This picture gives me a headache

I don’t have anything against 4Minute because I honestly don’t keep up with them enough to have an opinion, but I *HATE* this fashion trend in Kpop now where everyone must wear everything that clashes with everything else just because it’s so damn cool to mismatch on purpose. Ugh, it drives me crazy. I would dislike it less if any of these girls rocked these outfits, but none of them do. I have the same problem with 2NE1’s outfits because not all of them really rock their clothes with the type of swagger needed, but they do by their clothes a bit better than 4Minute.

In other news I’m super determined to learn CL’s rap in “The Leaders.” It’s just so hypnotizing to listen to, specially the line that begins at 2:43. Skills, homie.

  • lola

    Yeah, it is overwhelming but I think 2ne1 can pull of the style sometimes. Other times it’s kinda like 8O

  • orbiter

    they hurt my eyes! and I thought I was the one without a fashion sense. :(