out which member got me into the group… except Big Bang, which is ironic because I like them so much. I still have debates with myself over who I like the most (it’s a tie between TOP, G-Dragon, and Taeyang to be honest). But it’s possible I’m just choosing to forget!

  • inquinn

    oh yeay Amy. welcome to Beast fandom! between other BOYbands currently promoting, they stand at a close 2nd after SHINee :) wonder how your ranking looks like.

  • xiahkixiri

    I knew it had to be either Beast or MBLAQ. I went the MBLAQ way because it has members older than me and Yoseob terrifies me. BUT I feel the beginnings of love so I don’t know how long this will last.

    • Amy

      LOL. I’m sorry, but I totally laughed at the fact that you find Yoseob terrifying, HAHA.

      Wait, you mean you don’t like this??


      • inquinn

        Probably terrifying because the first time my sister showed me their video, I also thought he came straight off ‘The Addams Family’ set. Have you seen that outrageous headgear he sported during their showcase?

        • Amy

          Oh yeah, you mean Yoseob the Bee Hunter?

          • inquinn

            haha. Bee Hunter! that’s what it is!

      • xiahkixiri

        Just… just… I was sure he would’ve gotten the sharp end of your stick. I almost cried in relief when I heard I out-aged him by a year, if that guy had been my ‘oppa’ I think my brain would have shut down.

        … AAAAH but I watched him doing Digital Ranking and he totally got me when he did Taeyang’s ‘shiJAK halsu ikke’ chest-hitting move. *cowers* He truly frightens me. I used to sorta be freaked out by Sunny because OMG that much aegyo squished into such a small space (ie her face) but Yoseob has blown her out the water. HOW IS THAT BEARABLE.

        • Amy

          I LOVE Yooseob. He’s like some kind of evil elf but I forgive him because he’s so energetic and talented and squishy.

          Oh yeah, Sunny freaks the shit out of me. Still. I’ve still never gotten over the amount of fright I endured when I first watched her in Super Junior Happy’s “Cooking, Cooking.”

          • xiahkixiri

            I’ll take your word for it. I know it’s only a matter of time anyway.

            Yeah it took me a looong time to get over that but now I love her. The first time I liked her was when I saw that cut of her on Wonderful Outing being all gangstah and ‘bery GOOD yo’ and suddenly I was like OMG she’s actually kinda badass! In an insanely cute way but still. She’s really rather precious and suddenly sings pretty. And her and Sungmin’s duet = mighty new ship based on 60 seconds of love.

  • miku

    This is what happened to me & how I got into 2pm. >.<

    • hanie

      me too!!! wooyoung caught my eyes and then i started watching everything that had them.

  • Jenny

    Hey thats how I got into k-pop in general:

    1. I saw Big Bang and 2NE1’s “Lollipop” CF and I saw TOP and was like “Woah that tall dude with the glasses and intense stare is hot”
    2. Look up pictures of TOP and video’s of other Big Bang songs to see more of TOP
    3. Noticed that Seungri was pretty hot too (although I cannot stand him now)and that the others were pretty cool and funny
    4. Went and watched all Big Bang music videos/interviews/award show performances/concerts/variety shows/documentaries
    5. Came across DBSK while stalking Big Bang..and then 2PM…and then FT Island…and then Super Junior M…
    6. The rest is history

    • breezyy

      Omg, that is exactly how it began for me-
      TOP caught my eye instantly in Lollipop and turned me into a pile of goop goop…
      and it all went down from there :]

  • jaesu17

    wait, which Beast member lol? I personally like mblaq more haha, though Ki Kwang is so good lookin argh

    • Amy

      It’s a tie between Junhyung and Kikwang. Junhyung has so much swagger I don’t even know what to do with myself, lol. And KiKwang is MIGHTY attractive, even though he’s just a biiiiiit gratuitous with the skin flashing.

      And I’m sure I’ll get into Mblaq soon enough (I like Seungho!) but Beast had a documentary and all that good shizz and once I get documentaries, I’m a goner :P

      • xiahkixiri

        *butts in* MBLAQ has a documentary. MBLAQ has a documentary that is being subbed by abmsubs. MBLAQ does not have a Yoseob. Case closed.

  • Yarg

    Seems Cube entertainment is gonna be the new shizz huh?

  • karened


    But for me, this only holds true if I don’t already like another group within that industry.

    I’ve only really gotten into a fandom just once for each country. Arashi for Jpop, SS501 for kpop and Mayday for cpop. Surprisingly, they’re all 5-membered! haha…but somehow, for Mayday, it’s not a frenzied type of fandom…but really, just me loving their music. For Arashi and SS501, it involve real fangirling. And yeah, it was through the process as mentioned. But fangirling takes up so much time and energy and money and HD space, I don’t find myself getting into another group within the same industry at the same level.

  • toto

    this is EXACTLY what happened to me with Beas too! at first I wasn’t interested, then Yoseob caught my eye, and I started looking up all these pictures of Yoseob, then I started watching perfs just to see Yoseob … and then I discovered Dooseob… and now Beast is up there with Suju and Shinee :l

  • ilovebeans

    So I checked this blog a few days ago and saw quite a few people mention Beast. What do I do? I spent the next FIVE hours looking up anything and everything on them. So far I have only watched till episode 3 of their documentary. I SO should be doing my research paper. I really like AJ aka Ki Kwang. When Beast first came out I had no interest in them and didn’t understand the hype around Yo Seob. But now, I totally get it!! He is so cute and energetic. I like how he acts like the youngest but isn’t…totally like me. And Dong Woon is not so bad also. What have you people done to me?!?!?!

    • Amy

      that was pretty much how i dealt with beast too. i spent an X number of hours consecutively watching their documentaries, watching performances, etc. it was pathetic :|

  • susan

    congratulations on boarding junhyung’s love spaceship, amy. OH YEAH

  • missyu_who

    I’m so glad I just read this! I feel so much less crazy now! I’ve just gotten back into k-pop after …eek..a decade?!…and for the past five months this routine has basically been my life. I started out with Super Junior, which led to 2PM, which inexplicably led me to SHINee (even though they were the one group I’d vowed never to fall for after hearing RDD for the first time..but then I noticed Onew…) and now I’ve moved onto B2ST and F.Cuz. Sigh. I’m supposed to be studying for the bar exam now, now watching SHINee fancams! K-POPPPPP!! *shakes fists*

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