No iPhones in Korea

I’ve been coming across a lot of posts from writers who are complaining about the lack of iPhones in Korea, and so many of the writers always manage to include a line like this, the non-Korean countries changing from writer-to-writer depending on mood:

When countries like Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, and Qatar are getting their iPhones soon (nothing against those countries, by the way) and yet South Korea, the world’s 11th economy, isn’t getting one, there’s something seriously wrong there.

As if to strengthen their point about how sad it is that Korea (which is the world’s 11th economy by the way!1!1!!!) is not getting an iPhone, they have to put down these other smaller countries who are getting iPhones. I *hate* when people complete their arguments by presenting Offensive Point A and then saying “no offense, by the way.” No, you are being offensive, end of story.

And from what I’ve been reading about South Korea’s phone companies, it’s not really whether or not South Korea is An Almighty Nation With A Great Economy or not, it’s that the cell phone companies cannot reach deals with Apple. So obviously companies in Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guina, and Qatar have reached agreements with Apple that SK companies have not been able to for whatever reason. So this isn’t about how much “lesser” these other countries are, it’s about how there are conflicts within SK companies.

  • J.Lim

    In all honesty, the phones here are already so high tech AND pretty/cute/slick with awesome applications that I think iPhones wouldn’t do smashingly well here. It’s like, why go to McDonald’s when Lotteria is already A+++?

  • xiahkixiri

    Meh. Korea and Japan’s phones are so cute and hi-tech and awesome, I’d much rather own one of those than an iPhone.