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SS 2010 shows, part eight: Milan

Only two shows from Milan that caught my eye. Fendi:

I’m surprised at just how much of this collection I liked because I hate Karl Lagerfeld and I’ve disliked almost every collection he’s put out and he’s put out a lot (Fendi, Chanel, AND for his own line, Karl Lagerfeld). The outfits I’ve chosen represent the good half of the collection, lol — the rest of it was pretty fug. But the color palette is beautiful and it’s all so girly without trying to say a lot. Also, even though the shape of the Fendi bags are kind of Hermes Birkin 2.0, I LOVE them and would kill to have one.

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HAHA, these ads…

For old time’s sake: Zhang Li Yin

Timeless (part 1)

Timeless (part 2)

I Will (part 1)

Left Shore of Happiness (part 2)

I never really thought about it in depth, but how great is the storyline in the “Timeless” videos? When I first got into Kpop, I was astounded that all music videos were like dramas. No really, you should’ve seen me, “WHOA. THAT’S LIKE A WHOLE STORY.” (My first Kpop videos were the AnyCall videos, so yeah…)

I love the continuity in ZLY’s videos and I guess that can be good and bad. On the one hand, it’s great how many stories can be spun around the same three actors, and how it’s just like a pan-Asia, all-time spanning epic saga, lol. On the other hand, “Hi, let’s get some new faces in here, yeah?”

And now that I’ve given it some thought, I think ZLY has the best videos in SM Town. The stories are cliched in a way, yes, but they’re intricate and interesting. Siwon and Hangeng are surprisingly good actors for being performers and Lee Yeon Hee is good in her own right even though she’s not the spotlight of the videos. I love it when music videos have that ability to make you wish that there was more left for you to watch even after it’s over.

The quality of ZLY’s music video kind of overshadows how non-existent her career is with SM, but all in all I can’t wait for her new single next month. And I hear she’s actually starring in her own video(s) this time (with Donghae!) so I’m excited :D

(There are Korean and Chinese versions to all the songs above, but imo the Korean version of “Timeless” was the better one, and the Chinese versions of the latter two are way better than the Korean ones so I chose the MVs to match the language.)

All in all, twas a good day

Talk about differing palates in one meal, eh?

This issue of Vogue Girl was pretty bad. The ad pages, on the ad pages! Will be scanning this issue some time soon.

Eye Candy: Jung Woo Sung

This is completely random but I was off-handedly thinking about the movie “Daisy” today and all of a sudden I have a huge crush on Jung Woo Sung. I don’t know where it came from because I don’t ever think about movies this long after I’ve watched it, and I didn’t really notice it when I was actually watching the movie itself but he has a really quiet demeanor in his look that I love. And his character in “Daisy” was very interesting, imo.

In the spirit of randomly-timed crushes, I dug up some pictures and came across this editorial Jung Woo Sung did with Lee Jung Jae. Um, two for the price of nothing :D