Current state of drama affairs #1: Lee Dong Wook

I’ve watched the first two episodes of Partner and I’ll get around to recapping/reviewing those, but just the mere watching of Lee Dong Wook in something new makes me superbly happy. So happy that I rewatched “My Girl” just for him. (I just have to say — of all the old-ish K-drama classics that almost everyone watches after they get into K-dramas, “My Girl” is probably my favorite. Even if I didn’t rewatch every single minute of “My Girl,” I would never, ever make myself re-experience “Goong,” “My Name is Kim Sam Soon,” etc etc over again. I’ve still never watched hardcore classics like “Lovers in Paris,” “I’m Sorry I Love You,” or any of those seasonal dramas (and I don’t plan on doing so), but if I had one comfort drama, it would be “My Girl.”)

Anyway, off on a tangent. In the leagues of Hallyu wave actor-leaders, I don’t think Lee Dong Wook ranks high — even though “My Girl” is one of the best examples of dramas in Hallyu’s waving of drama and angst — and that’s always surprised me. He’s done a decent amount of acting in dramas, even if everything before MG was virtually unknown, but then he disappeared off drama-making for three years after MG and came back with the dark “La Dolce Vita.” LDW is a pretty good actor and even though I wish he were a teensy, teensy bit better with the anger/rage/tears-n-snot scenes, he gets the job done and is really pleasant to watch. He really surprised me with how good a comedic actor he was because I had expected a lot of the Joo Ji Hoon-esque stiffness of playing a really sober chaebol/high-status male lead but LDW totally let loose when it was required of him in MG.

There’s also the way he tends to carry himself for the characters he plays. As Seol Gong Chan in MG, he knew how to look annoyed in the patient, restrained way only chaebols can look (lol) and he was amused in a very precise I-must-not-let-my-hair-get-ruffled way. That’s why despite the story flaws in “Partner” so far, I can’t wait to see more of how LDW’s character develops. He’s really getting down the sleazy, arrogant, prickbastard role down pat — can’t wait to see him taken down a notch or two and see what LDW does with his character.

And in terms of comparison, I finally get what people mean when they say that Lee Minho reminds them of Lee Dong Wook. It is COMPLETELY true, y’all. Except, I think Lee Minho is even better than Lee Dong Wook, but they both have a really great sense of cool and stoicism that makes their characters completely believable. And maybe it’s because I keep smushing all my K-pop crushes together, but Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s real life demeanor also really reminds me of Lee Dong Wook’s characters’. Their speaking voices also sound similar to me, and what a coincidence, they always play Kyuhyun’s part in SuJu’s song for the Partner OST when the scene requires it.

Okay. The rest of this post is mainly a “let me show you how attractive Lee Dong Wook is” post.

  • jaesu17

    it’s so funny you wrote about this, because I’m in China right now, and as a fail fangirl in the Kdrama area, I finally started watching My Girl (well, in dubbed over Chinese haha) and was falling so hard in love with Lee Dongwook XD

    • Amy

      oh my goodness. if you can and have the means to, i’d say to download the episodes and watch them subtitled, as opposed to watching the dubbed version. i HATE dubs and i always think they take away/don’t imitate exactly the way emotions are expressed by the original actors. that’s a big duh, but it’s also just better, more authentic to hear some of the expressions being expressed in korean, like “you’ll be blessed!” or “bashya!” /nerd

      • jaesu17

        no yeah, ITA, this is first on my list when I get back to the US and have decent Internet hahaha. I’m also watching Full House dubbed and it’s so bad lol

  • Killua23

    Omg i just came across your post.. How happy i am cause my all time favourite actor is lee dong wook and my super crush singer is cho evil magnae kyuhyun! XD love them both so much