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Song of the day

My favorite summer Kpop song ever:

MinwooThe “M” Style ft. Tablo

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Pixar’s “Lifted”

Like I said in a previous post, I’ve been having a tiny love affair with Pixar ever since watching UP. I’ve since watched:

  • WALL•E

  • Ratatouille
  • Cars
  • A bunch of their shorts, including Burn-E, Knick-Knack, Lifted, Your Friend the Rat, Partly Cloudy, Presto
  • Anyway, this post is a rec post for “Lifted,” which is hilariously creative. Seriously, who comes up with this crazy shit? Can they be my best friend please? I have nothing but respect for creative people and every time I watch anything that comes out of Pixar, I’m just like “WHOOAAAA O_O,” not quite unlike a child at a candy store.

    Watch Lifted here:

    Rain rain go away, DAMMIT

    It won’t stop raining in New York. The weather has been gross and the sky has been looking like an emo bitch for DAYS. Weather reports have said we probably won’t be getting actual summer-y weather for another half a month to a month. Disgusting.

    Been reading a lot lately. It makes the time go by quicker. I’m currently reading “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” and it’s going alright, but I’m not completely into it yet. Also, somewhere along the way, I read a satire piece about how David Eggers (author of AHWOSG) is like the go-to author for hipsters and thus my level of interest for AHWOSG has dropped significantly. Will keep plowing through, though.

    I got the book on Truman Capote because 1) the cover uses a great photo of him, 2) I read his interview with The Paris Review and it was fascinating, 3) I flipped through the book and randomly read a page that began with this:

    Style: And the Japanese

    The first person who ever impressed me, beyond the reaches of my family, was an elderly Japanese gentleman called Mr. Frederik Mariko.


    I’m so excited for Partner to start up. Haven’t really watched anything since Boys Over Flowers ended and I would like an actual drama with good acting and a legit plot. Only the first episode of Partner has aired, but I’m off to watch after this post.

    Also, I’ve missed thee, Lee Dong Wook :( He’s the one Korean male who can do absolutely no wrong, IMO. I didn’t care for La Dolce Vita because of the depressing plot line and the storytelling, and let’s be honest, because Park Shi Yeon was also in it, lol. I think Lee Dong Wook is a great actor who’s good at the comedy as well as the drama and that’s what I like seeing him in best. I watched that movie he was in with Eugene and while he was good in that, it’s best when Lee Dong Wook isn’t completely mellow all the time.

    And he’s just an insanely good looking person, what can I say?

    Obviously, someone has been busy at work making fake Proenza Schouler PS1 bags. D:

    I can already imagine the premise: love/hate relationship centered around differing career-driven values, some sort of misunderstanding, and subsequently a mutual understanding, developing of icky “feelings” towards each other. CAN’T WAIT. (Maybe I’ll cap this? It’s the summer and my writing skills have gotten rusty so this would be a good brush-up…)

    This post is the product of super human energy used to combat procrastination

    Clockwise, from top-left:

  • A bright taxi-yellow canvas sneaker

  • Balenciaga drop bag
  • Givenchy Nightingale bag
  • THE PERFECTLY SHAPED OXFORD SHOE. (Why is it out of my size? :()
  • Black and white fitted jeans. The white ones don’t matter so much because summer isn’t sticking around for long anyway, but black jeans are a must.
  • Bright colored v-neck tees. I’ve been obsessed with v-necks lately.
  • Bose headphones!
  • Chloe Paraty bag
  • Statement rings. I really like rings and I like wearing a lot of rings, so I’m currently in a collecting phase.
  • Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. I’m around these bags ALL DAY and they kind of rock.
  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    The great number of things I did in the process of putting together this post (which took no less than 2 days):

    1. Start watching Pixar’s Cars 
    2. Look up on Wikipedia what the Proust questionnaire is
    3. Update Seoulbeats
    4. Clean my room
    5. Take two showers
    6. Took a nap
    7. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    8. Upgrade my dinky version of WordPress to 2.8 (2.8 sucks, ugh)
    9. Look through 20 pages of blog themes for revamp
    10. Organize my iTunes library
    11. Look through Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Yoox online sites
    12. Replaced the battery on my cellphone

    I’m sure I did more. But my memory is failing me at the moment.

    Anyway, my bday is comin’ up and my mom was actually like, “So what would you like?” My mom never asks me that question. And I never ask for a present soo I’m jumping on it, hence point #11 on the above list. But let me tell you, there is some serious ugly out there. Some seriously pricey ugly. Designers shouldn’t try to get away with ugly shit just because they can. And people who buy ugly shit just because the brand name is X, Y, or Z are just as douchey as those designers!

    Back from the dead..ish

    So the blog has been severely dead for a while — posts sporadically but no real substance. Sorry bout that.

    Ever since the Epik High concert went down, the Seoulbeats team in New York has been working our asses off even more so than we were when school was still going on, so things have been interesting. We have a lot of creative juices running for the site right now and I’m really excited about where we’re headed. I’m very happy that I work with such a bunch of creative, funny and good people. Even if I can’t see working on a Kpop site for the rest of my life, I love being able to be creative constantly. Even if a lot of stuff is trial and error, I enjoy trying and erroring in an area I like. Hey, I’m not majoring in Journalism and East Asian Studies for nothing.

    In between juggling an internship, a job, Seoulbeats, and personal projects, I didn’t really have any interest in keeping up with this thing. I’ve finally somewhat found a way to balance all these things so hopefully the posts I make going forward will be more substantial.

    At the moment, I’m:

    – Watching a lot of Alias. Rewatching, not watching. Love this show to pieces.
    – Going to watch a lot of movies at the theaters. I really enjoy being in a theater, I don’t know why prior to this year I didn’t make it a regular part of my social life, lol.
    – Been comin’ around with my internship. I’ve adjusted to it pretty well now. Still stressful at times, but gotta pay my dues. Hopefully, I’ll be working at the tents come September.
    – Working on a Harry Potter project. Been re-reading the books and my love is back in full gear. Will disclose more when I actually get more shit going, heh.

    Will post more soon! Expect some sort of Pixar lovefest asap. & here’s a song to kick off the summer days:

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    Marie Digby — Umbrella (acoustic cover)