Current state of drama affairs #3: Jang Geun Seok

Don’t even play like you didn’t see this coming.

I feel like I tell this story every chance I get, but I first got into JGS when I watched Hong Gil Dong. That was an insane period of picture-chasing, video-watching, and fangirl-tarding. I love his speaking voice and I like that he improves with every project. I don’t really care about “Beethoven Virus” but rediscovering how good he is now makes me want to go back to all his older stuff and give it a shot.

I know, I know — enough talk, get on with the spam!

  • Linh

    haha, i love him since doremi:)
    and dude, yoz have to watch beethoven virus.
    its darn good even if you dont like classic :)

  • smiles

    You’re Beautiful is the first thing i’ve seen him in – And its turn me into a ….lets say fan. So I’m gonna have to be all fan girly and watch his other stuff. God those pictures are doing things to me – what a beautiful boy he is.

    I don’t fair well with Kdrama period pieces, but maybe i’ll give this Hong Gil Dong a go.

    Any other suggestions?

  • karened

    For me it was Baby and I, then Hong Gil Dong, and now YB…Beethoven Virus never worked for me. =S I’m glad to see great improvements, especially since Hong Gil Dong.