Scan: Stuff on my desk

Essie nail polish, polaroid from a spot near City Hall in downtown LA, sunglasses, Stila Smudge Pot in its casing, earring, iPod, polaroid of the Times building in downtown LA, Burt’s Bees Lipbalm, another earring, post its :D

I’ve re-busted out my scanner and I’ve been scanning up a storm of the stuff I’ve saved up: tons of magazines, a lot of interesting pieces of clippings I’ve accumulated, etc etc. It’s part of my “Summer is almost over and after 4 months, you still have not accomplished anything on your summer to-do list, so start hustlin’!” regime. I have SO many fashion magazines I’ve saved up in my room that it’s alarming. And really, I saved them so I could scan them because I like having digital copies of pieces, unless it’s so striking to me that I have to put it up on my wall or something. You’ve been warned; there will be a lot of scans coming your way.