Weapons of a lot of destruction

My contract with T-Mobile is ending soon and that means it’s time for a new phone. For a good three months, I knew that when it came time to start a new contract, I’d definitely be getting either a Blackberry or an iPhone. I’m on email all the time and I really need a function on my phone to easily hop on the web for directions and maps and stuff. Fashion interning + being in the city is a big, big reason for me to get so anxious about getting a smartphone. It also doesn’t help that there is probably nobody else left in this world who still has a “regular” phone. Except me.

But now that I’m closer to my contract ending, I’m having doubts. Cold feet. I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me before until a friend brought it up, but having a stupid smartphone means that you’re telling everyone who knows you that you’re accessible at all time, anywhere. I don’t mean that having a smartphone would stop all those lies about “Whoops, didn’t get that call” or “whoops, I’m not on email with my phone,” but it just means that you should expect anybody to be able to bother you any time of the day, because you’re kind of asking for it. You’ll have no reason to ever not get an email in real time, or get lost because there’s a map application on your phone. It invites a whole slew of new responsibilities that I kind of never really considered.

I mean, yes, there are working adults who need to be constantly kept up with their environments — business CEOs, fashion PR, LA agents, etc — buuuut I’m not any of those people and I’m still young. Do I really want to start the always-need-to-be-on-email-always-gotta-know-via-phone habit so young?

  • http://notes.colorwalk.org/ andy

    i think the question is, will the easy access maps be worth putting up with “i’m here to communicate 24/7”? if you don’t really need or want that responsibility, then there’s no need to be flicking through an i-phone years before you really should be.

    BUT on that same note, i would much rather make it on time somewhere than end up getting lost (unless you want to get lost). and if you can get e-mails in real time on wifi w/ your laptop, then how is getting it in your phone any different? :)

  • theleenbean

    lol, i still have a regular phone and it’s as regular as they come. it makes calls, texts, plays the occasional game or two, and wakes me up in the morning…annnd that’s it ;) i also don’t like the idea of being available 24/7 – i feel like that should be reserved only for people close to me, and even then i need some “me” time, haha. but just b/c you have a phone with internet and such doesn’t necessarily mean YOU have to be available 24/7.