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Song of the day

First, the song as is:

Then, the performance:

The original BAMF

A friend and fellow Matsuda Shota afficionado sent me these pictures as a gentle slap in the head for neglecting MS for all the pretty, young (and sometimes talentless) boys of Kpop. My bad. Why did I ever neglect him again??

Here he is modeling jewelry for a current issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. There were some shots that had a little, er, too much butt, but the rest is all good:

I LOVE the second shot. (And no, I will not watch Liar Game 2.)

Reborn Princess

Hyoni Kang, a S. Korean model, is opening up a boutique in Soho, NYC come Christmas time. It’s called “Reborn Princess” and she says that it’s “a vintage reform and remake store,” where her and her team collect vintage pieces from all over the world and then remake/rework them. She models for the line and she’s working together with a stylist as well as the New York editor of Vogue Korea. Excitement!

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Philip Huang in Vogue Germany, Nov 2009

Some 2009 covers

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