SS 2010 shows, part ten

Lanvin’s collection didn’t impress me but there are some insanely gorgeous accessories and shoes. OMG the shoes.

Viktor & Rolf are the only designers whose crazy shit I love. They are SO out there that it’s completely insane, they’re SO weird that it’s just on a whole new level. But then they design the most gorgeous clothes and you’re completely confused as to how they can be nuts like this this but be completely chic and sophisticated like this. (To this day I still think that that pair of shoes is the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen on the runway.)

I think these are gonna be so fun to look at in editorials. Glee!

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  • passenger in Bae Soo Bin’s ship

    are those shoes sexy or what?! i especially LOVE the top black and bottom lefthand corner one. le sigh.

  • LiteratiTempo

    WOW I am loving the last ones with the giant holes… so fab