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Sociological Images » The Things In Our Lives

Sociological Images » The Things In Our Lives.

Rockin’ that suit proper

Why so preppy? Billionaire Boys Club hunting pattern collection.

Viktor & Rolf greatness

Just saw this image from an upcoming campaign for Viktor & Rolf fragrances:

Gotta say, what a disappointment. My past favorite men’s and women’s fragrance campaigns came from V&R. For womens’, Flowerbomb, and for mens’, Antidote.

See what I mean by step down? The trashiness of Raquel Zimmerman mooning an entire city is very sad-face inducing :(

Welcome to the ‘Club’ –

Op-Ed Columnist – Welcome to the ‘Club’ –

This week, the fog of racial profiling hung heavy over Harvard Square.

The arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., the eminent Harvard scholar, at his own home thrust the police’s treatment of minorities, particularly black men, back into the spotlight.

Whether one thinks race was a factor in this arrest may depend largely on the prism through which the conflicting accounts are viewed. For many black men, it’s through a prism stained by the fact that a negative, sometimes racially charged, encounter with a policeman is a far-too-common rite of passage.

Photo of the day

I really didn’t like the majority of this Vogue Girl shoot that SHINee did, but Onew’s solo shot was great. He’s an oddly good model.