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7급 공무원 (Level 7 Civil Servant)

This movie was hilarious, but it wasn’t very good.

The premise of the movie is that Kang Ji Hwan‘s Jae Joon and Kim Ha-neul‘s Sooji were a couple before Jae Joon broke up with her for various reasons. Sooji has always been a government agent and after she broke up with Jae Joon, he disappeared for three years before coming back also as an agent, but working for a different sector of the government. Both agents don’t know of each other’s job status and thus the story begins.

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Song of the day

Epik High — Breathe (Mithra’s Word) (feat. 한희정)

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The background melody of this song reminds me so much of a FreeTEMPO song but I can’t get down which one it is exactly and it’s driving me bonkers.

Along with my planner

Stuff in the back pocket of my planner:

I’m almost embarrassed to have half the stationery that I do, but I really am not.

SS 2010 shows, part six: 3.1 Phillip Lim

And wrapping up my NYFW posts is my favorite show from the New York shows: 3.1 Phillip Lim. I would post all pictures from the collection + backstage, but that’s what’s for. (Show, details, backstage.)

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SS 2010 shows, part five

I’m really sad Peter Som had to downgrade to doing a presentation instead of presenting a show, but there are still some very nice pieces in here:

I’m surprised at how much I liked some of the outfits from Ralph Lauren. I don’t really like Ralph Lauren because it never moves beyond the “All American” look and it promotes a very WASP-y aesthetic in a lot of its campaigns, but the shoes from the show are really pretty and the styling was great.

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