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You’re Beautiful, episode 8

This episode was less slapstick than some of the other episodes, but definitely the best one yet. Some really nice and meaningful dialogue that doesn’t feel heavy-handed, and in combination with the lighter scenes, it’s win-win all around. Yay for a drama that really keeps getting better and better!

(Technical note: For those who read my blog via Google Reader, Feedburner, etc, I’ve implemented a way to ensure that entries that are cut at a certain point on the main page of the blog appear likewise on the feed. This is a problem I never got around to solving when I did my “Boys Over Flowers” recaps, so full entries used to show up on feeds, and thus mooting my point of placing the recap text behind a cut!

Another thing, I’ve only ever fully recapped one drama and because I still sometimes have random spasms of fear just thinking about how bad an experience that was, I won’t be recapping “You’re Beautiful” in its entirety. But I will try as best as I can to give brief rundowns of what happens in the episodes. I feel a little too self-indulgent [operative word being “too”] just blabbing on and on and on about my thoughts of each episode without giving at least some frame of reference as to what goes on in each episode.)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Gorgeous sweet amazing baby

I love shoes, did you know?

I’m on the fence about these. On the one hand, SO AWESOME, SO BRIGHT, SO FUN, perfect shape, very comfortable. On the other hand, I can not see anyone rocking these without looking like they’re a trying to be a clown, albeit a sophisticated one. But you never know, one day in the not-so-far-off future I will probably see a picture on some insanely hip street style site of somebody rocking these hard, and I will die of jealousy for not buying them when I still had the chance.

…My vice is that I take shoes too seriously.

Band of Outsiders fall/winter releases

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You’re Beautiful, episode 7

I like Jang Geun Seok and his character so much in this. While he is the prototypical male lead with the usual good qualities about him, I like that his flaws are — and this is something you’d only say about drama characters — refreshing. There are two extremes in his personality, one that is extremely in-control, and one that totally lacks control. I like the range in Tae Kyung because I think it’s hilarious that he is so completely self-involved and apathetic, while simultaneously being very much dependent on others. Like, he won’t touch anybody ever and ever and ever, but when his night-blindness kicks in (which brings me the LOLs every single time) he will grab on to any face, boob, shirt, head he can for support. His flaws and assets mold into each other nicely.

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