SS 2010 shows, part eight: Milan

Only two shows from Milan that caught my eye. Fendi:

I’m surprised at just how much of this collection I liked because I hate Karl Lagerfeld and I’ve disliked almost every collection he’s put out and he’s put out a lot (Fendi, Chanel, AND for his own line, Karl Lagerfeld). The outfits I’ve chosen represent the good half of the collection, lol — the rest of it was pretty fug. But the color palette is beautiful and it’s all so girly without trying to say a lot. Also, even though the shape of the Fendi bags are kind of Hermes Birkin 2.0, I LOVE them and would kill to have one.

And then, Moschino:

  • lola

    Really?! You don’t like KL? The only problem I have with him is that his Chanel collections look the same AND that he’s a bit overrated.

    • Amy

      i like him as a photographer but i dunno, something about him as a person rubs me the wrong way. and added on top of that, i haven’t liked anything he’s done for the runway until this season’s fendi and some of last season’s fendi.

  • jenn

    I agree, Lagerfeld is overrated and a bit arrogant but I guess that comes with his age and experience in the industry. I work backstage at fashion shows and my teacher who hooked us up with the jobs told us how one time she was the cue person at a Lagerfeld show and he insisted on accessorizing the models right before they went onto the runway rather than have all the accessories picked before hand.

    • Amy

      yeah i’m sure it comes with the age and experience. i do like him as a photographer but whenever i read anything he says…i just wanna punch him in the face.

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