Loud, disgruntled sigh

  • I’m not sure why so many reaction posts I’ve read for “My Fair Lady” contain so many justifications/excuses for Yoon Eun Hye’s bad acting. “She’s bad…….but only when she has to play the bitchy type.” Or, “She’s so much better when she plays the type of softer characters she’s played in the past like those in Coffee Prince or Goong.”

    If she were really a good enough actress, a viewer shouldn’t have to wait and hope until her bitchy character goes away in MFL before they can enjoy good acting from YEH. If she doesn’t deliver, she doesn’t deliver.

  • All this ridiculous hype around f(x)’s Amber is so odd. At first, people were really, super intrigued by her “boyish” looks. Now that people have seen the longer teaser of the music video, they complain that she looks too much like a man because she has no makeup on and that it’s weird that she’s this boyish girl dancing/singing to a girl’s song.

    Can we just think about how ridiculous these complaints are? Knowing SM, this was probably a huge marketing ploy because tomboyish girls are the “in” thing at the mo’. But, it bothers me how nasty the reaction has been. Nobody popped out of the video and pointed at Amber to proclaim to the world that “SHE IS A BOY.” People are only perceiving her as a boy because she doesn’t show the same outward displays of femininity that they know to associate with being “female.”

    Just because she has a boyish haircut, dresses in an androgynous way, and doesn’t exactly have the girliest facial features, people are on motherfriggin’ auto pilot, saying that she’s too much of a boy and that it’s disconcerting for them to watch.


    Apparently this will get female fangirls’ panties in a twist, but the second a girl is too boyish to be doing a girls dance (when she actually IS a female), it’s a turn off.


    Kpop is such a fucking shit pit. Girls get so much more flack for everything they do. If they’re too skinny, they need to eat a burger. If they’re too sexy, they’re being sluts. If they’re dressing like a boy, they’re not feminine enough. If they suck at singing, they’re a waste of space. If they’re too cute, they need to stop being so fake. If they have too much of a personality and talk too much on variety shows, they need to stop being disrespectful to sunbaes. You can NEVER win as a girl in Kpop.

    Guys, on the other hand get away with being bad SO MUCH. Really now, what exactly is Taecyeon good for as a musician? Heechul? Hyunjoong? They all provide for good entertainment value, but being entertainers is not what they got into this business for.

    Baek Ji Yong had a scandal involving a sex tape however many years ago and HER career got burned to the ground. Her partner at the time confessed that Baek was not aware of the video camera when the two were committing the act. Ivy’s sex scandal was a HUGE mess where ultimately she was not doing anything wrong but all her contracts with whatever companies were ended. Choi Jin Sil POSTHUMOUSLY got sued because her getting abused was bad for the image of whatever product she was endorsing. HELLO. She got abused by someone. She didn’t do it to herself.

    A lot of this has to do with a very, very flawed set of gender roles in Korea and how younger people (netizens included) react off of these gender roles. I can blame gender roles in Korea for all of this, but the online culture I primarily deal with is with the English-speaking community, aka the ones who are, for the most part, not Korean and living in a society that doesn’t have the same set of gender roles, but yet all these double standards still exist. Ugh it makes me so angry.

    • http://inspring.raidou.org/blog f

      :( Preach it!

      If they’re too sexy, they’re being sluts.
      Perfect example would be Brown Eyed Girls. Once the music video came out, it was like “you HEATHENS!!!” Please.

    • xiahkixiri

      A+ Most sensible comment I’ve read in like, probably most of my kpop loving life. The worst part is, fandom is also a lot of the fun of kpop, or most fannish things, for that matter. Can’t live with goddamned netizens, can’t live without ’em. Sorta.

    • crazy51

      Amen! You’re awesome Amy :D

      The more I’m into Kpop, the more I prefer to be fangirl of the girls instead of the boys… just because I despise the double standards so much that I want to support the girls MORE.

      The whole Choi Jinsil (RIP) got sued for being abused is just plain messed up. It’s scary.