Sociological Images » The Things In Our Lives

Sociological Images » The Things In Our Lives.

  • theleenbean

    that’s so cool! what an interesting idea for an exhibit, and what an awesome mama for allowing it, lol. i know my mom would probably be pretty sensitive about having all her stuff on display. i think what surprised me most were all the used up toothpaste tubes – i wonder what they were meant to be recycled for? and that last pic of the plastic bottles? oh man, i can tootally relate – somehow my family’s accumulated plasticware of all shapes and sizes, though that is one impressive collection. i wonder what an equivalent western house’s collection of stuff would look like. in these pictures, i recognize the chinese penchant for rat-packing, but the display seems to tell as much about modern, global consumerism as it does about the household and culture it came from. i’ve already said it once, but seriously? how. cool.

  • andy

    this is my favorite post on si. i really love the idea and the display. the watches are my favorite part :)