Gendered dancing?

I have no inspiration to post anything these days but as I sit and watch a bajillion KPop performances every week I’ve been thinking a lot about choreography.

Rino Nakasone has done the choreography for SHINee’s “Replay,” SNSD’s “Genie,” f(x)’s “LA cHA TA,” f(x)’s “Chu.” Nick Bass and Trent Dickens are the guys who worked on Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry” and SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong.” I only started thinking about this after I realized that RDD was choreographed by Nick & Trent because there seems to be something very inherently male about the choreography. I don’t dance and I only speak as an observer but N & T’s moves for both Suju and SHINee don’t work well with girls whereas Rino’s choreography feels more gender-neutral. (I don’t like taking “Genie” into account because “Genie” doesn’t feel like Rino’s style at all; I feel like she was to told to create a simple routine that was trendy as possible so that it could be easy for the public audience to imitate and thus popularizing “Genie”‘s song status as super mainstream.)

SHINee dancing to Ring Ding Dong

f(x) dancing to a little bit of Ring Ding Dong @ about 1:54 in

Super Junior dancing to Sorry, Sorry

SNSD dancing to Sorry, Sorry

SHINee dancing to Replay

When I look at SNSD + f(x) doing Suju & SHINee’s stuff, it feels off for some reason. The movements are very big and visually they seem to emphasize maleness. Does it feel like this for anyone else? Like Suju’s famed lean-back-while-rotating-with-arms-crossed move and SHINee’s pelvic swivel in the RDD chorus. When girls do it, it feels mannish. Maybe I’m making a mistake by placing a gender on dancing and movement but it feels different enough for me to notice that for these instances, a female choreographer’s work doesn’t contain as many gender-defining movements that a male choreographer’s work does.

  • poppy07

    you really like sm don’t you ^_^

  • theleenbean

    that’s interesting. maybe it is a gender thing (i do think certain moves cater to guys v. girls, and i think guys in general have more energy-intensive choreo) but i feel like it might also have to do with the type of girl. at least with snsd (couldn’t really tell with the fx girls and their shinee vid) – most of the girls look too gentle/cute and are too stick thin to look good doing certain types of choreography, even if they do have all the moves down.

  • lola

    I hope you’re uninspired feelings will go away soon because yeah… I like your blog lol. But IA and I think it’s even more present, the maleness, in BoA’s dancing. Although I love the way she moves, sometimes it’s a lot more ¨oh shit, she moves like a guy¨ rather than ¨oh shit, her moves are ¨fierce¨.

  • smiles

    Im getting into Shinee, just heard their stuff recently (like the last couple of weeks) and I just love their voices – got some serious talent, nice dancing too. I really like the replay dance and track, although cos their sooooo young feel a bit pervy looking at them – I don’t fancy any of them, I hasten to add.

    That ring ding ding song, I don’t think I’ve listen to the whole song. It reminds me too much of this novelty record racing frog – which was EVERYWHERE in Europe a couple of years ago. So annoying.

    Also like the super junior dance for sorry sorry and SNSD did a good job with that too.