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There’s a formula

So basically, if you don’t harbor any hate for Kpop idols or any burning rage towards any specific group, getting into a new boyband is pretty much as follows:

  1. One member catches your eye.

  2. You look through a lot of pictures of this one member.
  3. You look for performances just so you could watch that one member in action …
  4. … Well hey, the other members are not that bad.
  5. You look up video of all members on X, Y, Z show.
  6. You’re done.

Welcome, new fandom.

… FML.

Scans: Vogue China, Dec 2008

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday were good. I don’t have the patience to go clothes shopping on Black Fridays but I do always pick up good tech-y stuff.

I’m slowly, slowly going through my ridiculously large pile of magazine tear-outs and scanning everything. I also received my copy of High Cut magazine with the cast of “You’re Beautiful” and wow I spent way more time than was necessary scanning and retouching the spread. Totally worth it though :P

But anyhoo, here’s one editorial from the December 2008 issue of Vogue China.

You’re Beautiful, episode 16 (final)

God said “Let there be light!” And there were stars a-plenty. God said, “Let Taekyung be told!” And Taekyung got told.

God said, “It shall be good.”

And it was good.

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Werk it

Have I ever proclaimed my love for this betch?

via skalty @ tfs

…Cause I love her.

You’re Beautiful, episode 15

“You’re Beautiful,” I was going to marry you. You were the best I’d ever met. Funny, well-articulated, realistic, sensible, dependable. Sure, there were some things about you that were inevitable given the family you came from — the love rectangle, the mommy problems, the second male cousin of yours who took forever to get a sentence out — but I loved you regardless. Why did you have to break my heart and my brain by doing what you did in episode 15? And so close to the end of what could’ve been a hilarious and hassle-free courtship!

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