Gasp, there may yet be hope for GQ

I don’t really ever read GQ (Details FTW) but this definitely caught my eye. From Racialicious, GQ’s Jim Nelson Frankly Talks About Race in His Editor’s Letter:

Here are some of Nelson’s greatest hits:

[The birthers] do not seek documents; they seek time travel, a machine to shoot them back to the magical time when black men could not get elected. For them, this supremely white fantasy of No Change is more important than silly matters such as health care.

Everywhere you look, people keep making batshit-crazy comments about race and ethnicity, stream-of-consciousness-style, as if the election had unleashed some Freudian anxiety in the cultural air.

Then [Pat Buchanan] made his more ignorant racist claim yet: “This has been a country built basically by white folks.” Which, apart from ignoring the entire history of slavery, is the subtext of every song I’ve ever heard by Toby Keith.

Fox News commen-hater Brian Kilmeade, while chatting about a Swedish study that shows marriage can delay Alzheimer’s suddenly went all Third Reich on his co-hosts: “We keep marrying other species and other ethnics. The Swedes have pure genes, because they marry other Swedes…They have a pure society. In America, we marry everybody. So we’ll marry Italians and Irish. [This study] does not apply to us.

My Irish-English-German-American head spun. Does that mean I’m definitely getting Alzheimer’s?

[I wish Obama would] address the nation like [he did in the race speech] more frequently, to resolve to move and persuade us. Maybe he could even address the National Association for the Advancement of White People.

Otherwise known as the U.S. Senate.

I still can’t get over how Jim Nelson looks like Ty Pennington but he makes a lot of good points. He’s very subtle about his criticism but does it without disturbing the peace in the air (metaphorically speaking of course ;)). It’s really hard to do that, and I think it’s even harder to do that in a magazine like GQ. It’s harder to make people care, because let’s face it, people don’t turn to GQ for sociopolitical commentary. And even if they’re given something sociopolitical, you have to be nuanced and “in” enough with your words to make your thoughts seem relevant. GQ is a lifestyle magazine but it’s never been super duper into politics like, let’s say, Vanity Fair.

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And then on the flip-side, in a similar-ish but unrelated issue of how affective the all black issue of Vogue Italia was,

The black issue of Italian Vogue was great but I feel it was great for just a moment. It didn’t work. You still don’t see black models, ethnic models, and models from different cultures in advertising very much.
– Naomi Campbell

Tru dat, woman. I wouldn’t call that issue a gimmick, and it’s a valiant effort from Vogue Italia, but one issue isn’t going to make up from years and years and years of campaigning with white faces. I just recently found out that Tao Okamoto, a Japanese model, was the first Asian model to walk the AW shows for Miu Miu since 2007, even though Miu Miu’s biggest market lies on Hong Kong. What the eff is up with that? We’re not even talking about having season long ad campaigns run in all magazines every single month for half a year, we’re talking about 30 seconds tops in a 15 minute show. Seriously?

  • lola

    This reminds me of when that guy from fox said that Obama really hates white people. Sure because they are the victims. America is so confusing to me. Our parents come here to live a better life, to give us the opportunities they never had and we’ve proven that we can all be equals, that we all have the same talents but yet most of White America still see us as ¨the others¨. What the fuck is that? In terms of fashion, which is even more depressing since fashion is all about creativity and acceptance, all you see are the same old faces over and over again and yet there are so many Somalians, Chienese, Jamaicans, Vietnamese etc that would do a hell of a better job modeling for high ends designers than most of the ¨faces¨ I see on the runway today. Thank God I moved back to Montreal because at least here in Canada, even though it is still very minimally present, racism is so outdated.